Friday, January 8, 2010

Dixon: Lipscomb is "a player"

Dixon on Lipscomb: "He had multiple girlfriends ... He was a player. And I was the cheapest of his friends."
Hope he used a condom!
Hermann interviews a couple of genius New-Year's gun-dischargers

Sex offender arrested for killing Vernon Evans' son Nolan

Teen stabbed

Teen stabbed 4 times in the leg at the Howard St. McDonald's

What the?!

"A Baltimore judge refused Thursday to set a man free before his Jan. 26 attempted-murder trial ... after it was revealed that an officer altered a photo of the defendant to get positive witness identification."

TDR: The city's not giving up the Wells Fargo "reverse redlining" lawsuit and is instead amending to file it a third time.

The first tort of 2010: a City College junior suing to get out of County lockup after being charged with armed robbery.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

'All the Best'

To Sheila from Keiffer.
Very mature of him!

Wells Fargo Lawsuit 86'd

Judge says racist mortgage lenders not to blame for Baltimore's "extensive unemployment, lack of educational opportunity and choice, irresponsible parenting, disrespect for the law, widespread drug use, and violence."


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Unidentified man, 21, shot in the torso in the 100 block of North Franklintown Road.
Two murders in a week? That's really relatively peaceful!

'a bizarre ending to an historic day of drama'

Maybe Dixon had to go, though she was defiant to the end.

Chauncey Jones

Ok, ok, who is to blame for Chauncey Jones being out on the streets? His parole agent? The State's Attorney's Office? Judge Yvonne Holt-Stone?

Dixon Dept.

"Tearful Baltimore mayor resigning under plea deal"

The Daily Record's everything Dixon page

Sun coverage
(Rodricks: "Google "Dixon, Sheila" and "sorry," and you won't come up with much.")

Meanwhile mayor-to-be SRB is scheduled to attend tonight's Roland Park Civic League Meeting re. firehouse closings.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

more details on the Dixon deal
more details on the Dixon deal

Dixon to Step Down

as part of plea deal, sources say

Dixon to Plea?

Follow the #Dixontrial hash tag!

Jayne and David Collins and JZ's Mike Hellegren are "live" down by the courthouse, where a court order is keeping media away from the courthouse entrance.

hoy en ley

A 17-year-old shot near Penn Station

Police are ISO a 14-year-old who allegedly shot a 13-year-old in Woodlawn.

.. and a registered sex offender accused of molesting an 8-year-old at a city church. Barf

TDR has a roundup of law blogs (scroll down)

Big, BIG Dixon News?!

Fenton Tweets: "So, I'm not covering the Dixon case, but all indications right now that there will be big, big news at 1:30"

Fox tweets, "Negotiations are underway for a plea deal in Mayor Shelia Dixon's case"

Dixon and five jurors were due in court today

Dixon Speaks!

Not to the public, exactly.. instead she rang up Annie Linskey for a little girl talk, moaning, "The bad choice I made was getting in a relationship with Ron Lipscomb"
Way to pass the buck!
Maybe the judge will sentence her to six weeks of Tough Love bootcamp.
She went on to gripe about her perceived media mis-portrayals: "That I'm a corrupt human being, because I'm not ... That I use my office for my personal gain, and I don't. That I'm a person that used these positions for myself, and I don't."
Then do us all a favor, take the fall and step down!
She has a point though-- developers surely gained more out of her being in office than she ever did.
Think they'll cover her legal bills in gratitude?

Officer in trouble

City officer under investigation for telling family of a murder victim that he was locked up, instead of taking a missing persons report

DOJ responds to Clay inquiry

The department of justice weighs in on the death of Robert Clay

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Will Facebook set the "Mayor" "free"?
You can't ban somebody from Facebook!
What if there's a lost calf that needs a home?
What if you're in the middle of cooking a virtual chicken?