Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calls to End Race Baiting, Hit & Runs, and Lengthy Prison Sentences

Police are warning against "race baiting" following the much publicized video of a white tourist being assaulted and stripped by a large group of people. An incident that police are currently not calling a "hate crime."*

A 1997 shooting victim is a 2012 homicide victim. Leslie Johnson was shot in the 800 block of Jack St. and died on the 30th of January.*

Police are ISO Martinez Armstrong, who may have played a role in the accidental killing of 13-year-old Monae Turnage.

Twenty well-deserved years in prison for super-creepy rape attempter Sean Thomas Schleigh, 22. Schleigh assaulted and attempted to rape a 12-year-old in a Dundalk middle-school bathroom.

A Honduran born MS-13 member who was wanted in his home country for Hacking a man to death with a machete was arrested in his Randallstown home Monday. It will be interesting to see if he gets charged with immigration crimes here first, or if he's quickly extradited to face justice in his home country.

The first conclusion in three separate Perkins Mental Hospital murders occurred today. Andre Mayo has been ruled incompetent to stand trial for killing Rogelio Mondragon. I wonder where they send someone like this now?

Pawn shop robber Cortez Clark was handed a 30-year sentence by judge John Addison Howard yesterday.

I doubt this is quite the "new trend" they make it out to be, but regardless, delivery drivers beware, robbers are everywhere.

A man is critical condition after being shot several times in the 2500 block of East Chase St.

Seperate shootings put two men in the hospital.

The police-impersonation trend hasn't quite died down yet in Baltimore. This time, 21-year-old Michael Atkinson is charged with sexually assaulting a woman while posing as a police officer.

Fifty years for now twice-convicted murderer Sam Davis (pictured right). Davis, who was released from prison in 2009 after having served more than 30 years for a previous murder, killed Jacqueline Denise Paul, a woman he had been living with.

A 20-year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl beat up a 14-year-old girl in Essex.

Bail revoked for accused teen rapist Andre Haney III. This isn't the first time an Andre Haney made the news. Haney's grandfather, Andre Sr., was committed after committing arson back in 2008. And Haney Jr. was a well liked homeless man who died back in 2009. *

The trial of Reuben Dunn, who is accused of killing two teenagers in a drunk-driving hit and run last year on MLK Blvd., started Wednesday.

Still no arrest in the fatal hit-and-run of Towson U. student Ryan Bailey, 20.

Finally, in yet another hit and run case, Parkville native David Grayson French Jr. has been charged in the death of a 68-year-old, mowed down as she tried to cross the street.

Baltimore's latest homicide victim was Kenyan man Justin Marasa, 22.

Police have determined that the Dundalk church fire was an act of arson.

The latest Baltimore Guide crime blotter has stolen Coach handbags, attempted Cheez-It's® theft, and much more.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pooch Screwed

Time to pick up the leavings of the dog-burning case in an inverted plastic bag. Twin brothers Travers and Tremayne Johnson were found not guilty of dousing a dog with gasoline and setting her on fire. Bernstein's office released a statement: "While I respect the jury's decision, I'm disappointed that we didn't achieve the outcome that we fought for during two challenging trials. .. Animal cruelty is a serious crime of violence."

A Teen Sex Headline Gets More Page Views

Two guys shot in the hand in the 500 block of West Lanvale Street last night

A mentally ill man with a weapon shot in the stomach by police yesterday morning. How many police-involved shootings is that so far this year? At least three...

Anna Ditkoff says the homicide toll was at 47 three days ago, including the removal of home-shooter-upper Brandon Washington.

The CP covers a kid sucker-punched at school. God help the children and parents who must contend with these lawless schools. More kids need to get arrested, I say. We need to legalize drugs then fill those empty beds with rotten children.
OMG. HarfCo woman "Engaged To Fla. Teen She Met For Sex." .. So, savvy readers, is the individual on the right the woman, or the teenage boy? Or Jonah Hill?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our pervert is #1!

Since Osama Bin Laden departed this mortal coil, apparently we've been without an FBI's most most wanted fugitive. Now there's a new one, Eric Justin Toth. And guess where he's from! Maryland! And guess what he did? Pervy stuff with underage students involving a hidden bathroom camera! Does that put him at Osama level? Apparently so...

Monday, April 9, 2012

46, 47

Two men were killed in separate Easter Day shootings. An unidentified man was shot and killed in the 1400 block of Holbrook St. Sunday evening. Another man, 33-year-old Robert Laney was shot and killed near Kirk Avenue and Fillmore Street. Laney did a ten year prison bid stemming from a '98 conviction for attempted murder.

The new "Phylicia’s Law" has passed in both the MD House and Senate. .

A 28-year-old is recovering after being knifed in West Baltimore. .

The family of slain delivery driver Chong Wan Yim speak out after the conviction of his killer William Carr. .

The pedophiles have been out in full force recently, now an Indianapolis man is accused of sexually extorting several minors online, including one in Maryland. Richard Leon Finkbiner, 39, is being charged federally with a bevy of crimes.

The Towson patch has a recap of the various crimes plaguing the community, including an escaped inmate and Stoneleigh burglars proving criminals always return to the scene of the crime... apparently to steal more stuff.

Cost of Living

The estate of Philip Parker Jr. won a $18.5 million settlement after his murder by fellow inmate Kevin Johns; naturally Maryland has no interest in paying. I can almost see Jack Young's point-- the state just keeps not avoiding the avoidable and keeps paying and paying. Not that the Parkers should have to pay for their son's funeral. ... but how do you put a monetary value on a human life? How much did Kevin Johns get to kill him?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

To Catch a Predator: Baltimore County Edition

Did the Baltimore County Police Department hold their own child predator sting operation?

Since March 21st, six men have been charged in Baltimore County with Sexual Solicitation of a Minor.

It seems a bit far fetched that this is all coincidental, and that each man happened to be caught in a sexual conundrum with a minor like 26-year-old Rahn Freeland was.

Since March 21st, these men have been charged with one count of Sexual Solicitation of a Minor:

Matthew Riley, 34, of Dundalk Maryland, Charged on March 21st.

Jose Ramos, 22, of Augusta Georgia, Charged on March 21st.

Ryan Gerhardt, 27, of Bel Air Maryland, Charged on March 23rd

Wlliam Bertazon, 28, of Rosedale Maryland, Charged on April 4th

Todd Hunter, 21, of Laurel Maryland, Charged on April 4th

Thornie Phillips, 37, of Rosedale Maryland, Charged on April 4th

Due to the number of individuals charged on the same day, and the fact that a man all the way from Georgia was charged, this has all the indications of a sting operation, possibly charging internet predators. It's a curiosity why nothing has been mentioned by the department as of yet. If you have any info, feel free to pass it along.

A Magical Easter Holiday

This years 45th murder victim is 37-year-old Jermain Shuron, shot to death in the 1700 block of North Calhoun St. Police are looking for two suspects.

A brazen mid-day shooting puts two men in the hospital, and forces a city police officer to fire shots at the fleeing gunman. No arrests have been made so far.

How do you punish a 92-year-old man who accidentally killed his wife? The police are scratching their heads about it as well.*

Keep a lookout for the Baltimore County office burglars.

The trial of serial rapist Nelson Clifford, age 33, (Pictured Right) began Thursday. Cliffords, a previously convicted felon, has been liked to three cases through DNA left at the crime scene.

Have you seen 33-year-old John Robert McCollough? Police suspect him of committing a burglary in the 3300 block of Toone Street.

A two alarm Dundalk fire puts a 96-year-old woman in the hospital.

Two young men have gone missing recently. Adam Stewart Walter, 21, and Maxwell Robert Geroux, 19, have disappeared in separate incidents.

Even more missing local citizens. Police are also trying to locate 84-year-old Julia Brown. who went missing Friday.

The man killed in a tragic tractor-trailer accident in Rosedale has been Id'd as Jonathan Magill, 31.

The most recent crime blotter has paintball shootings, stolen car boots, and phone thefts galore.

Baltimore's very own homegrown terrorist Antonio Martinez, age 22, has been sentenced to 25 years in federal prison for trying to blow up an armed forces recruitment center.

21 years in the federal pen for local marijuana kingpin James Bestman, 38. Seems just a bit off-putting that you get only four more years for trying to commit an act of terrorism then you do for selling marijuana... even if it is by the tonne.