Saturday, September 9, 2006

September 9

So far this weekend, two murders in Baltimore County: 45-year-old Eric Fountain was shot death in Dundalk, and an unidentified man was stabbed in the parking lot of a pool hall in Rosedale.

Also in the county, 16-year-old Franklin Leroy Smith is charged as an adult with the murder of Warren Porter, 24.

And another 15-year-old MD boy charged with murder. Zachary James is accused of killing Michael Freeman, 32, on the 3400 block of Park Heights Avenue on Labor Day.

A 26-year-old man was shot in the NW by a police officer early this morning.

Down in DC, Walter C. Anderson was found guilty of three federal tax-evasion charges, making him officially the Biggest Tax Cheat in American history.

cokeFormer head of the Guatemalan DEA pled guilty to atttmpting to smuggle coke into the US.

Baltimore health commissioner Joshua Sharfstein has banned lead-packed kohl Asian eyeliner after two toddlers were poisioned. (Were the parents putting eye makeup on the toddlers?)

Noemi Espinoza Quezada and Ricardo Espinoza Perez were interviewed by the AP. Backs up my theory that Guadelupe put the two guys up to killing the children to get back at Victor and Maria.

So that's the reason behind the hilarious campaign slogan, "vote from the bottom up." Speaking of, who are these judges? How are they doing? Anybody know? And did anyone know that there's an election for Baltimore City Sheriff, between one Shelton J. Stewart and one John W. Anderson? Who are these people? TG for the League of Women Voters and their info sheets, especially the ones that tell you where you are and what to think.

Accused spy Susan Lindauer sounds like an interesting character.

Friday, September 8, 2006

... still September 8

Arnold Schwarzenegger se disculpò después de una cinta escapada fuera de íl que decí a los cubanos y Puerto Ricans y naturalmente "feisty" debido a su combinació n de la "sangre negra" y de la "sangre de Latino."

Fiddy Cent was arrested for making an unsafe lane change in an unregistered, uninsured Lambo.

The BCrime Contest!

It's the first-ever BCrime Contest!

Sample Schaefer's remarks* to make a club hit, rhyme, folk song or jingle --anything that can play as an embedded sound file-- and send it in by midnight, Friday November 3.
(We need something to listen to on election day as we work the PTA bake sale at RPEMS!)

Winner, as determined by listener votes on the Sparklit poll, will get to be the official BCrime-approved musician. We'll give you front-page real estate to plug all of your shows, albums, myspace page, basement tapes/or whatever for one year.
Aim for funny, original and catchy! Make us laugh and keep it short!

* Not necessarily from the WYR broadcast ... but you must use exact quotes as the center of your composition!

(but I wish the sound was better)

Also hilarious: Doni Glover interviews Steele while Kweisi Mfume drowns him out with shout-outs in the background!

More September 8

Ellis Lee Hickman Jr. , 34, was found guity of the murder of Rakiyya Tiana States.

An arrest in the murder of Teon White. And the man shot Wednesday in North Montford (194) was ID'd as Derrick Miller, 27.

Six defendants down, one to go, and one Jackie Brewington sentenced to 17 1/2 years in the McAbier firebombing case.

Police and residents did a model job of working together to catch a cat burglar, who turned out to be one Christopher Cook, 30.

Oy vay. David Kaye, the Maryland rabbi featured on Dateline NBC trying to hook up with someone he thought was a 13-year-old boy, was convicted of crossing state lines for illegal contact.

The CSA upheld life-without-parole sentences for former NSA cryptologist turned AAC double-murderer Darris Ware.

Two days of fighting gangs in an Annapolis high school led to 18 arrests.

I usually hate this kind of first-person present-tense writing (<-irony!), but Marta Hummel uses a style rare in newspapers to paint a vivid portrait of lunch with the Guv and his calorie-conscious wife. (Equal® on fruit and sugar in coffee... something ain't right!)
Crazy like a feeble octogenarian, or crazy like a fox? Perhaps this WYPR interview holds the answer ... Hoo hoo hoo!

A Lotta Guns in Waverly and an Officer Down

Police stops in Waverly are turning up firearms, as seen in the Police Blotter. (Oh, and by the way, East 30th Street is not in Central. )

A reality check in up-and-coming Patterson Park as a police officer is shot on patrol and rushed to Shock Trauma. Apparently, there are still a few guns there, too.

Federal judge Richard Bennett has assigned the ACLU/NAACP civil rights case against the Police Department to the judge hearing the Jones case regarding detention conditions, noting a commonality of interests in the adjudication of the two cases.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

September 7 Continues...

A man denied alcohol at J&H Liquors went nuts and threw a Molotov cocktail into the store.

Unlike the guys who de-Beemered Beckham in Spain (twice!), a local prospective carjacker was likely confounded by the 2006's keyless ingition system. Police are still searching for a suspect.

heroinOne-and-a-half federal years for selling 11 pounds of cocaine for Daniel Pellegrini. Twelve federal years for Michael Thomas for conspiracy to distibute heroin.

Kane: They call it the "Jessup Cut." (He is. so. down.)

Question for the ladies: what's worse, Schaefer's remarks, or how seriously Janet Owens took them? Whatever! Go Franchot!

Things were better in the olden days.

Why can't we fill the whole big area in front of city hall with pillories, and hold people in them for three-hour stints for all of the "abated by arrest" crimes?
Why did we ever get rid of the pillory? Anyone? Anyone?

September 7

A man was fatally shot on the 600 block of N. Montford Avenue in the Eastern (194?).

Charles Co: Karl H., convicted of murder and trying to prevent his sons from being adopted, will probably be allowed to appeal a court order which terminated his parental rights last March. [Sub. needed]

AAC: Federal prosecutors talked about the new evidence they plan to present in the Blake case: witness accounts and statements.

WashCo: In Hagerstown, former middle-school teacher Robert Merle Haines Jr. got 4 1/2 years in prison for molesting a 13-year-old student [sub req.] in 1984.

HoCo: Howard County police published a muy multicultural list of Johns (Juans?). Also in HoCo, Dwayne Williams was indicted on two counts of vehicular homicide. And skeletal remains found in January were identified as those of Anber Sanchez, 18.

MoCo: MS-13 voted "most notable gang."
DC's Police Chief: Crime down 11 percent since I declared "Emergency."

Who's writing the X's editorials? Huh? Too tough a question? How come? Huh? C'mon!

Word: An Examiner editorial renews the call for the removal of the shiteous statue in front of Penn Station.

Fourth season of The Wire starts Sunday at 10. Nice slot!

An Austrian girl, Natascha Kampusch, who was kidnapped and imprisoned for eight years talked about her ordeal on TV.

Al Shipley will tell you what to do this weekend.

divineAt least Enda's still being played by a big fat queen! Perez Hilton has the first pictures of John Travolta in Divine's role in Hairspray, and they are NOT pretty.

Speaking of Janet Owens, a NYT article reflects on Casa Susanna, a summer camp for transvestites in the land of Dirty Dancing.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

September 6

A woman's death is called 'suspicious' in West Baltimore (192?).

A body (193?) has been found near the railroad tracks around Wabash and West Belvedere Avenue in Northwest Baltimore.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Davon Pearson, 19, for first-degree murder and conspiracy to murder. Court documents allege that on August 3, 2006, Howard Tavon Jones was found with a fatal gunshot wound to the head and Pearson was identified as the person seen in the area at the time gunshots were heard. An arraignment is scheduled for September 29.

WJ's story of William Langley, 49, sentenced to life in prison plus 20 years, consecutive for murder and a handgun count. A Baltimore City jury convicted Langley June 2, 2006 of first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence for the killing of Korean immigrant Nae Chun Pak, 46 at Cherry Hill Friedchicken Carry-out NFish. Langley had been out of jail for less than a year and had served time for murder.

Wicomico County is seeking to protect itself from adults and the activities certain peep-show-like rooms induce them to engage in which are unlawful (nudge, nudge), as Dewey Beach deals with a 17-year-old compulsive flasher.

Harassment and threats at the courthouse, and that's just in the Clerk's office. [sub. required]
"Nine of the 10 employees of the [Baltimore city circuit court] jury division signed grievances against [Jury Commissioner Nancy Dennis and her lead worker, Cheryl Reese] in June and requested a transfer. Last month, jury division employees staged a lunch-hour walkout along with union members.

The jury division employees allege that Reese set unrealistic expectations with respect to their workload and engaged in verbal harassment.

Dennis, the employees allege, is often absent from the office and has changed the policy with respect to jurors who fail to appear for jury duty so that the employees were asked to handle an additional 400 to 500 calls a day.

Reached by telephone last week, Dennis declined to comment on the allegations.

Jury division employees said last week that they welcomed Reese's transfer."

A family beating in Crofton, some toughs in a cab and tossed dresser drawers in the Annapolis Police Beat.

Baltimore police officer Quandra Johnson allegedly committed credit card fraud, had goods shipped to the Western, named several other officers as accomplices.

Anna Ditkoff: 76 of 2006's homicides have been closed.

Lots of armed robbery in the blotter.

Julie Bykowicz on the city's littlest murder witnesses.

The city's best-armed preteens are at Thurgood Marshall Middle.

In AAC, Jose Amaya pled guilty to stabbing Angela Holland.

A dead woman was found in Carroll County.

Best. Web find. Ever. From 8-12 p.m., streams various local police and fire frequencies!

C-abeWhy we love this town:
Apparently Comptroller W. D. Schaefer's bizarre "old-fashioned hair makes the man" remarks were not an off-the-cuff thing! He was quoted as saying something nearly identical (yet nonsensical in a different way) to Post columnist Marc Fisher!
Is he
1. genuinely senile
2. having a big joke on everyone
3. commenting on the gender wage gap?
Whatever-- if Janet was my client I'd have her in a granny gown with a team of trannies serving up dog treats at the ASPCA this minute!

...speaking of the elderly and elections, AARP will be hosting an O'Malley/ Ehrlich debate Setpember 14 at 10 a.m. at the Greenspring Avenue Holiday Inn.

Even the Sun get confused sometimes.

In Japan, Amaterasu Omikami Imperial line assured (for now) with birth of Chrysanthemum prince.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

September 5 continued

Oh, Lord, the old coot's at it again. Schaefer said Janet Owens looks like "Mother Hubbard," calls her hairdo "old-fashioned" and adds, inexplicably, "you know it sort of makes you a man." Huh?

A Baltimore City jury convicted William Langley, 48, of Parkville, Maryland of the first-degree murder of Nae Chun Pak and the use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence today. The jury deliberated for approximately seven hours yesterday and today after hearing two days of testimony this week. Judge Roger W. Brown set sentencing for September 6. Says the SA,
On October 3, 2005 in the 600 block of Cherry Hill Road Langley and Nae Chun Pak, 46, got into an altercation about a food order that Langley had placed in the victim's carry out store. Pak returned Langley's money and Langley left the store, only to return a short time later and fatally shoot Pak in the head.

You really hate the police.

Wow, BCrime readers don't have much nice to say about the Baltimore Police. Only 17 of 113 respondents reported never having a negative experience. Reckless driving, rudeness, slow response times, refusing to take a report, arrests without cause .... I guess we already knew the BPD had a major PR problem, but that's pretty bad. Assuming the BPD cares what citizens think, how could it repair its image? Is it even possible?

September 5

Three fatal shootings over the weekend, of Michael Freeman, Andre Dudley and Darren Wilson, bring our homicide total to about 191.

Again?! An officer was stabbed at Jessup.

Five Maryland teachers have been convicted of participating in a national drug-trafficking scheme. And the former chief of PGC schools, Andre Hornsby, will appear in court today to face charges of mail and wire fraud.

The parents of 14-year-old Kevin Cooper, shot by a police officer, want the state to investigate the incident.

There were three police-involved shootings in PG County over the weekend, including an officer who shot his own mother.

Why would someone want a 1994 Buick Skylark?

A Louisiana man, David Clyde Smith, was stabbed by a panhandler in the parking lot of the Laurel Wal-Mart.

The Court of Appeals term starts today, and has plenty to hear before it gets to the gay-marriage thing. (Subscription required)

Tonight at 6:30 is Katie Couric's first CBS broadcast, a major milestone for cute girls everywhere.

Let's hope JZ will be able to find some new interns now that Towson has more applicants for its "Honor's College."

... can you believe this is the 500th post?

Monday, September 4, 2006

September 4

Two murders this weekend, one on West Lexington and one in the Northwest, bring the annual murder total to somehere between 181 and 190.

Am I reading this right? A 74-year-old man was stabbed with a steak knife as he tried to steal furniture, and a woman was beaten with a metal pipe at 10 a.m. Saturday on North Avenue.

Irony, Two-Edged Swords, etc
A teenager is being questioned after the death of Dr. Wayne Fenton of Bethesda. Fenton was a nationally known schizophrenia expert and director for clinical affairs in the Division of Mental Disorders, Behavioral Research and AIDS at NIMH ... but apparently didn't realize the danger posed by his own patient.

Crikey! The Crocodile Hunter's been killed ... by a stingray!

Defendants are blogging ... and defense attorneys are getting nervous. [username: pwrd: choco] (Thanks PG!)

"I did the shots of tequila last night, your honor!" Thanks to a reader for sending this video of a Nevada lawyer litigating under the influence.

Study: Children of alcoholics highly likely to lead effed-up lives.