Saturday, October 10, 2009


Fed Judge Motz has entered a consent decree in the 25-year-long battle over Baltimore's ferkakta foster care system, continuing the court's oversight for at least another 18 months

1:33 pm: justin_fenton Tweets: "Police report shooting 700 N Kenwood Ave... That's like two blocks off the marathon route"

Accountant of pipe-supply company got 51 months in jail for stealing $1.1 million from his employers.

Maj. Roger Bergeron was stripped of his gun and badge, reportedly because of too much online social networking

Little place, big taste of hot lead in ya azz: Two men shot in the parking lot of the Checkers on Liberty Rd in Randallstown

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open containers?

A list of "no charge" arrests shows it risky to drink a beer or loiter ar a bus stop in the city

Say what now?

Bananas! Toddler taken from home, abandoned in unlocked car in course of "family dispute." "No charges have been filed " and "Baltimore City Police are no longer treating this as an abduction."
Wha? Why not? Unless said family member had custody, wasn't it still an abduction? Endangerment, at the least, considering it got down to 40 degrees that night? (And was the guy who found the boy Ken Watts, or Ken Waztts?)

Last week's three murders in the Ink

City officer disciplined after violating dept's shut-yer-piehole-to-the-press policy

Pure class at Hopkins: student uses samurai incident on student government posters (from Twitter).

Towson lawyer disbarred for mi$appropriation

an arrest & indictment in the murder of convicted child molester Scott Greenburg

From farther afield:
... NASA scientist gets 5 years' probation for downloading child porn on gvt computer
... former Reagan White House lawyer sues to stop Navy Chaplain from praying for his death (from TDR's law blog).

Speed Cameras

From the Roland Park newsletter. The Sun also has a map, in case you're a visual learner:

Throughout October, warnings will be issued to those caught speeding on film. After that, $40 tickets will be issued.

1 — 33rd Street, EB @ The Alameda
2 — The Alameda SB @ 33rd Street
3 — Caton Avenue NB @ Benson Avenue
4 — Caton Avenue SB @ Benson Avenue
5 — Liberty Heights Avenue EB @ Hillsdale Road
6 — Liberty Heights Avenue WB @ Hillsdale Road
7 — Harford Road NB @ The Alameda
8 — Edmondson Avenue EB @ Cooks Lane
9 — Edmondson Avenue EB @ Woodridge Road
10 — Edmondson Avenue WB @ Woodridge Road
11 — Frederick Avenue EB @ Catherine Street
12 — Harford Road NB @ Christopher Avenue
13 — MLK Jr. Boulevard SB @ Pratt Street
14 — Franklin Street WB @ Pulaski
15 — Harford Road NB @ Rosalie Avenue
16 — Walther Avenue NB @ Glenmore Avenue
17 — Wilkens Avenue EB @ Desoto Road
18 — Cold Spring Lane WB @ Hillen Road
19 — Cold Spring Lane WB @ Loch Raven Boulevard
20 — Sinclair Lane WB @ Moravia Road
21 — Sinclair Lane EB @ Shannon Drive
22 — Sinclair Lane WB @ Shannon Drive
23 — Orleans Street EB @ Linwood Street
24 — Eastern Avenue EB @ Kane Street
25 — Hillen Road SB @ Argonne Drive
26 — Liberty Heights Avenue NB @ Dukeland Street
27 — North Avenue WB @ Howard Street
28 — Northern Parkway WB @ Springlake Way
29 — Northern Parkway WB @ Waverly Way
30 — Northern Parkway EB @ Greenspring Avenue
31 — Northern Parkway WB @ Greenspring Avenue
32 — Charles Street SB @ Lake Avenue
33 — Reisterstown Road SB @ Fallstaff Road
34 — Cold Spring Lane EB @ Tamarind Road
35 — Wilkens Avenue EB @ Pine Heights Avenue
36 — Erdman Avenue EB @ Macon Street
37 — Erdman Avenue WB @ Macon Street
38 — Madison Street WB @ Caroline Street
39 — Franklin Street WB @ Cathedral Street
40 — Orleans Street EB @ Gay Street
41 — Park Heights Avenue NB @ Violet Avenue
42 — Patapsco Avenue WB @ 4th Street
43 — Perring Parkway SB @ Belvedere Avenue
44 — Pulaski Highway EB @ Monument Street
45 — Northern Parkway WB @ Park Heights
46 — Park Heights Avenue NB @ Hayward Avenue
47 — Park Heights Avenue SB @ Hayward Avenue
48 — Cold Spring Lane EB @ Roland Avenue
49 — MLK Jr. Boulevard NB @ Washington
50 — Lombard Street WB @ Gay Street
51 — Harford Road SB @ Walther Avenue


Tony Fein, the former Raven arrested at the Harbor last August, was found dead in Seattle

Arrest me

The number of arrests city prosecutors are declining to charge or prosecute is on the rise, including the case of a 71-year old man whose ribs were broken when he was thrown to the ground by police

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cases TK

Fishy! Toddler abducted from home in middle of the night, found in car by neighbor.

Woman who says police "threw out" her rape report talks to WMAR.
IV has a sketch of the suspect, who is presumably still out there somewhere.

Prison cell-phone jamming bill moves ahead in the Senate

At SCOTUS, Doug Gansler on the right to counsel, free speech v. dog fights, religious education as a tax deduction, and soon, a whole lot of businessy stuff.
... and per the FTC, starting Dec. 1, bloggers must disclose payola.

Fascinating! Vaccine reduces cocaine dependence

Suspect found dead

Update: "Police said the man who confessed to killing his girlfriend and stuffing her body inside a North Baltimore manhole is dead."
WBAL reports that the victim, Elda Vazquez, was a mother of two who worked seven days a week at two jobs.

Also, serious wounding in the 500 block of East 27th Street.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Confessed killer who dumped his girlfriend's body down a storm drain was found unconscious and not breathing in his cell Monday evening.

Dark and lonely on a summer's night.
Kill my landlord.
Kill my landlord.

From the SAO's office:
A Baltimore City jury convicted Edward Palmer, 59, of the 600 block of N. Clinton St. of second-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon on September 30, 2009. His wife, Catherine Palmer, 47, of the 600 block of N. Clinton Street, pled guilty October 2, 2009 to accessory after the fact.

Edward Palmer will be sentenced by Judge John N. Prevas November 18, 2009. Judge Prevas sentenced Catherine Palmer to three years in prison, suspended, and 18 months probation.

Edward Palmer and Catherine Palmer were tenants of James Thomas Daniels residing at Mr. Daniels’ home in the 600 block of Clinton Street. On or about April 11, 2008, Edward Palmer and Mr. Daniels became involved in an argument which escalated to a fatal fight. The next day, Edward and Catherine Palmer wrapped Mr. Daniels in linens, carpeting and bags, placed him into the back of a relative’s car, and drove toward Essex where they dumped the body, doused it in gasoline, set it on fire then drove away. Police discovered Daniel’s body burned beyond recognition in a vacant construction lot near the intersection of Davidson Road and Langley. The medical examiner ruled Mr. Daniels died of stab wounds and blunt-force trauma.


Judge rejects Dixon's motion to dismiss perjury charges

Tragic: Sun business editor Tim Wheatley killed in car accident in Monkton

your daily skeeve

Allegation: busy-fingered rabbi groped congregants for 30+ years "because no one spoke up."

... meanwhile, one of SCOTUS' first rulings allows the release of documents related to charges against CT priests accused of abuse. They've also decided not to tackle LA's Death Penalty.

Page Croyder: yay for "the first significant criticism I have seen of Baltimore State’s Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy by the Sun in a long, long time"

Six Shootings This Weekend

From BPD Twitter


Shooting-Old York/Cator Av-Adult male walked into Good Samaritan hospital. Detectives responding 10:12 PM Oct 3rd from UberTwitter

SHOOTING, 200 LOUDON, ADULT MALE SHOT. REPORTED @ 3AM.9:16 AM Oct 3rd from UberTwitter

SHOOTING, 1600 E MONUMENT, 17 Y/O SHOT IN LEG.1:25 AM Oct 3rd from UberTwitter



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Man Confesses to Killing Woman
Found in Storm Drain

TGI Friday's worker has confessed to dumping woman's body down a drain in North Baltimore.

A month before she went missing, the victim had sought help from the Howard County Domestic Violence Center and gotten a restraining order against the perp, who, she said, threatened to kill her.

The manhole cover was right in front of the perp's house. Still myserious: how did he get the manhole cover off, esp. without anyone noticing, in a residential area?

Violent, shady & gnarly

rickey-hughesThursday, a police officer was dragged by one Rickey Hughes, right, a suspect attempting to flee who is still at large. Forty-five minutes later, an officer fired on a drug suspect.

Hermann on the shady world of govt informants

and more of the gnarly corpse recovery in Govans