Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Aggravating Salience

Antwain Eccles, 33, was convicted of first-degree murder after killing an unnamed victim after an argument at a party.

Two teenagers were assaulted on the #15 bus near Ensor and Madison Streets.

A man was shot around 1:30 a.m. in the 5800 block of Belair Road.

Police are ISO this cranky-looking aggravating assailant who assaulted someone at a Reistertown BP station.

@JohnsHopkinsSPH live-Tweeted @DavidMKennedy1 's comments.

And Fenton in live-Tweeting SRB's Douglass High meeting on the West side.

The BPD wants $700,000 more taxpayer dollars for more CCTVs.

SRB got odd with reporters trying to confirm that she's running for re-election in 2015, possibly because she already confirmed that three years ago.* Or maybe she was being funny?

U of MD running back Wes Brown found with loaded gun, drugs, ammo in dorm room.*

HoCo police confirmed that the Columbia Mall shooter had mental health issues and no connection to his victims.

The NSA has been spying on people via a Facebook server.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Weekend That Was

Jowan Louis Henry, 17, was stabbed to death on Mura Street Saturday night.

Charles Dante Patterson and Kenneth Alexander Brooks II of the 21206 have been charged in the shooting that led to a 2-year-old being struck with shrapnel in Overlea.

A department directive that's been in place for more than a year* and the $250k settlement the BPD just agreed to pay to Christopher Sharp* has apparently had zero apparent effect on the officers on the street, as evinced by this officer bullying, harassing and shoving Sun reporter Christopher Assaf.
In case you didn't hear, missing 11-year-old Caitlyn Virts and her father were found at the Colonial Inn in Florence, SC after the motel owner recognized them from Facebook. Also, rooms at the Colonial Inn are $36 night.*

Liars, liars, pants afire: The Sun's Luke Broadwater and Scott Calvert obtained more city documents re. Brekford's speed cameras,* proving yet again that officials were lying liars when they said Brekford's contact was ended because of problems with one camera and a misprint of the company's mailing address. In other news, the Brew reports that after 14 years Scott Calvert is leaving the Sun for the Wall Street Journal.

Those Ravens just can't stay out of trouble! Now an offensive lineman, Jah Reid, was arrested for being offensive at a Florida strip club.

In HarfCo, "Teen Stabs Friend During Sleepover"

Not Baltimore but a riveting read: CT shooter Adam Lanza's father talked to Andrew Solomon of the New Yorker.