Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Hand that Fed You

A 56-year-old woman in CHUM died after being attacked* by her own pit bull.

Sterling Ford
One Sterling Ford has been charged for a non-fatal shooting of a 50-year-old man that happened in the 2000 block of Homewood Avenue last Thursday, shooting that police didn't Tweet and doesn't appear to have been reported anywhere. Police are ISO two more suspects.

Another case of a church leader allegedly sexually abusing kids-- this time at Greater Grace Church, the accused is one Raymond Fernandez, said incidents happened in the late 90s and Towson police are ISO any other victims.

The case against the Jarrettsville lady accused of unlawfully screwing the pooch has been dismissed,* the HarfCo prosecutors have declined to prosecute for whatever reason.
Dayum, Ray Lewis lost $3.7 million of his money on bad investments and is suing BB&T Bank.

How's that curse I cursed you with, Kirstie?! Harbor Point construction has been delayed* by environmental agencies, which found "artificially high" levels of hexavalent chromium near the site. How they know it's artificial I have no idea.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Lotta Ladyparts

Whoa, the Nikita Levy class action lawsuit could have as many as 9,000 plaintiffs, and guy had 10 servers' worth of recorded material (though it's hard to know exactly what that means, as servers hold different amounts of data. But even if the servers were 10 years old, though, that's still a LOT.). Fortunately, victims are being identified by billing records, and presumably not by picking out their ladyparts portraits from a line-up.

Prosecutors are in trouble* after arranging to have two witnesses in the Robert G. Moore murder trial* have lunch together. You may recall, Moore is the sovereign citizen *who, with his "crew," "the untouchables,"* allegedly threatened the lives of prosecutors while awaiting trail for charges of ordering the deaths of seven people to avenge the murder of wrestler Darian Kess.*

In the county, Laquesha M. Lewis was found guilty* of conspiracy to commit the murder of her baby's father. (She looks *much* better on Facebook. What a difference makeup makes. Too bad you can't put concealer on your soul.)

County employees had their personal information stolen.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

50 Ways to Cleave Your Lover

Fifty-five years for Larry Holly for the murder of Ryshawn Cox on N. Belnord Ave. in 2011.

Ninety-five and 110 years for Don Pulley and Terrence Rollins-Bey, who killed DeAngelo Bass and set his car on fire to conceal the crime, which was caught on camera.

Shawn Stevenson

Two life sentences for Shawn Stevenson in the death of Somchanh Sipayboun, the mother of his children and partner of 13 years. Stevenson raped her, bound her with duct tape, broke her spine and stabbed* her 14 times.

In the meantime, human tofu slice Anthony Brown has a press release re. his domestic violence plan, which involves a network of screening centers* and changing the standard of proof for victims to get a restraining order, and somethingsomething about cell phones. For his part, Doug Gansler, the guy who sent his son to a $33k school that's the source of the local saying "never drink from a cup from a Landon boy" has fired back with some blahblah about cheap political points. And our Bro-torney General may be onto something: as governor Brown won't be in any kind of position to change legal burdens of proof, and "setting up centers" = throwing money at the problem, while training health care providers and officers to assess domestic violence risk would be a lot simpler, cheaper and is backed by evidence that it's effective. Anyway, there's also a lady and some kind of Republicans in the governors' race, but they were apparently too busy blow-drying hair/reading from the Necronomicon to talk to Mike Dresser.

Rodney "Noah" Hubert of Pikesville was indicted for pimping a 16-year-old 

As one might expect, the family of Anthony Anderson has filed a lawsuit* against the BPD for an undisclosed amount. Anderson died of internal bleeding while being arrested in September of 2012.

Your exes will be so sad: a bill coming up next year could make it a felony to post explicit pictures of someone without their consent.

TIL Molly and ecstasy are not the same thing. Wait, or are they? Quit confusing me and just tell me what to freak out about, Internet!

SRB's still claiming no knowledge of the dirty "Smart Meters" bidding process.

There was a hearing yesterday on the troubled Detention Center; officials say cell phone blocking technology is going to fix stuff, because without cell phones there is no other way for human beings to communicate with one another.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Douglass Student Killed

Eighteen-year-old Darnell Moore, a student at Frederick Douglass High (not to be confused with columnist Darnell L. Moore) was murdered yesterday via shots in the back on West Preston Street near McCulloh homes. Another unidentified person was shot also.

The school administrator who allegedly sold students pot cookies was ID'd as Clyde Tatum, 40,* of Reach! Partnership School. A search of his house turned up a handgun and he was charged with being a felon in possession of a handgun-- Tatum had been convicted of gun and cocaine possession charges in the past. Super!

And Brittany Powers was charged with killing Gwendolyn Johnson, 24.
Brittany Powers

Zach Sowers' Attacker Arrested Again

Arthur Jeter
Police arrested Arthur Jeter for a handgun violation. Jeter, then 17, was one of the guys who assaulted/killed* 28-year-old Zach Sowers six years ago while he was walking his pug near Patterson Park. For agreeing to testify against fellow attacker Trayvon Ramos, Jeter had all charged dropped but armed robbery and got eight years. He also pleaded guilty to another armed robbery two days after the Sowers attack. At sentencing two of the attackers apologized to the Sowers family, Jeter was not one of them.*

Another guilty plea in the jail/BGF scandal: Kimberly Dennis, who was the first target of federal wiretaps, got down with two Guerilla guys (including inmate Derius Duncan, in a closet), allegedly smuggled in cell phones and tobacco and said of an inmate who was stabbed after not paying his smuggling tax to the BGF, "yeah, them niggas banged him. .. whoever catch, you gotta pay a bill." When Dennis was busted, the feds seized gel caps, condoms and her white Chevy Camaro. She faxes a maximum of 20 years.

Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer
The Ink details murders 186-189: Steven Wayne Pearson, Durrell Gaskins,  Keith Holly Jr., Lance-Trenton Maurice Allen and Darrell Berry.

Remember Andy Palmer, 46, who got out of thousands of $$ of restaurant checks by faking seizures? Well he was arrested again... for dodging restaurant checks by faking seizures.*

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Progress! A federal judge acknowledges that loosened marijuana regulations federally and around the country violates the equal protection clause, and handed down mere 18 month-11 year sentences to convicted pot distributors.*

The new state gun tax means a windfall for the Department of Natural Resources. ... everybody likes natural resources, but shouldn't that money rightly go to victims of gun violence?

Jacob Theodore "digilink" George IV was charged* with selling heroin and methylone on the Silk Road dark web site.

Study finds only 20 percent of MD college students have drug/alcohol problems.*And more shady dealings at the Liquor Board, including awarding a license to an LLC that doesn't exist.

County speeders are getting $56,000 worth of dropped tickets* thanks to Xerox not filing its calibration paperwork on time. .. and what of the city's Brekford cameras? They're still not up and running, in spite of the company's assertion that they would be functional by September 30.*

Remember how the city is poised to award a $martMeter contract to the Dynis corp, the shaky firm whose bid was $101 million more than the next-highest (and perfectly qualified) bidder? Well look who's powering up that bid: good old KO Public Relations, known for pushing citizen-pocketbook rapes such as corporate speed cameras, gambling and Harbor Point.

Today's mugshots:

Monday, October 28, 2013

By Virtue, Not by Force

The Sun has more details of yesterday's murders of firefighter Andy Hoffman and Marie Hartman,* and they are horrible and sad. Hartman leaves behind a six-year-old, and her 18-year-old sister, who hid in a closet then jumped out of a window to escape. Hoffman's Station 14 was draped in black today.

Students from Reach Partnership School were taken to the hospital Tuesday after a school administrator allegedly sold them pot-laced cookies

Christopher Hilliard
Down in AAC police arrested Eddie Jenkins, 20, accused him of being a serial peeping tom/flasher.* And in Dundalk police arrested AWOL sex offender Christopher Hilliard.

Bail bondsmen were shot at, beauty supply stores were burgled and a whole lot of people got mugged at gunpoint in the Patch Franklin/Woodlawn/Pikesville blotter.

Seriously, Harford County? A drug takeback day there netted "hundreds of pounds"* of Rx's.

Jesus X. Christ, can't somebody shut Doug Gansler up? Or at least staunch the flow of Doug Gansler boner stories? Today's: the would-be gov remarking that when it comes to reporting teenage drinking to authorities "it has to do with if you have a boy or a girl.*" Not sure exactly what was meant by that, but here's a coincidence: Landon, the $33,565-a-year school attended by Gansler's hard-partying son, also happens to be the alma mater of convicted killer George Hughley V and is former home of the fantasy sex leagues the "Southside Slampigs" and the "Crackwhores."

Eight Federal Years for Kendell Richburg

Kendell Richburg, via MySpace
KR via MySpace
Kendell Richburg deserves his own novella and HBO mini-series, but it's Sunday night so this will have to suffice: At 36 he's just been awarded eight years in prison for conspiracy to distribute heroin and possession of a firearm.
    Is that too little considering how he framed grandmas with planted drugs* to boost his own arrest numbers? or is it too much, given that he started out as a good cop by partnering with an informant, yet evidently succumbed to BPD pressure to juke the stats *? Explains Slate,
Richburg did these things not for personal gain, but to benefit a confidential informant who fed him information that helped him make arrests. In order to keep his confidential informant on the street, Richburg gave him drugs that he could sell. Richburg tipped off the informant to police activity, helping him avoid arrest. But eventually, their arrangement took a more sinister turn."
Notably, Richburg was assigned to the VCIS,* the notoriously 'maverick' BPD department that groomed such mavericky mavericks as Jemini Jones. Richburg's defense: he was one of many* who "misrepresented facts." No doubt.
   So then what has became then of all of Richburg's many cases? And how has the police department changed procedures to prevent perverse incentives leading to malfeasance so police quit planting pot on grandmas? While O'Malley cabal's PR machine can find a high-schooler's personal photos from four months ago it can't muster comment on this case, apparently.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

City Firefighter, Girlfriend Killed by City Officer

Andy Hoffman
Firefighter Andrew Scott Hoffman, 27, of Engine 14 on Hollins Street and his girlfriend Marie Hartman, were murdered by city police officer Christopher Lee Robinson, 37, of Abingdon last night in a murder-suicide, reports Arundel News Network. Hartman was Robinson's ex-girlfriend. More from the Sun.

Also last night three officers were struck by a Jeep* in the 200 block of N. Franklintown Road while directing traffic outside of a club.