Saturday, January 12, 2013

An agreement to overturn the put bull ban?

Is it true? If only Annie Linskey was still on the case... an Examiner is reporting that the General Assembly has come to an agreement to overturn the Pit Bull Ban

Very sad about the suicide of Aaron Schartz, the 26-year-old co-founder of Reddit, who was being prosecuted by the Feds for making JSTOR articles public. Here's a sorry page: the Reddit opiates forum (thnx reader)

Four people killed

So much for the New Year's lull, three people were shot to death and one stabbed last night* (and the weekend isn't even half over yet). Editorial note, I'm not going to keep a 2013 toll-- it's time consuming and also redundant since this info is available elsewhere. But if you are ISO a running homicide tally for 2013 it looks like Cham is keeping one on her page.

More deets on that Loch Raven apt-building blowtorch/flamethrower situation* from someone named Carrie Wells at the Sun (and firewall-less version from the Deuce. WMAR is pretty worthless for the local news, except on weekends, when it's actually pretty decent).

Oh fer ef's sake-- an 88-year-old robbed at gunpoint at the York Road Walgreens and Middle School students robbed on Regester Ave in the area right north of the city line on York Rd. (aka Idlewylde).

There's a gun show at the fairgrounds. Fun times.

'Makeshift flamethrower'

Life in prison for a guy who shot three officers because he didn't want to go to jail for possessing a handgun.

A barricade situation involving a "makeshift flamethrower" in a senior-living apartment complex at 6301 Loch Raven Blvd.

Fenton Tweets that while homicide has been called out to a couple of shootings, still no more homicides yet this year besides the baby(!)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The sweetest girl on MySpace

Alycia Hoffman may be the sweetest girl on MySpace, but yesterday she was the craziest byatch on four wheels, injuring three police officers in a wackadoo chase following a drug buy that started in the city and ended with a fancy police-car box-in maneuver in the county. What do you think, PCP, crack or meth?

We've "only" had one murder so far this year, but 11 shootings

Apparently Harry Reid snuck provisions into Obamacare that prohibit wellness programs from having doctors ask about the presence of guns a house, and doesn't make exceptions for parents of young children, abused spouses or suicidal people. Doctors are also not allowed to track gunshot wounds or collect gun-injury data, which would seem to be an execution shot to JHU's Center for Gun Research.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Street life, corporate life, life sentences

"Urban terrorist"/Grand Am driving career stick-up brothers Evan and Christopher Foreman started out robbing drug dealers and illegal immigrants, likely mentored in the robbing arts by brothers Michael, 45, and Brian, 39. The fraternal team went on to stage some very thought-out robberies of check-cashing stores, cash-for-gold stores and banks. Evan was sentenced to 24 years and 6 months* in the federal system, Michael got 12 years, Brian 4 1/4 years.
  For his part, Judge James Brednar called Christopher Foreman "depraved," and quipped, "you don't dip your toe in the water of bank robbery."
  "I don't think the court knows the street life," remarked his mother Darraux Horton, 59, who started her parenting career at age 14.

One Marcus Troy Evans, left, was arrested for a Christmas-day beating of a gay man on North Milton Avenue. Apparently Evans was arrested two days after the beating on drug charges but was released on bail six days ago, in spite of the new drug charges, recent domestic violence charges and a rap sheet that includes numerous assaults, gun charges and burglaries. What dingdong of a judge made that call, I wonder? His trial will be at 8:30 a.m. on Jan 29th at 1400 N. Avenue room 3. As an aside, I see Evans' bail bondsman was Lee Dixon was an agent for Milton Tillman's Four Aces bail bonds. Now that Tillman and son are in the federal pen I see Lee Dixon's working for what's been renamed* as Global Surety and Services, but is still a subsidiary of FCS of Houston, TX. It looks like they're hiring new "agents" if you're ISO a career change. It sounds like it's pretty much like being an insurance agent, only your client is the court and gay-bashing, drug-dealing burglars are your beachfront real estate.

Speaking of gay-bashing, outspoken homohater Don Dwyer says he "sought help" following the wreck of The Legislator; he's attended AA meetings and an alcohol intervention class (like, the same class every person arrested on alcohol-related charges has to go to?).  Happiest of all, he also says he's not planning to run for re-election.

Fenton leafs through the Dead Man Inc. corporate handbook* following an evening trailing the police and a BPD-TV camera crew en route to a shooting on Mannasota Avenue, where victims were transported to the hospital by "private car." (Meaning someone didn't want to wait for the ambalance and drove them to the hospital?)

One man turned himself in and two more were arrested* on charges related to a Thanksgiving road rage incident in Owings Mills.

In PGC you can trade Tide® for crack.

O'Malley says that the DP in MD is two votes close to repeal.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First homicide of 2013 = a baby

That does not bode well. The first murder of the year was a 7-month-old baby, Kendell Brown, killed by his own father, Francois Brown. Also the first baby of 2013 was a preemie born to an obese mother.

The Phylicia Barnes sex tape will be played in open court.* Euugh.

Dead Man Inc.'s Perry "Rock" Roark was officially given life in prison.* The current leader of the gang, James Sweeney, says Roark is a "snitch," Roark's lawyers dispute this. Roark says he's "a clear product of my environment."

A robbery sting netted some BGF members*

A massive child-pornography sweep netted 245 pervs nationwide and internationally, including one Robert Marzola of Essex, left.

The third trial for Espinoza and Canela, the alleged killers of three children, will happen in March*

The city plans to replace all 83 of the $450k-worth of speed cameras* that they bought.