Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

19 is the new 35

Extra-special Robert G. Moore, an accused drug kingpin and murderer who allegedly threatened the lives of two prosecutors,* went on trial today but didn't show up in the courtroom after a Judge deemed him too dangerous to be there,* an unusual move that is apparently not against the law.

Tumaina Bakani
Frank Harper, via Facebook
Frank Harper, 55, died after getting into a fight with an armed security guard* at a Subway/Citgo station at 5516 Reisterstown Road. Said security guard, Tumaina Bakani, age 33, is now being charged with murder. WBAL reports the whole exchange was filmed by the store's security cameras.

Two men were shot in the parking lot of a Citgo* -- a different parking lot of a different Citgo, this one at 2801 Edmonson Avenue (intriguingly titled on Apple maps as the "Princess Olaza Citgo")

A man was shot in the groin* near Morgan State University in the 1600 block of Northgate Road

A man was shot in the 200 block of Monastery Avenue

Down at Central Booking, officials were found to have accepted bail for an inmate who had been dead for two days* ... and still haven't issued his family a refund.

Doop de doo--- an inmate walked away from a work detail on Wednesday and was tracked down near the Westfield Annapolis mall.*

Eeww... coked-up Towson gynecologist Dr. John Yacoub was suspended on drug charges and was found to have pictures of patients' privates on his phone. And an air marshal from Maryland was arrested in Tennessee and accused of taking upskirt photos on a Southwest Airlines flight.

A 19-year-old was served a beer at Birrotecca and The Admiral's Cup, their defense? She was "dressed up very attractively that evening! ... 35 doesn't look the way it used to." 

"Prude Pleads Guilty to 2001 Rape" .. and he stole her purse, too.

The State's Attorney's office released a baffling array of pie charts and graphs, one showing a 15% uptick in felony convictions over the past month.

The dead body of 29-year-old Kevin Wheelan was found on a light rail train in Cunt Valley,* cause of death TBD.

In Bethesda, a three-year-old boy was kidnapped, then rescued after his abductor crashed into a tree.

And that kid who chewed a toaster pastry into the shape of a gun, attracting a laudatory lifetime membership from the NRA, has had his school record cleared.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Intent matters

Jessica Anderson: Jury has found officer William S. Kern not guilty of 2nd degree assault, but guilty of reckless endangerment. ... Related or not, the BPD may be fantastic when it comes to screening recruits for mental health issues, but when a working officer goes batshit crazy, how does the department deal with it?

Shawn Dewayne Dean, 40, was shot to death by police last night after allegedly dragging an officer with his car for two blocks. Annoyance: WBAL using the phrase, "the officer was forced to fire his service weapon." Unless Dean was wrestling with him while driving and made the officer put the gun to his head, he was not forced. Shooting Dean in the head might have been the best of a handful of shiteous options, but that is not the same thing as literal force. Unless it was.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Violent Avenue

Kevin Talley, 25, died after being shot in the 3700 block of Reisterstown Road last night near... Violent Avenue?

Trial started today for William Kern,* the police academy instructor who allegedly shot a recruit in the head.

After violating the First Amendment rights of Women in Black, the city is coughing up $100k for the ACLU.* And a jury awarded $250k to the family of Andrew Cornish, killed in a SWAT team raid in 2005. And the mother of a 16-year-old hit in the face by cops was awarded $75k.

Another attempted carjacking of Vi Ripken? What?

Oh, Doug Gansler. When you're in a hole, quit digging. Dude responded to allegations that he ordered his driver to break traffic laws-- allegations that probably would have blown over if he'd just shut up-- by saying "Nobody really believes I ordered some troopers to do these kinds of things because it’s silly." The seven state troopers who filed complaints and said trooper's supervisors, however, likely disagree.
    On a related note, I'm taking down the poll because other, more appealing candidates have emerged and I don't want to pretend like they don't exist. Results reveal crushing apathy among voters, with 63 percent undecided/don't care.
You know who's looking really great right now? Heather Mizeur. She's against fracking, looks like a thinner Edith Massey (at least in this picture), and isn't associated with the O'Malley cabal.

Police are on a serious roll when it comes to posting the "losers of the stop-and-frisk sweepstakes" ( as commenter so aptly deemed it):

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wild dogs, eugenics and an isolation tank

Big news: the Supreme Court will not review Maryland's "may issue" handgun law. The 4th Circuit has already upheld Maryland's law that requires citizens to have a valid reason to carry a concealed weapon in public.

So much for that sweet 10-day murderless streak: Kennard Bess, age 20, was killed overnight in the 2600 block of Chase Street. (There's a Kennard Bess on Facebook, but he looks way older than 20).

Remember how the Brew revealed that the city was giving the Mayor's buddies at Dynis LLC a contract for Smart Meters that was $101 million more than the next-highest bidder? A contract that would give Dynis a $70 million profit for work to be completed by subcontractors? This just in, a lily-livered statement has been issued.

Neighbors in Fullerton (up by White Marsh) report being menaced by a pack of wild dogs.

DNA evidence closed a 2004 rape case, said evidence pointed to Deandre Eugene Wilson, age 28.

Speaking of evidence left behind and stuff that you just can't make up, who is behind the mysterious Baltimore News Journal? This is a site that popped up in January and began to sporadically "report" on a seemingly random assortment of crime stories around in the area. A whois search leads to an anonymous registration, but lists a phone number in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, and a reverse phone number lookup leads to the offices of K-TFRN, aka the Truth Freedom Radio Network, which appears to be a looney tunes media venture, with headlines like "Book of Revelations Unfolding in Pakistan" and "Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hoax Exposed" (from the "Health and Eugenics" section). The site is run by a couple, Chris and Sheree Geo, who "founded Truth Frequency Radio with the purpose of compiling an archive of information that can be used for many years to come. Not your typical radio show, Truth Frequency focuses more on the history of the occult and the deeper underlying conspiracy behind current events in an effort to predict the future by understanding the past." So there you go.

And speaking of things wackadoodle, apparently there's a place in town called T Hill where you can chew on salvia leaves and climb into one of those sensory-deprivation tanks.

Monday, October 14, 2013

So brave.

A fatal shooting of a 24-year-old man in the 3600 block of Bowers Avenue,* a few blocks away from where Reginald Hart, aged 58, became the city's 178th homicide victim last Thursday. Related incidents? Coincidence?

Do other areas have as many barricade situations as we do? This time a suicidal man in Dundalk locked himself in his house yesterday, and all ended peacefully.

An alleged armed robber was shot by police in Middle River and taken into custody.

An indictment against alleged illegal gun seller Lovell Offer in Anne Arundel County was dropped because investigators violated wiretap laws. Noteworthy in lieu of the NSA revelations (the 4th amendment still matters?), the fact that it took seven months for the fact that the wiretap was illegal to come up, and for the City Paper's excellent choice to illustrate the story with a screen capture of John Goodman as Linda Tripp. Motion allowed!

Related: a judge decides the feds can't confiscate an alleged drug dealer's Mercedes. What is going on with all of this integrity this week?

Harbor East is where all the swells congregate-- a second corpse has bobbed up* next to the chichi Paterakis/Beatty consumertorium. Last Tuesday's floater was ID'd as Douglas Paige, 58, reportedly neither body showed signs of foul play. And the Brew features a picture of the sneaker of yesterday's unfortunate victim.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Secret Meetings

For the third time in six months the Open Meetings Compliance Board found that the city government has violated open meetings laws*-- the most recent ruling refers to a meeting in July regarding tax breaks for developers. Said BDC President Brenda McKenzie, "The ruling was helpful. We will use it as a guide for future meetings." .. unlike what happened after the last two rulings.

Whoa. Chris Van Hollen, our representative in the House from the 8th district, points out that October 1st the House Republicans changed the law so that instead of any House member being able to call up a bill for a vote, only the Republican leader of the House can do it.  Said Pete Sessions, R-Texas,
Default is going to happen, people, grab your ankles and survival kits.