Friday, July 16, 2010

Fells point robberies

A Baltimore teen pleaded guilty to a strong of robberies in Fells Point last year. His girlfriend and her mother, both accomplices., are awaiting trial.


Police believe a botched robbery attempt may have lead to Yolanda Howard's death on 22nd street this past weekend.

Hoodlumery in Hampden

Thursday night homicide in Lansdowne.

The liquor board fined a couple of titty bars on The Block for prostitution.

Here's a weird/sad one. A 73-year old cab driver from Hampden got beaten to hell in April and died of his injuries on Tuesday. The 3500 block of Elm Avenue isn't exactly what I'd call a violent crime hotspot.

The ALF-CIO has endorsed Pat Jessamy. I'm still trying to figure out how the race for State's Attorney is relevant to a labor union.

This knucklehead robbed a Safeway in Annapolis and managed to shoot himself in the process. WJZ says he requested "treatment for a self-conflicted shot." Self-conflicted?

Murder in Halethorpe.

A 45-year old Harford County man was arrested for allegedly raping a 24-year old woman.

A Columbia man gets six months in jail for running over a former crazy cat lady.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So much for a BCrime happy hour meet & greet with Gregg Bernstein!
His campaign writes, "Thanks for your note and generous offer. As it is only about eight weeks to primary day, we are focusing our efforts on Meet and Greet opportunities in peoples homes in their own neighborhoods. ... Thanks again for your interest in Gregg's campaign."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Police officer indicted in Mt. Vernon shooting

Officer Tshamba was indicted on murder and gun charges and could face life in prison.

Are you really good at digging deep, dark holes?

Can you dig one deep and dark enough for a man who rapes a 5-year-old girl? Probably not.

Need some copper tubing? So does this construction site.

Possibly armed man vanishes.

"This is, I think, fire No. 7 in 13 years … They've all been arson."

Battle of Baltimore Crime's Favorite Two People: Warren Brown vs. Pat Jessamy

18-year-old arrested for shooting two other 18-year-olds in Edgewood. Of course, the alleged perp appears to be currently awaiting trial for armed robbery, assault, weapons charges, etc.

"Why is this even news anymore?" Three men shot in two hours (actually more like 1 hour, 13 minutes).

Court time, expense this

The man who wants Pat Jessamy's job would eliminate the do not call list, send prosecutors out of the murder scenes with homicide detectives, and says he would spend more time in court.

Meanwhile councilman Bill Henry said $6000 worth of bar tabs and meals charged to the city was payback for volunteers.