Friday, November 27, 2009

Ban lifted

The city has lifted a ban that prevented homeless people with minor convictions from applying for housing vouchers

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Local youth leader shot dead while walking his dog this morning. The victim has been identified as 21-year-old Angelo Dangerfield.

In more news that many will find disappointing; Suite Ultralounge will be officially padlocked starting today.

One time Terrell Allen conspirator Andre Kirby was given a 15 year federal sentence on a gun violation.

What is this, 3rd grade?

Jean Marbella claims a Dixon juror gave another juror a new hairstyle in the deliberation room.

Dissing the jury...

Dixon defense: jury confused. Judge: not.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dixon = Grim

The mayor had a "grim" expression on her face after the jury failed to deliver a verdict Tuesday

Beans and Dread:

A long-planned homeless center’s expansion got underway last week. Then, a Beans and Bread employee stabbed a client. | Baltimore City Paper
Charges were dropped today against city police officer accused of stealing money from a drug dealer
WA coroner reports that former Raven Tony Fein died of "acute opiate intoxication"

Oh, the suspense!

Will today be the day those jurors reach a verdict? Local celebutorney Warren Brown told Fox 45 he "suspects the Mayor will be convicted on at least one count"

Stay of eviction

Will the Mayor save Lakechia Rodriguez, a disabled woman who is facing eviction from her brooklyn homes apartment for drug charges that were later dropped?


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Brandon J. Benjamin, 22, shot in the face at 3100 McElderry St.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Plug tunin

Tune in to Slumlord Watch on WYPR's Midday with Dan Rodricks tomorrow from 1-2

No verdict for Dixon...yet

updates from the Dixon trial, says one juror, I need a smoke.

But I'm an ossifer!

Arthur C. Campbell, 39, was arrested after waving a gun outside of the Angel Inn in O'Donnell Heights, claiming to be a police officer; police found three unregistered, loaded handguns in his car.

Dang, bitches!

Police use pepper spray to break up a girl fight at Overlea HS

Two women were stabbed outside of Club International in West Baltimore, and two more claimed to be stabbed on Wellham St.

Three men were stabbed at around 2:30 this morning at the corner of Curley & Monument Streets

Dixon jurors say they're making "great progress"

Ugh, this law.
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Hermann says a cop might lose his job over Del. Jon Cardin's dingbat boat proposal.

Jailed doctors

Two doctors jailed for leading a protest against insurance company talk about doing hard time in CB. Meanwhile, will the city finally cap parking ticket penalites????

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Police shoot robbery suspect

City police shoot a suspect after a car chase from the county goes into the city, WMAR reports the suspects are suspected in the murder of 52-year-old Brian Meise, killed in a Catonsville convenience-store robbery.

In Catonsville, a man carjacked and shot

A woman drove her car into the harbor at Fell's Point's Pier 5 and died

Gun-wielding road-rager arrested
on 95 inner loop

Who's your daddy?

daddy?NYTimes mag on DNA testing and the messy legalities of fatherhood

Dixon trial judge uses roastmaster skills, cookies to keep jury on task

"out of the thousands of drug addicts who either live in or flock to Baltimore (Black and impoverished) and the seemingly endless string of death that such a condition brings about, two white addicts are deserving of compassionate and humanized coverage, while the rest are consigned to irrelevance and anonymity."