Saturday, November 3, 2012


Unidentified man, 30, 600 block of Lakewood Avenue.

Also in E Baltimore at @3 a.m. Saturday a 3-car accident that injured 5 also struck a police car.

Puzzler from the FB page: why does WMAR call what happened to the jogger in Fell's Point/Canton "rape," but the Sun*, WBAL and WJZ don't?

Batts walks streets, finds that no one wants to talk to him,* asks his #2 "Why has heroin been so pervasive here, and why has it stayed?" Good question, no? I assume it's because the world's purest heroin comes in through our port (when have you ever heard of heroin being found in a shipping container at the port? I have never. But perhaps this because their inspection procedures are so excellent no distributor would ever even take the risk. What do I know.)

Police caught a Pikesville burglar with a tattooed forehead

One Lorne Stockton was arrested for looting a Landsdowne CVS during Sandy

Political corner: the MD Juice notes that the National Harbor pro-question-seven group has also spent $272k towards defeating Questions 4 and 6.  The Juice also has your Tuesday-night party schedule.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Allegedly Lying about the Fictitious

? "The Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City charged Baltimore City Police Department Detective Adam A. Lewellen today with eight criminal counts, including four counts of misconduct in office, for allegedly lying about a fictitious controlled narcotics purchase in order to gain access to a victim's home."  ... What, like "U4EA"? Oh, wait no, he lied on an affidavit. So he claimed somebody tried to sell him drugs when they actually didn't soasto get a warrant for their home? Was this somebody his babymom or did this cause some horrible individual to get free on a technicality or something? Or is Mr. Lewellen being Made an Example of? Hrm...

Intrepid courtwatcher Steve Gewirtz saw the case of Shakira Grey, getaway driver for two armed robbers of the liquor store at E 21st and Charles, get two years in prison; noted that Dwayne McCoy, accused of robbing and shooting a man in the 2600 block of St Paul St was out on bail and then had his charges dropped when the victim lost confidence in his identification of McCoy as the suspect.

Speaking of math professors, of the allegation that concealed-carry reduces crime, John Allen Paulos says "I simply don't buy it." verdict from Richmond yet and probably not for several more months, but FWIW a recording of the 4th circuit Woollard hearing is available in AmmoLand. Also an article entitled "Is Obama Creating a Pro-Gay Boy Scouts of America?Er, mayhaps you didn't get the memo, Chuck Norris, but I'm pretty sure there are not a whole lot of boys clamoring to join the Boy Scouts at the moment.

Michael Allen is Dead

Justin Fenton @justin_fenton Two killed last night* Also the man who police said was dead [Michael Anthony Allen, 40, shot in the 1100 block of Homewood Ave], then said he was only gravely injured, has died as well .*

"vote 'for' if you want it
and 'against' if you don't"

A hefty $500k bail for Vernoica Alford,* the mom accused of helping her son and his friend hide the body of Monae Turnage and hiding the gun that killed her in police officer John Ward's car.

Remember Stop Fucking Snitching (Volume I)? Of course you do. One of the film's stars, Sherman Kemp, is back in trouble, in spite of having been in jail for the last four years. Kemp was indicted on gun and cocaine charges in 2007.

A mere six days out of getting out of prison for his part in the BGFamily's prison-smuggling conspiracy, Marlow Bates, left, was arrested for possession of a stolen DOC badge.

Say what? Remember the sexual assault reported on the CONDOM campus? Police now say the student "miscommunicated" and no assault took place*.

RT : Shooting: Dartmouth/Marjorie. Adult male reported to be shot. Detectives investigating.

Homicide has been notified about the Carriage Ct shooting due to severity of victim's injuries
Third shooting victim reported tonight, hospital walk-in. Three people shot, one stabbed so far on Halloween night in Baltimore
SW RT : Shooting: 5300 Carriage Ct. Adult male reported to be shot. Detectives investigating.

The variegated malfeasances of the Southeast District include burgled coffers of a church gift shop, assaults from perps named "Chico" and "Deandre," a kid shot by a BB gun by his cousin, and a woman who pepper-sprayed another woman who told her she looked "like a man." (So many good comebacks to that, people should really be more creative.)

An audit of the office of the Orphan's Court Register of Wills uncovered not just the usual "time sheet shenanigans" but also a convicted felon on the payroll. (Register Mary W. Conaway is the daughter of Circuit Court Clerk Frank Sr. and sister of legislator/author Frank Jr.) (Why is the office not the "Registrar" of wills?)

SRB approved a $200k service-contract extension for Psychology Consultants Associated, which provides psychological treatment to police officers.

In Towson a liquor store on Taylor Ave was burgled of $4,000 worth of smokes and hooch*

An Owings Mills guy is charged with trying to strangle a woman

The Dryclean Direct of Pikesville was robbed of $833.75

SCOTUS takes on drug-sniffing dogs

The City Paper's published its election guide, which is curiously opinion-less (eg. "Vote “For” the amendment if you want major city agencies to be audited at least once during each four-year term of the city’s elected officials or “Against” if you don’t."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Michael Allen is Alive

Kind of amazing that this could happen, but Twitter never lies: Fenton posts that Michael Allen, the Parkville man who police said this am was fatally shot last night in E Baltimore, is NOT dead but gravely injured

Bring the MFn Ruckus

Our 180th homicide was a "domestic" in the 700 block of North Rose Street, a man stabbed and ID'd as 40-year-old Shawn A. Brown; our 181st homicide was a 41-year-old man* from Parkville, Michael Anthony Allen, shot "in the Johnson Square area," apparently not a euphemism but a reported actual neighborhood, south of Greenmount cemetery-- oh wait, no, it's JohnsTon. Anyway this is the 6th murder there this year. Wonder what prompted Mr. Allen to visit the neighborhood? (Double-dog dare you to visit it after dark and touch the south wall of the cemetery, oOooo.)

Yike, missed this one, a student alleges a knifepoint rape while walking to the CONDOM campus from the Loyola U library about a week ago.

Early voting is back on-- you can vote at any center in the county in which you are registered. FWIW, a Sun poll found* that ballot questions 4 and 6, which sounded soundly approved in previous polls are now polling too close to call, and q 7 now appears to be on the verge of rejection. So much suspense! And wow, this election your vote might actually matter.

A 19 y/o arrested and charged w robbing a White Marsh Chik-Fil-A customer (in the mall?)

In other news, Ravens OT Bryant McKinnie denies owing $375,000 to Trick Daddy's father for strip-club expenses * [un-Sun link here]

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


So we survived Sandy, yay. Fenton Tweeted a couple of robberies of brave stores that remained open (no good deed), early voting locations (and schools) are still closed (but liquor stores are open, of course) and now the question is which pumping station will be overflowing with raw sewage into what body of water-- if I was you I'd avoid contact with the Stony Run, Gunpowder & Jones Falls until we're sure they aren't coursing with poo, but do what you want, I ain't yr mfin' mom. (Kevin Rector tweets that a pumping station did go down in HoCo, and the Little Patuxent south of Route 32 is currently befouled).

Our 180th homicide was a "domestic" in the 700 block of North Rose Street, a man stabbed and ID'd as 40-year-old Shawn A. Brown.

A quadruple drive-by Friday

Aaack! A PA man, Brian Matthew Williams, 28, pleaded guilty to charges related to filming at least 21 videos of prepubescent boys' private areas at the Maryland and Chesapeake House rest stops on 95. He was finally caught when a suspicious citizen called 911-- after Williams had been filming wee peens for five hours.

@3 a.m. last night " Police units responding to a barricade situation in the 2100 block of Willow Green Road, 21221."

Two thirteen-year-old girls abducted and assaulted in the woods near Catonsville High where they'd gone to watch a rec league football game Saturday

Bloods' court documents detail various gang proclivities, some of which you probably already knew, eg. they avoid using the letter "C" (Baltimore City = Bity), but did you know new "sets" have to write up articles* of incorporation "including an employment application, body signals, graffiti, an organizational chart, a battle cry, guidance on running a harmonious gang and 14 directives known as 'The Brim's Concept of War.'" And you know they've got the rank of "original gangster" but now there's a rank called "Triple OG." 

Monday, October 29, 2012

From FB- scammers afoot

For friends in Hamilton: Be on the lookout: HAMILTON: 2 guys, 1 in white jacket and an angry birds cap (white guy) and the other in a red jacket (didn't see up close) are attempting to get in houses by knocking and saying they are from DPW. Cops said to call if anyone without credentials comes to your door. On sefton and westfield about 10 mins ago.

Also early voting is cancelled for Tues as well. About a 60% chance of looting and elderly-scamming for Weds.

Never mind.

Early voting in closed today (Monday) and probably tomorrow for the storm some guy on TV said will bring the highest winds that MD has ever seen.