Sunday, October 19, 2014

                       Mid October Baltimore Crime Blog Update

Around the Horn:

Police have identified a suspect in the Fells Point murder of popular waitress Claudia Parodi, unfortunately, the suspect is no where to be found and is presumed to have absconded into Mexico.

Two men are given Life plus some change for the quasi-gang related yet simultaneous cold blooded and random murder of 12-year-old Sean Johnson.  

Cradle robbing accused murderer Michael McCarthy, age 52 has been charged with homicide in regards to the death of his 28-year-old "Girlfried" Tieisha Wilson.

The Federal Courts have had there hands full of Baltimore criminals, announcing a sentence of 11 years for 43-year-old Antonio Rennard Gilliam after he robbed some Towson businesses, a 10 year bid for 27-year-old coke dealer Kevin Gerard Wyche, and a hefty 30 year visit to the pen for Dundalk armed robber John Joseph Wilson, age 54.

The murder of MTA driver Craig Ray made headlines earlier this year, but it would seem that yet again, the public pressure had caused the BPD to charge a man without sufficient evidence to convict. Thus, former murder suspect Kevin Carroll has had all of his charges dropped in regards to the "loud noise" shooting death of Craig Ray. 

A fella got popped in the knee Saturday morning. 

A big time cross cross country drug conspiracy bust occurred this week, with area crime lord Kedrick Arnold Jenifer and eight of his associates indicted federally on a bevy of drug related crimes. Mr. Jenifer has becoming notorious as of late due to his ownership of a fells point Rita's Italian Ice Shop which was used to launder money. And to a lesser degree, he's received attention thanks to his criminal group participating in a 2012 murder.

Since this is a very change of pace post, I thought I would offer up something not seen before in the Baltimore crime blog; that is, a brief summary of all major or noteworthy arrests during a certain period. All cases can be searched in the Maryland Judiciary Case Search, and if readers are interested in the continuation, please make your voices heard. 

Summary of Notable Arrests from 10/20/14 to 10/25/14 in Baltimore City and County

Indictments from 10/13/14 to 10/18/14 City

Name:                              Year of Birth                               Charge        

Arica Leonard                       1999                                Att. 1st Degree Murder
Kaiya Bryant                         1997                               Armed Robbery
Arquis Latimer                       1997                             Armed Robbery
Richard Turner                       1997                            Armed Robbery
Dominique Tillman                  1996                            2nd Degree Murder
Quantay Young                      1995                            Carjacking
Michael Matthews                 1992                            Armed Robbery
Maurice Jones                       1992                            Armed Robbery
Devon Brockington               1991                            Att. 1st Degree Murder
Sheniqua Allen                      1991                             Carjacking
Milton Brown-Bey               1990                             Armed Carjacking
Derek Harvey                      1989                            Armed Robbery
Michael Gambrell                 1989                          Armed Carjacking
Jermain Jackson                   1985                            Murder 1st Degree
Marcelle Graham                 1985                           Armed Robbery
Edwin Harris                       1984                           Att. 1st Degree Murder
Willie Jones                         1984                           Att. 1st Degree Murder
Marvin Gaye*                     1981                          Assault 2nd Degree
Sean Means                        1980                          Armed Robbery
Michael Paschall**             1979                           Assault 2nd Degree
Johnnie Taylor                     1978                          Att. 1st Degree Murder
Daniel Hill                           1974                         Armed Robbery
Michael Hamilton                1968                       Murder 1st Degree
Steven Bartell                     1967                         Armed Robbery
Kenneth Harrod                 1966                       Armed Robbery
Michael McCarthy             1962                       Murder 1st Degree
Alva Parsons                      1934                      Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Indictments from 10/13/14 to 10/18/14 County

Ryan Knight                           1991                        Att. 1st Degree Murder
Darryl Brooks                        1983                        2nd Degree Rape
Lucas Tormollan***               1994                       Att. 1st Degree Murder


* = Noteworthy due to sharing name with famous musician
** = Area renowned Middleweight boxer and related to Paschall family members indicted by MD DOJ
*** = Indicted in time frame after initial lower charge