Saturday, January 14, 2006

January 14

Two men were fatally shot in East Baltimore near Aiken and Curtain.

Not to be Confused with Mr. Loverman:shabbaburkeshabbaranksDennis 'Shabba' Burke is back in West Virginia. He was wanted for a murder in Oak Hill WVa. for 11 years and was found in December by Baltimore Police during a Stop-and-Frisk.

Dexter Bert Tyson, 31, had the bad fortune to face federal drug charges for his fifth crack-related felony. He got life without parole. Last week, extremely lucky William Nicholson got just three years for making a living as a cocaine kingpin.

A University of Maryland basketball player, Travis Garrison, is charged with triple ass-grabbery and improper backhanding of a lady at the Cornerstone Grill in PG County.

Nauseating Child Abuse Dept
hughesPolice are seeking 21-year-old Minita "Mickey" Genneetta Hughes, left, accused of scalding a two-year-old boy and fracturing his skull at the Towson Ramada Inn.

Loren Williams, 45, will serve 15 years in prison for videotaping himself sexually abusing a boy in Ocean City.

Friday, January 13, 2006

January 13

Mayor O'Malley was unable to attend a Planned Parenthood event due to the fact that his father, Thomas M. O'Malley, died of a lung ailment January 5. A mass of Catholic burial was held in Rockville.

More than 300 criminal cases in the Southwestern may be dismissed beacuse of the Flex Squad scandal.

It's alleged that Mathaddues Rozier, 25, shot a 15-year-old boy and then his 79-year-old father. And then there's some guy named Gerald Reed involved. I don't know, it's confusing.

The skeletal remains found in Jessup appear to have been homicided.

Robert C. Griffin, 71, is scheduled for a hearing at 2 p.m. today before Circuit Judge Gale E. Rasin. Griffin was found guilty in 1986 of stabbing and strangling 20-year-old Annie Cruse behind the Reptile House in Druid Hill Park. This past November, Judge Raisin granted a motion for new trial due to the results from a recent DNA test.

How retarded: documents from the NSA detail how agents, via a unit of the Baltimore Police, spied on people who were taking children (maybe even disabled children, 4800 York rd is BARC) to Washington DC for the 4th of July. The probable cause: "advised protestors would be demonstrating with 'against the war' signs."

Police Blotter: "a sampling of crimes."

Things got un-bucolic in Carroll County when police shot 23-year-old Jason Woodward.. oh wait, oh wait, no, they didn't... as he pressed a knife into the throat of a 21-year-old woman he'd dragged behind the route 140 Hess station. Or not. Seriously, what is going on at JZ?

Soon, entry-level prison guards may make more than Daily Record reporters.

Aleksandr Dzhanasvili of Pikesville got arrested for posing as a doctor and trying to steal a morphine patch from a patient at Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center.

SSQ mall shooting suspect Brian Keith Rose, 21, had also been convicted of stealing a police car.

Maryland's new bill requiring employers with <10k employees to spend 8 percent of payrolls on health insurance has made national news, as has our governor's blatant canoodling with a certain naughty corporation. Next on the liberal agenda: gay wedding reception packages at the Marriott Waterfront and health insurance for everybody.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

January 12

In Greenbelt, James Everett Flood III, 28, got life in prison. Flood was accused of kidnapping and killing Eric Hayes II, a police officer's son.

A shooting, arrests, and a man robbed the "7-Elevent" in the Sun blotter.

Brian Keith RoseBrian Keith Rose, left, is still on the lam, wanted for the carjacking/murder of 31-year-old Warren Fleming. The Sun reveals that Rose was previously charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder three years ago, when he was accused of trying to crash a vehicle head-on into a police car. Those charges were, however, dismissed.

The mean girl who stabbed 15-year-old Kanisha Neal outside of Blake High School in Rockville will be detained for five years as a juvenile.

On the Hill Cafe & Market on John and Mosher in Bolton Hill was robbed last night. Theives broke a door frame and removed the cash drawer. Jessica claims to have sucked it up as a part of Baltimore living but says George muttered something about how much safer things are in Boston.

Here's the lowdown according to Edward Ericson Jr. on the hearing at the War Memorial that went down on January 4. O'Malley gave a speech then left the hearing, pissing off the crowd. Jessamy blasted the police for arresting people without probable cause, noting that in August 408 drug cases fit under the "could not prove" category, and there were 845 loitering cases clogging up t he system. Leonard Hamm made everyone uncomfortable when he was asked to define the 5th amendment and got it wrong. Ralph Tyler, the "Ralph" from yesterday's meeting who is ostensibly acting in loco Mayoris this month, eventually prompted him. Close readers will note that in the handout distributed at the CJCC meeting a week later, the hilarious gaffe still was not corrected. Even funnier: yesterday, before this story was out or I'd even heard about the hearing, my cell phone went off in the middle of the CJCC meeting, playing "Push It". Then after some guy from the police department was like, "was that your ring tone?" and I said, "I plead the fifth!" HA!

Raymond...speaking of a reduction in crime, there's been no response as to why Greg Raymond, the drunk-driving lacrosse coach who skewered his friend's skull on a pole at the Guilford street exit ramp, has yet to be charged with manslaughter.

An editorial by Stephen Crockett in a Maine paper accuses Ehrlich of abusing power and points out that though certain news reporters "are Maryland residents, they cannot talk to their own state government by order of the crazed Republican Governor."

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

January 11

The actions of the police "flex squad" will mean victory for the criminals in dozens of cases in the Southwestern. Meanwhile the police union chief Lt. Frederick V. Roussey (who remarked to the Sun that Police were under pressure from top management to meet arrest quotas) says he feels "like Serpico."

A manhunt is on for Brian Keith Rose, 21, wanted in the Security Square Mall carjacking/shooting death of one Warren Fleming, 31.

Parts of a 26-year-old hispanic man were found along I-95, and now investigators are now looking for a link between that man and a double-murder Sunday morning in Arbutus.

"Murder Ink" covers 12 Baltimore City murders: the last six of 2005 and the first six of 2006.

In one of the most horrific stories recently (even by Baltimore standards), the 18-month-old girl who was killed in Annapolis was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend, Gerald E. Parker.

David Barnhill, the father who forgot his son was in the backseat of the car, received 18 months probation for the child's death.

A home invasion and sexual assault on an elderly woman in Columbia.

The Annapolis city council is working to expand drug-free zones beyond schools. (Does the idea of a drug-free school in Baltimore inspire cynical laughter in anyone besides me?)

Kevin Delmar Foster was arrested for bank robbery after writing a note to the teller on the back of a business card for a finance company he patronized.

Ahhh... to live in sweet, sweet Carroll County, where banned books get more press than murder, rape, and drug addiction.

The preliminary hearing of Tyrone Bonner, 29, was scheduled for this morning. Court documents allege that on December 15, 2005 Bonner approached the victim of an assault under investigation, verbally threatened the witness and assaulted him with an attempt to intimidate. Based on "statements" Bonner made during the assault the witness identified Bonner as a friend of the suspect in the assault investigation.

Don't miss the new BET reality series, "L'il Kim: Countdown to Lockdown."

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

January 10

Police Behaving Badly Dept.

January 6 a Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted three Baltimore police officers, Jemini Jones, 28, Brian Shaffer, 31 and Steven Hatley, 27, for first-degree rape, conspiracy to violate the rape laws and misconduct in office following an independent investigation. Jurors heard evidence and witness testimony during secret proceedings [as under Maryland law] before returning indictments.

The allegations occurred on December 27, 2005 following an investigation by Officers Jones, Shaffer and Hatley involving two women, aged 22 and 18, near Old Frederick Road. It is alleged the officers transported the women back to Southwest Police District where an officer allegedly had sexual intercourse with a 22-year old female in an office of the Southwest District station located at 424 Font Hill Avenue. Pre-set bails are $100,000 for each defendant. The boys were on something called the "flex squad," which has since dissolved. Local blowhard Warren Brown is involved.
The Southwestern district is struggling to replace officers in the wake of the suspensions.

Things that make you say "No Wonder" Dept.
From today's Daily Record, by Ostrovsky:
"In the wake of public criticism over allegedly unlawful arrests, the Baltimore City Police Department today is set to begin a comprehensive program to educate approximately 2,600 officers on the ins and outs of Fourth and Fifth Amendment law - everything from proper stop-and-frisk tactics to common errors at Central Booking. While such issues are normally covered in some fashion in the officers' mandatory annual in-service training of 35 hours per officer per year (staggered over 42 weeks) this year's program will have a key difference ... in the past major portions of the legal curriculum were conducted by specially trained police officers - not lawyers ... The most significant part of that curriculum is four hours dedicated exclusively to the law and practical applications of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments... from 8 a.m. today ... the Attorney General's office will provide an overview of the Fourth Amendment." --only 35 hours a year to teach 20-something law-enforcement officers about the law?

Two murders in the city yesterday: 33-year-old Ronald Kinzer was shot in West Baltimore while washing his car at a gas station, and 23-year-old Cornell Lemon was shot at a house on Monastery Ave in Southwest Baltimore.

21-year-old Brian Keith Rose (a.k.a. Mitchell Kemp) has been identified as a suspect in the murder of Warren T. Fleming, the man who was shot to death in his car last week at Security Square Mall.

Gerald Edwin Parker was arrested yesterday and charged with homicide in the death of a baby girl. Parker was babysitting the 18-month-old in Annapolis on Saturday when she died.

Cyrus Duvall Robertson, the alleged shooter in Timothy Morris' murder at TGIFriday's in Owings Mills last Friday night, was denied bail.

At the very bottom of the Metro Digest, an article reports that 19-year-old Daniel Allen Brown is being held without bail on an attempted murder charge stemming from last week's shooting at White Marsh Mall. Jonathan Derrell Parks and Travin Rashaad West, both 19, were granted bail.

A Lehighton, PA man named Thomas Moser was found guilty for soliciting sex from minors on the Internet.

Southeast Baltimore drug lord William Nicholson received a three year prison sentence yesterday after prosecutors reportedly broke an agreement they'd made with him.

The Southwestern district is struggling to replace its "flex squad" (the officers that target violence and drugs) in the wake of five suspensions since November.

Maryland Democratic Party Chairman Terry Lierman asked State Prosecutor Robert A. Rohrbaugh to investigate the "legality of the links" between Gov. Ehrlich's Deputy Chief of Staff Edward Miller and Jack Abramoff.

Monday, January 9, 2006

January 9

The two men who were found dead near a school in Arbutus have been identified as 29-year-old Youani Alvares and 27-year-old Joel Gonzales, both of the 2600 block of Virginia Ave. in Baltimore. The men both died from multiple stab wounds.

The northbound lanes of I-95 were closed for seven hours today due to "a great scattering of the body parts over a wide range of area of the interstate." At about 4:30am, a person was either pushed from a car or walked onto the highway and was hit by multiple cars, none of which stopped.

Baltimore Circuit Court Judge John G. Turnbill II signed a death warrant that states Vernon Evans will be executed within a five-day period beginning Feb. 6. Evans was paid $9,000 to kill Scott Piechowicz and his sister-in-law Susan Kennedy in 1983 to prevent them from testifying against drug dealer Anthony Grandison. Kennedy was mistakenly killed in place of Piechowicz' wife.

25-year-old Howard County resident Fallah Johnson has been charged with second-degree rape and "various sex offense and assault charges" for raping a 12-year-old girl in the laundry room of her apartment complex. (Sorry for the editorial comment, but second-degree rape for going after a 12-year-old? WTF?)

WJZ reports on attorney Warren Brown's statement that there's a lack of substance to the rape charges against three Baltimore City police officers. At one point, Brown asked, "What is it--the State's Attorney's Office trying to make the Mayor and the Police Department look bad?"

Dan Rodricks asks men to step up and be mentors to men who are trying to break the cycle of "drugs-crime-incarceration-unemployment."

An implied armed robbery, a real armed robbery (of a 14-year-old boy), and a couple of shootings make up the city's contributions to the Blotter; all the county has to offer is a stolen bench, 2 stolen rocking chairs, and a broken window. (But for what it's worth, there have been at least four killings in the county since the last one was reported in the city.)

Those stragglers who haven't been rounded up under loitering and public nuisance laws had better be careful where they park.

I do Believe that The Greatest City In America's search for a new slogan warranted a nice, long article in the Christian Science Monitor.

Sunday, January 8, 2006

January 8

The two dead men that were found this morning at a baseball field in Baltimore County are being treated as homicide victims.

A human skeleton was found by hunters in a wooded area near Jessup on Saturday morning. Howard County police have not determined a cause of death, but they said the remains appear to be several weeks old.

The Sun has a Department of Justice report that details "serious misconduct" by the FBI in the way they investigated the death of federal prosecutor Jonathan Luna.