Friday, August 10, 2007

August 10

You may remember Owings Mills High alum Majid Khan, who held in a CIA "black" prison, probably in Poland, for three years and is now in Guantanamo. The NYker reports that the US government has argued that he has to be "prohibited from access to a lawyer specifically because he might describe the 'alternative interrogation methods' that the agency had used when questioning him." (Third paragraph.)

An unid'd man was shot to death yesterday afternoon at about 1:30 p.m. in the 3400 block of Dupont Ave. in the city's Central Park Heights neighborhood. No suspects, no motive.

Dwayne Erving, the 17-year-old suspected in Wednesday's double shooting on E. Oliver street, was also charged with attempted murder in September, in connection with shooting a man in a dispute over a pit bull last July. "Prosecutors put the July case on the inactive docket because the victim and witnesses -- including the boy's mother -- were uncooperative."

There'll be no more calling Tyrone (Henderson, 23). After eight gun arrests and no convictions, Rod Rosenstein and friends finally scored an indictment and now he could go to jail for life. Said Bealefeld III, "That doesn't just send a message to him; his buddies see that" they get eight free passes in the city.
(Note to self: GunStat = good, Gun Offender Registry = lame)

EllisoraclBaltimore's least-talented graffiti artist, Kenneth "Oracl" Ellis, is now in hot water for stabbing a man in the back twice in a dispute over a kitten. Ellis says he stabbed "Tiger" twice with three knives while hugging him.

Broadwater serves up the skin-crawly tale of a remorseful gymnastics coach who's going to jail for his bedroom collection of 21 pairs of kid underpants he got from the Lost n Found, and 800 videotapes, all of child pornography. (Lost and found?! 800?! Videotapes?)
This case arose from a nationwide investigation of a sophisticated internet message board conducted last year by the FBI. After determining that the bulletin board contained child pornography, undercover FBI agents used the bulletin board to post a link to a file on a covert FBI computer. The FBI captured the internet addresses of computers that tried to download the file, which was actually a non-pornographic image file.
... and 32-year-old Joppa firefighter Angelo Sudano sent actual pornographic (and lascivious) displays of minors to "a citizen," which also did not go over well.

One escaped Hickey teen was caught, but the other, 16-year-old Davon Julius, is still on the run somewhere in the city.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

August 9

Seventeen-year-old Dwayne Erving was arrested for the murder on the 2300 block of E. Oliver Street yesterday.

Very sad: murder victim Lorado Williams Jr. was a friendly and clean-living boxer who liked poetry. The robbery and shooting that killed him seem to be random and there are no suspects, even though there is a police camera right there. A wake is scheduled for Zannino Funeral Home on 263 S. Conkling St. in Baltimore, with viewings from 3 to 5 p.m. and 7 to 9 p.m.

Jason Goldsmith, 38, was indicted for assault for beating his wife with their toddler. That's some meshuggah shit, yo.

Remember this video of drug suspect Wayne (Examiner) or Glen (JZ) Curry being punched in the jaw and dragged by an officer? His uncle Fred, who made the videotape, faces some serious jail time. Some defense witnesses said that police arrested him in a drug sweep only after they learned of his identity.

Baltimore city police officer Damian Sabo pled guilty in PA to hitting his estranged wife, Donna M. Bevan, in the head with a pistol as she was holding their 2-year-old child in August of 2006.

A Baltimore City Council committee approved Dixon's dubious plan to start a Gun Offender registry.

A caller to the Ed Norris show reported that mayor Dixon made a quickie apperance before the funeral for Jordan Brown, the man who was shot and collapsed on her front lawn*, but left before the service began.
*it probably didn't happen this way, but we like to think it did.

Country police are still investigating choirmaster David Riley, 59, who was given probation before judgment by a judge for possessing child pornography. Contractors working on his home notified police after they found "chest-high stacks" of photos of 10- to 18-year-old boys "playing tie-up games" in Riley's home.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

August 8

Two more murders overnight, both as-yet-unid'd men. The first shooting occurred about 11:15 p.m. in the 1400 block of N. Milton Ave., and the man was pronounced dead at 11:30. The other man died 15 minutes later in the 2300 block of E. Oliver St.
(Thanks M!)

The Ink has 13 murders from July 23 - August 5, plus updates, and Anna says it's "Lorado" and he died on Saturday the 4th on Lombard Street.

Bennie Fullard, 49, was the man arrested Monday for stabbing his girlfriend in Woodlawn after his family turned him in. This morning he waived his right to seek bail. Also, "a man with the same name and born in the same year as Fullard has at least three previous convictions."
That's one wacky coincidence!

Murder victim Eric Ford was id'd as the man killed in the 3400 block of Baltimore street, and four shootings in the Blotter:

  • a man walking in the rear of the 4100 block of Stokes Drive about 1:30 a.m. yesterday and gunman shot him in the left arm, - a person fired several shots outside a bar in the 800 block of W. Cross St. about 2 a.m. Sunday, and one of them grazed a guy's left eye ,

  • Darrell Smith, 22, whose address was not released, remained in critical condition at Maryland Shock Trauma Center after he was shot in the back of the neck about 4 p.m. Monday in the 300 block of E. 21st St. (this item also appeared yesterday),

  • and in Towson a man was shot in a leg during "an incident" in a house in the 1300 block of Dartmouth Ave. about 7:40 p.m. yesterday.
The Marcus Brown pension scandal isn't finished yet ... the president of Baltimore's FOP Lodge 3, said that the union has authorized its law firm to explore the possibility of suing the city and the Police Department.

Thank you Luke Broadwater for putting "boyfriend" in quotes there...
if a guy slaughters you in cold blood (all together now ladies) he's just not that into you.
Wow, only 24 homicides in all of Baltimore County so far this year.

How did Kenneth Barnes become the Roland Park pervert? Or is he a misunderstood psychotic? The CP's Chris Landers investigates.
ps. have you noticed there have been almost no perverts reported in a few weeks, after months of having like, two a day?
They must've caught them all...

Fascinating! has a Q&A with Sudhir Venkatesh, the then grad-student in the book who studied Chicago gangs. (Turns out they love "The Wire" but not the crack)
Venkatesh makes the excellent points that anti-gang laws are usually racist, won't stand up in court, and too vague to be of any use.
Cases in point, head of the county’s gang-suppression unit Cpl. Thomas Gamble, who says gang indentity is all about "clothes," and the HarfCo elementary-school boy who threw a sign in the class picture.

Speaking of "The Wire," bad news for wannabe Marlos and goatherds: a new City rule allows residents to keep no more than 125 pigeons as pets. And, "you need three acres to have goats, sheep ponies and pigs."
What kind of twisted mutant is a sheep pony?!

Politics: Dixon knows the less she says the better! She's letting her $2 million anti-trash tagline* do the talking and simply not showing up to candidate forums, citing schedule conflicts. But there will be at least one televised debate. We'll have to find a bar with a giant TV for that experience!
*That would be, "Don't make excuses. Make a difference." Said Celeste Amato, the coordinator of the Clean Out Baltimore initiative, "the underlying message is about personal responsibility."

The Sun election blog recaps the Dixon sweetheart-contracts scandal.
Did you know? Not only did her sister work for Utech, a company awarded city contracts against ethics rules, but "the city found, after The Sun's reports, that the company did not have the capacity to perform the public work it was winning."
She also employed "creative" work orders to keep from having to report that she gave her campaign chairman's company half a million bucks! No wonder she didn't want to say anything harsh about the Brown Schammdal!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Curious Case of Mr. Williams

On August 3 the Sun reported that a man was shot in the head in the 3600 block of E. Lombard St. and died, victim 190.
The next day, the same paper reports that a man was shot in the head in the 3600 block of E. Lombard St. and is "not expected to survive."
And then there's the story of Lorado Williams Jr., shot to death during a robbery in the 3600 block of E. Baltimore St. from today. And now there's also a different guy in the 5th on E. Baltimore St. So now it's two guys, same street.
... Or is it? Now Mr. Williams is back to being shot on Lombard. Or is that his twin brother who also lives in the 600 block of S. Lehigh St., "Larado"?!
Today, Anna says two victims, two different days in two different places, one on Lombard and one on Baltimore, and it's "Lorado."
Who's got it wrong?

August 7

After the William Welch lost-evidence flap, state police have made a "verbal agreement" to handle evidence in cases against city officers in the future.

A rewrite that combines two of yesterday's stories, and additional forensics by Burgersub, clarify a couple of "details":
mr. williams was shot in the 3600 block of e lombard street friday night and died saturday. a 19 year old was shot in the first block of s highland avenue sunday and managed to run to the 3400 block of e baltimore street before collapsing. he died sunday (the same day he was shot). [and,] the sun sucks.
The S has more on the trial of HarfCo suspected serial killer Charles Burns, including a creepy letter the prosecution read. (I'm going to try to copy more primary-source stuff from Sun stories because their links expire in a day).
As I set here I'm thinking of what could've been going through that girls mind, as this was happening to her ... I know if this were me, I'd be saying what kind of 'monster' did I get a ride from. I'd be praying to God please Lord help me.
It's thirty years, yes, that's three zero, for 23-year-old Antoine Oliver, who shot Justice Georgie for $20 at the Divine Unity hair salon on Garrison Blvd. This means Mr. Oliver will likely get out when? ... Anyone? Anyone?
Update: Writes Julie Bykowicz,
Antoine can't get out in less than 15 years because he is convicted of a violent crime. When he does become eligible for parole, the governor will HAVE to sign off on his release, as that is standard operating procedure in all "life sentences" -- even ones with suspended terms like this one.

If he can't get a governor to sign him out of the big house, he'll have to wait until he is "mandatorily released" through "diminution credits," which would maybe happen around year 20. I did an explainer story on this pretty recently ["Pressures dictate plea deals, But sentences in city homicide cases aren't necessarily a bargain for the convicted," July 25, 2007]. Toward the end, it goes into (probably too much) detail about this subject.

Adds Luke Broadwater, wrestling coach/Examiner reporter:
Julie (as usual) is completely right about eligibility for parole. Under Maryland law, if convicted of a crime of violence (as defined by statute) a suspect isn't eligible for parole until he has served half his time. He can be up for his first parole review as early as 1/4th of his time, if he's convicted of a non-violent crime.
Thanks reporters! All quality, those two. So he'll serve at least 15 years.

Blotter: "A 20-year-old Bolton Hill woman was jogging around the reservoir at Druid Hill Park about 3 p.m. Sunday when several young men and women began yelling foul language at her and throwing rocks. The woman was not injured and no arrests had been made."

In the County, another domestic murder, at least the 8th in MD in the past month. Satya Long was found stabbed to death last night at her home in Woodlawn, and a so-far-unnamed man is in custody, turned in by his family after he confessed to his mom.

And a domestic dispute led to a city officer having to shoot one Ronald Bennett, 21. Just in the leg though unfortunately. Apparently there was already an assault warrant out for him but he'd been too busy wailing on his babymom to go to court.

Two yutes have escapes from the Hickey School (Didn't Ehrlich close that place down?). Fifteen-year-old Justin Russell and 16-year-old Davon Julius escaped a week ago.

Peter Franchot is after tax scofflaws. You mean, you can just ignore tax bills? i thought they'd take your house or something, but I guess not!

Three raids in the 'burbs busted car thieves who've sent thousands of Marylanders' vehicles to Africa and the Middle East.
"It's in vogue to run around in these countries with a license plate on that says Maryland on it or Florida on it," said Ben Jillett, a car-theft investigator with the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Wrestling coach/ reporter Luke Broadwater rides with some unsuccessful bail bondsmen.

August 7th

"Routine Transfer" (Gone Bad, that is): escaped prisoner (and serial escapist) Marvin Jordan (he bolted outside of the court house yesterday noonish) is now on Baltimore's "Dirty Thirty" list. (Dirty Thirty? Really?)

Monday, August 6, 2007

August 6

Suspected serial killer Charles Burns of Bel Air was sentenced to life without parole today for killing Lillian Phelps of Elkton.

Patirica Campbell, the crazy neighbor who abducted 6-year-old Shenika Scott and styled her hair, pled guilty to child abduction as part of a plea deal Friday.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Calvin Puryear, 20, of the 2600 block of Dulaney Street and Lloyd Chase, 17, of the 2100 McHenry Street for first-degree murder and other charges on Friday. Court documents allege Calvin Puryear and Lloyd Chase are responsible for stabbing Christine Richardson, 15, on July 10, 2007 in her home in the 300 block of S. Fulton Avenue. Christine Richardson was stabbed several times and her throat slashed following an argument with the two suspects. Richardson died the same day. An arraignment is scheduled for August 28, 2007 before Judge John M. Glynn, Room 236 Mitchell Courthouse. Assistant State’s Attorney Cynthia Banks will prosecute this case.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted James Giles, 21, of the 200 block of Dallas Court for first-degree murder, robbery deadly weapon and other charges on Friday. Court documents allege James Giles is responsible for shooting Robert Perlie, Jr. in the head on May 17, 2007 in the 200 block of Dallas Court during a robbery. Perlie succumbed to his injuries at Johns Hopkins Hospital. An arraignment is scheduled for September 7, 2007 before Judge John M. Glynn, Room 236, Mitchell Courthouse. Chief of the Homicide Division and Assistant State’s Attorney Mark Cohen will prosecute this case.
A boy was shot last night in 3400 block of E. Baltimore St.

Lorado Williams Jr., 27, a victim shot and robbed on Friday in the 3600 block of E. Baltimore St. died (unknown if there's any relationship to the incident above.)

Two more (!) shootings in the Blotter:
Shooting // Police responding to a report of a man shot in the 3000 block of McElderry St. about 5 a.m. Saturday found the victim bleeding from a bullet wound to an upper leg. The victim, 22, was treated at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Shooting // A 25-year-old man was shot once in the upper body in the 900 block of N. Patterson Park Ave. about 3 a.m. Saturday and was admitted in critical but stable condition at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The man, who lives in the 1100 block of N. Carey St. in West Baltimore, was found by police responding a report of a shooting.
The trial of officer William Welch has been postponed. Welch is accused of raping a 16-year-old (alleged) prostitute in the SE district house. Three weeks ago, the police lost (or perhaps "lost") the girl's clothing from the evidence room.

bushsnortingOne Clinton Dunnock got 14 years for trying to bring 7 kgs. of cocaine (about 15 1/2 pounds) from NY to Baltimore. Why is the DEA the only organization in the US that uses the metric system?

We love sites like this! Truth About Dixon dishes scandals, outrage
Mayor Dixon has a new project: GunStat.

Matthew R. Dieterle, who killed his AAC "girlfriend" Samantha MacQuilliam in Tampa, had a criminal history including assault, gun violations and burglary.

In lieu of a certain candidate's recent issues, we thought it time to reset the mayoral poll, right.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

August 5

Don't forget Neighbor's Night Out!
Join your fellow crimefighters in boozing it up at Max's this minute!
Even if it seems like Dixon is co-oping the event, galt, proceeds do go to the Zach Sowers Recovery Fund, a very worthy cause.

Do you know someone who drives in MoCo in a silver BMW 5 series that now has front-end damage (or their car's suddenly disappeared? Well that said someone may have mowed down 17-year-old prospective chef Esai Lopez, and you should totally narc on them.

"Can we have a police patrol in this area?" a resident of asked Sheila Dixon. But not a peep as to what the mayor's answer was?!

"The reason why we chose Baltimore was, they came in with the highest bid on bodies." -- Maj. Jeffrey Ball in a Sun medical melodrama piece ("A Doctor at War") on how UMM's Shock Trauma trained a doctor for Iraq.