Saturday, October 11, 2008

JZ reports that TWO people were shot and one person was stabbed outside the Belvedere this morning!

also Police Beating Victim Wins 24K In Court Settlement

Report of Shooting at the Belvedere

A reader reports that shots were fired at 2 a.m. in front of the Belvedere on Chase and Charles Streets today, and a woman was struck.
Apparently there's now a hip-hop club in the basement, and the shots were fired as a bar fight there spilled onto the street.
ISO more info on this, stay tuned.

Hey former felons: you can vote now!

Friday, October 10, 2008

5 Years for Allgd. Attempted Murderer/Drug Dealer/Home Invader/Witness Intimidator on Probation

Press Release from Margaret Burns


Baltimore, MD – October 10, 2008 – At a hearing Wednesday, October 8, 2008, the Honorable Pamela White found Timothy Sutton, 21, of the 1400 block of Wentworth Avenue, guilty of violating his probation. In June 2005 Langley was convicted of attempted second-degree murder. He was sentenced to 10-years suspend all but 3-years years with 5-years probation upon his release in April 2006.

The underlying facts of the attempted second-degree murder case involve threats and intimidation against a witness known by Sutton and his co-defendant who was scheduled to testify in a pending assault case. The defendant was convicted of forcing his way into the witness’ home and threatening the witness with a handgun. The gun misfired. The defendant stopped to clean the chamber of the gun and then the defendant pressed the gun into the witness’ chest. When the gun was clearly inoperable the defendant forced the witness to undress, and while naked and holding a knife, threatened to cut off his genitals. Fighting for his life, the witness was able to get the defendant and co-defendants to flee his home.

In September 2007 while on probation, Sutton was arrested on a new charge of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance. Prosecutors were ultimately forced to dismiss both cases because the arresting officer left the Baltimore Police Department in one case and the chemist left the department in the other case.

On Wednesday, Judge White found that Sutton failed to report to his probation officer as required and sentenced him to five-years in prison.

This conviction is the result of a team prosecution brought by the Maryland Division of Parole & Probation agents Alicia LaRue and Laurie Rubin assigned to the Violent Offenders project and Assistant State’s Attorney Nancy Olin of the State’s Attorney’s Collateral Division.


What a mess!

"Requests for Jury Trials Swamping City Courts"

After searching Juvie, police still don't know what mystery drug sent five detainees to the ER.

A broad-daylight robbery last weekend, four doors down from where Ken Harris was killed!

Wow, remember the possibly gang-related beating death of Sgt. Juwan Johnson in Germany? There's been an arrest!

A man shot in the leg, two GFs going at each other with a hammer and pepper spray, a scooter-jacking and stolen crappy cars in the blotter.

Homeland homeowner's association is being totally dickish about crime information. I guess it's bad for property values when people hear about moms getting mugged at gunpoint in the alley behind the 300 block of Taplow.

In AAC, four and a half deaths so far this year at the Jennifer Road Detention Center.

Will crime go up as the economy tanks? We all get to find out, together!

13 people shot

this week, mapped by Spotcrime

... the woman shot by police in Cherry Hill was apparently unarmed.
Donna Brown, mother of a 5th grader and former wife of local attorney Warren Brown, was murdered over the weekend in a domestic-violence incident in Prince George's County.

Location: March Funeral Home West- Wabash
4300 Wabash Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215

Date: Sunday, October, 12th
Time: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm

Location: St Ambrose Catholic Church
4502 Park Heights Ave
Baltimore, MD 21215

Date: Monday October 13th
Time 10:00am -11:00am Wake hours
Service: 11:00am

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anarchy in the DJJ!

Mrs. JB: "Ten teenage boys barricaded themselves for eight hours overnight Tuesday at the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, first in an office and then in a residential area, where they destroyed furniture."

"The Maryland State Police and teams of drug-sniffing dogs raided the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center this morning"

A police-involved shooting in Cherry Hill this morning.

Thursday, and business as usual

Sheila Dixon has a problem with Northwood Shopping Center, where former Councilman Kenneth Harris was shot. Way to get on this bandwagon a few decades late. Perhaps you want to comment on the trash problem the city has too? Her solution includes asking the community for help, an all too common plan for leadership without the fortitude to hire more cops.

In the meantime, Gregory Kane reflects on the difficulty of catching Harris' Killers in Baltimore,

Unfortunately, we’re dealing with a subculture in Baltimore whose adherents think the moral thing to do is to NOT give up Harris’ killers. Does anyone really believe that no one knows who killed Harris other then the ones who committed the slaying?

The suspects have friends, relatives and perhaps girlfriends who know exactly what they did. So far, not one of them has come forward to finger the killers. Such is the grip that the “Stop Snitching” mind-set has on some people in this town.

In all this, we should remember that Annette Harris lost her husband, and her children's father, and she wants justice served as well.

A defendant in a Howard County rape/assault trial alleges the sex was consensual. Great job, hotshot - now, explain the choking.

Another no longer alleged scumbag has received life in prison as well for a 2006 murder. How soon until we hear about how racist and unconstitutional life in prison is has yet to be determined.

Another one of our city's little dears will be spending (at most)30 years in jail for shooting another teenager.

Score one for the alleged bad guys, thanks to the Court of Special Appeals.

More random thefts, robberies and assualts in Harm City. But at least we don't have to deal with Turkish Cockroaches... yet...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This just in from the City Paper

This week's "Murder Ink" adds one more unid'd body and one new name,
Craig Colvin, age 23,
to the toll.

... and did you know? 'shroomin is good for people with terminal cancer.

Thnx txpyers, ur da best!!

"The six projects at the heart of an investigation into connections between Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon and local developer Ronald H. Lipscomb represent at least $562 million in investment, with at least $66 million of that coming in the form of public subsidies."

Former Maryland State Police Superintendent Col. Tim Hutchins: "There was need" for state police to spy on hippies

"Lawyer sues city, Trigen over fall into steam pit"

.. and who's going to pay for criminal defenders for the poor?
Why, YOU are!

Crime-Newsful Wednesday

William Haskins, 32, was found shot to death on Penrose in West Baltimore Saturday.
(Thanks C)

A reader reported a soon-to-be-fatal shooting near the 1900 block Frederick Ave in the Southwest around September 28.

Clayton Oxendine, 24, was ID'd as the man shot to death in the 300 block of S. Fulton Ave., his brother was also shot in the shoulder.
And a 15-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot.

Cyprian Jackson, 29, died September 8,
eight years after being shot.

A 15-year-old girl raped on Harford Road, and a woman stabbed in the neck and chest in an argument over fish. And a woman stabbed by a relative.

The warrant task force nabbed a 42-year-old bar robber and a 16-year-old armed mugger.

Huh? High school basketball coach jailed for burglary and assault!

Peter Hermann tells a tangled tale of Darion Sawyer and Jeffrey L. Brown, with the defense claiming that the victim was the scary stalker.

Report in Pasadena of dogs and cats being killed and burned.

Harris Gun Previously Used for 'Vandalism'

Fenton: "The gun used to kill former City Councilman Kenneth N. Harris Sr. was used in another crime in the same Northeast Baltimore shopping center months before, but police classified the earlier incident as a property crime instead of an attempted armed robbery" though "the suspects fired two rounds from a 9 mm handgun into the door, leaving bullet marks."


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


From the SAO:
The State’s Attorney’s Office entered a nolle pros yesterday in three burglary counts pending against Michael Peacock, 35, of the 3600 block of Elmora Ave.

The State’s Attorney’s Office filed criminal informations March 17, 2008 against Peacock charging him with multiple counts of burglary in Pigtown. Upon further investigation, the State learned that Peacock was incarcerated at the time of three of the four alleged burglaries.

An Evening Update

"County prosecutors on Monday won six convictions against one of the most prolific rapists in state history."

Alleged killer dad Mark Castillo was found competent to stand trial.

AAC police are looking for two armed-home-invading teenagers.

Page Croyder blogs about Baltimore District Judge Askew (yes, Askew) W. Gatewood, Jr., accused of illegal dumping and residential sketchiness.

And some murder convictions, from your friendly State's Attorney's office:
At a hearing today Judge Lynn K. Stewart sentenced Tevin Moultrie, 17, of the 1600 block of Cliftview Avenue to 30 years in prison for second-degree murder, 20 years concurrent for use of a handgun in a crime of violence and one year each on two counts of reckless endangerment. Judge Stewart ordered all sentences to run concurrently. On March 6, 2008, Moultrie pled guilty to the following facts of the case. On March 13, 2007 Moultrie shot Steven Washington, 17, in the 1600 block of Cliftview Avenue following an altercation between the two. Washington was found suffering from a gunshot wound to the head and died as a result of his injuries.
Co-defendant Maurice Wilkerson pled guilty to accessory after the fact to murder on January 15, 2008 and was granted probation before judgment June 3, 2008 with one year probation. Assistant State’s Attorney Paul O’Connor prosecuted this case.

At a hearing today Judge Timothy J. Doory sentenced Derrick Collins, 24, of the 300 block of S. Gilmore Street, to life in prison for first-degree murder and a concurrent three years in prison for carrying a deadly weapon count. A Baltimore jury convicted Collins August 4, 2008. On December 18, 2006, Derrick Collins attempted to strangle Annette Bardney, 33. When he failed to kill her, he picked up a wooden 2x4 and struck her in the head (nearly severing an ear) until she was dead. He left her body in a secluded back alley in the 700 block of Fremont Avenue behind a church. The defendant then called 911 and reported finding a dead body. After further investigation, it was learned that Collins’ DNA was left at the scene. In addition, his story about how he found the victim changed, and it did not fit with the forensic evidence collected at the scene. Collins asked police while being transported to Central Booking Intake Facility if they could broker a plea deal to manslaughter with the State. Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Wiggins of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.

Is Justice

hardwired in the human brain?

... some poorly wired alleged cult leaders were arraigned & charged with first-degree murder and other crimes yesterday.

Police released video that may show Ken Harris' killers.

Yikes... "Woodlawn man, 71, charged after attacking wife with brick"

Two shootings, two dead in Harm City...

It was a busy Monday night for gunmen, as two shootings left two people dead in Harm City. One shooting occurred on the 300 block of Fulton Avenue, and another occurred on the 500 Block of Catherine Street (about six blocks away).

Monday, October 6, 2008


"I have a problem with a private company getting information that should be freely available to the public and getting [taxpayer] money for it!"


Why should individual taxpayers have to threaten a lawsuit to track down basic neighborhood safety info that should be free and accessible to everyone?

Murders #165 & #166

An unid'd man was found shot to death in the 3100 block of Virginia Aveunue.

Infanticide in Charles Village.

A woman and her children found a suspected suicide on Edmondson Ave.
(Who's Rona Marech?)

Have you seen

Identity Thief... this greasy-looking female identity thief?

Anna Ditkoff

Revisits three more murders.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who decides

... what deaths were suicide, homicide or murder?
Buz sed,
All deaths ruled homicide by the Medical Examiner, and some even before, are reviewed by the Assistant State's Attorney for Violent Crime. He/she, in conjunction with their superiors, make the ruling of "justifiable"."

Well, BUZ, apparently even if the Medical Examiner's office says the death of a tied-up, buried woman might have been a strangulation, THAT is apparently not be not enough to get the police to classify or examine a death as a murder.

... what a wrenching story. That poor sister. What a nightmare.
And with 341 unclassified deaths in 2004-- 341!!-- how many more nightmares are out there?