Friday, September 4, 2009

Former Raven Orlando Brown Arrested

Now the 2nd former Raven to be arrested in the past month.

Paterakis pleads guilty!

and he's going to snitch on Helen Holton!!
Bring it!

Three more city cops suspended

Three more officers in the Northwest district have been suspended pending an investigation of a rape victim's claims that they interviewed her over the phone about her ordeal, rather than making a house call.

Eariler Thursday police announced officer Michael Slyvester was caught stealing money from an internal affairs officer posing as a drug dealer

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Baltimore Man Given 35 yrs. for Shooting Officer.

Anne Arundel County Officer shot in 2008 during a confrontation on the city line.

If you don't like the stories in the papers

.. write your own!
Posts the BPD on their Facebook page:

A BPD Repeat Customer - Convicted Murderer Roaming Streets with Illegal Gun Loaded w/ Hollowpoint Bullets

Today at 8:38am
This morning around midnight members of the Cherryhill crime reduction team were patrolling the rear side of Coppin court at 3300 Round Rd. when they observed two black males later identified as Jawan Gregory Simmons M/B 12/17/81 (Convicted Murderer currently on probation) and Allen Johnson M/B 7/19/82, (3 time shooting victim in Cherry Hill and currently on Parole until 09/21/09).

Operations units converged on the location and upon being recognized as police officers, both suspects dropped thier alcohol and ran in separate directions. Allen Johnson was immediatley arrested and Jawan Gregory Simmons ran a short distance and pulled a loaded .40 cal Smith and Wesson handgun on police, but decided that BPD would probably win a gun fight. Simmons decided to surrender and slowly placed the gun on the ground and was taken into custody with no further incident.

Recovered= .40 cal Smith and Wesson, loaded with one Magazine containing 10 rounds ( hollow points)

Great Job by All
... I miss copy editors.

Tough times for b-more robbers

The belt bandit struck Tuesday night, and lost.

Monday, August 31, 2009

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A 16-year-old was arrested for the murder of Michael White, 24, last Thursday on Prestman St; and 28-year-old Shawn Robert Williams died Wednesday after being shot in the leg in the 3200 block of Lyndale Ave.

Shooting on the avenue

A few details on a pretty nasty shooting on 36th street over the weekend.