Saturday, March 26, 2011

Worse and worser

The man stabbed in Barclay was ID'd as Reginald Leon Wragg, 46

Crazy video of four guys beating the tar out of a guy at the Charing Cross shopping center in Edmondson Heights.

Horrible: Social Services placed foster children in homes "despite credible evidence that the care providers had abused or neglected children," said a General Assembly audit, and "also failed to follow up on 159 children born to parents who had had their parental rights terminated."

In the county, arrests for the murders of Nathan Bowles, Vincent I. Thomas and Gerardo E. Botello.

Wilkens Ave RoFo robbed again

Alleged East Coast Rapist Aaron Thomas pled not guilty, is rather unremarkable-looking

Better news: House passed the bill to limit natural gas drilling in Western Maryland, probably after members read this freaky-deaky hydrofracking story in the NYT (or watched the "Gasland" documentary)

Also on the Patch, "Dumb Maryland Laws You May Have Violated"

DOT at work, gambling

13 DOT workers busted last night for playing dice on the job.

Friday, March 25, 2011

37? 38?

A fatally stabbed man found in an alley in the 2100 block of Barclay Street

Crazy standoff situation in Cherry Hill

30 years or less for the 7th "Bounty Hunter," Anthony Williams, involved in the murder of Petro Taylor in 2008. (In 2009 Judge Prevas, via his clerk Susan Janoski, mailed me a hefty packet with the details of this case, oddly paired with an unrelated, banal illegal-weapon-seizure case-- page after page of tragic, pitiful details of Petro Taylor's torment and torture and begging to call his mother and trying to escape. I always meant ask Prevas why he sent that to me, esp. aired with some random weapons case- did he mean to say that that is what it's like to be a judge, boring cases then cases that make your neck hair stand on end?)

30 years for a woman whose robbery plan killed her neighbor

"Maryland's Court of Special Appeals has struck down the conviction of Darryl A. White Jr. on weapons charges stemming from a 2008 shootout with police in which two men died"

Remember John Nicklas and Shannon Leigh Honea, who did things to children in Essex/Middle River that that made a neighbor "want to vomit"? (Not to be confused with Jesse Aaron Davison and Tiffany Bolner of this month's other child-abusing-porn-making puke-inducing story). Niklas got 60 years, Honea has a plea agreement pending for 30-35 years.

President of the Baltimore county FOP is accused of drunkenly displaying his weapon and punching a sedan driver in the face.

Twenty years for Aaron Davis, convicted of robbing a Towson liquor store

And corrections officers in Hagtown "have filed a petition asking that a union leader be banned from the prison for allegedly threatening them during a meeting"

Some good news, the house has passed a bill to ban BPA in sippy cups and baby bottles. BPA shrinks your 'nads, and there is some credible evidence that exposure contributes to obesity, among other things.

Adam Meister claims that Frank Conaway is also a water-bill deadbeat, and asks "why is the Sun going after Jill Carter?" Says Carter, "Reporters and editors like to keep a close relationship with the politically powerful. The gov, speaker,, steer them in the direction of who to cover and how to spin the stories." .. do you think the Sun has it in for Jill Carter?

More Dennis Edwards Drama

Former JZ personalty's wife has been charged with assault and use of a handgun.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sin, the wages of

"Alcohol tax increase advances to full senate." Fun fact I learned from this book:before Prohibition, all government activities were paid for by the alcohol tax; the income tax was supposed to get the government off of the teat. But of course now we have both, because there's no such thing as the government ever wanting less money. Also poised to pass, the wine shipping bill. So how long until I can order 18 cases of Trader Joe's 5-buck chuck to dodge the jackassed tax?

Also approved in the Senate: medical marijuana.

Doug, put ya Ballys on. It started on White Marsh Drive, and now county police are looking for Seth Josiah Burgess, 21, a suspect in a shooting at Bally's Total Fitness White Marsh.


Man found stabbed to death in vacant home on North Ave

Creepy & sad: officer shot on the same block where another cop was killed a decade before

It all seemed like just so much grousing, but now I'm starting to wonder if the Sun (or at least Laura Vozzella) really does have something against Jill Carter. "Deadbeat" is an awfully strong term for someone with an unpaid water bill, whilst there's nary a word in the papers about Belinda Conaway, who either doesn't live in the district she represents, or does but is cheating on her taxes by claiming her primary residence is somewhere she doesn't actually live (a sin of commission, as it were).

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making the scene

Whoa! City officer charged with sexually abusing a minor, and the dept apparently has no compunction about putting his name right on out there.

Can you ID any of the people in these photos from the scene right before the fatal stabbing of David McLaughlin Jr.?

The Ink has last week's four murders and some updates.

Former marine Tyrone Brown was shot by off-duty officer Gahiji Tshamba, who was indicted for first-degree murder and assault. The police department is being sued by his family for $270 million, and today Tricia Bishop delves into the victim's sketchy mental health history (and the officer who shot him is apparently no prize pig either). Also witness accounts and charging documents

More on the Landsdowne murder of 17-year-old Keon Dobbs

Hee hee! Van Smith covers the drug bust of Reptilian Records' "Chris X," noting that the reporter was familiar with X's pot-dealing past, "having purchased small quantities of marijuana at the store more than 10 years ago while working as a freelance journalist and bartender." Then Van and Mike get into it in the comments section. I love this town!

Inside the mind of child killer Melvin Jones

Inside the case of the sex offender who killed an 11 year-old boy for cheating on him, by the BPD homicide detective who worked the case.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Might as well face it...

The Justice Policy Institute trains its sights on drug courts in its latest report, "Addicted to Courts: How a Growing Dependence on Drug Courts Impacts People and Communities"

Four more shootings yesterday, and Fenton says the total over the weekend was 18, WBAL says 20, in any case the highest weekend total I can remember. Said FHBIII, "we should punch these guys in the mouth that are contributing to this violence."

A teenage boy shot & killed on Birdknoll Court and Songbird Circle

Police say Kenyon McClain, 35, has been missing for a week

Crazy/awful details in the Bethesda lululemon murder. Guess the perp was "living in the moment" and doing her "one thing a day that scares you"

Family of comatose cyclist Nathan Krasnopoler are suing the octogenarian who ran him over

Alleged toilet terrorist Duane Davis talked to JZ hottie Adam May from Spring Grove hospital for the artistically misunderstood

Adam Meister questions Belinda Conaway's residence, wonder if he'll run by her house in the morning to watch her take her kids to school?

Inside Baltimore city homicide

Former BPD homicide detective Kelvin Sewell asks the question, "Why do we Kill?" revealing the inside details about the case of Devon Richardson, who shot a 67-year old Baltimore woman in the back of the head on a dare.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dangerous interactions

Mom of David McLaughlin, Jr, father of four, says he was robbed and murdered for minivan money.

Shot police officer Michael Rice was a war veteran (wonder which war?), the suspect who shot him had a history of "increasingly dangerous interactions with police"

The perv du jour is Jeffrey Trantham, a HoCo 20-something who allegedly enjoys child rape, webcams and fleeing to Canada.

The gun that a 4-year-old shot himself with was not legal, say police

No bail for Brittany Norwood, suspect in the Lululemon murder

North Baltimore Patch, aka Adam Bednar, "live blogged" tonight's City Council meeting.

What tha...? Fifty-one poodles, yorkies and porkies removed from one home in the 'deener

Maybe the feds are fed-up

Lawyers cooperating with Feds investigating tax lien auctions drop claim against city resident fighting foreclosure for 12 years.

I apologize in advance

Not Baltimore, but can't resist this headline: "Crack Found In Man's Buttocks"

Park Heights shoot-out

At least nine shots fired in one of three separate shootings in Park Heights Sunday.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

34, 35

Homicides 34, 35, and much, much more.

34 Id'd as Darshewn Freeman.

35 Id'd as David McClaughlin Jr.

Sad news keeps coming, a 4 year old boy accidentally shoots himself in the head and dies.

Also, an arrest for the February 22nd murder of Martez Hall. Respectable looking gentleman Patric Glasco arrested for the killing.