Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lick n Hit

Oo, some deets about the car-stealing phone-robbing juveniles from Benn Ray via the Hampden Merchants meeting!
     One perp is named Demetrius Carter (DOB: 11/16/91)(Where is his mugshot? bring me his head!)
     The group was busted because for the first mugging a girl in the group stole her friend's car.
     However, the shooting of Zeb Drinkwater is not connected to this group but was a 6'2" black man robbing solo.
     And ps., yes, it's true, those stroller girls in Hampden are not strolling kids so kids can get fresh air and/or Vitamin D. Here's what the city oughter do, get them a methadone van and set it up there by the park.

ps fixing go downy euchin a while, see yousealls in a week or so