Saturday, January 25, 2014

Call of the Maul

A man was stabbed to death in the 200 block of N. Payson Street* after getting into an argument with some people, his death was homicide #20.

Three people are dead after a shooting at the Columbia Mall in HoCo,* one of the dead is believed to be the shooter. Predictably the story is immediately national news and a Wall Street Journal news alert, even. The victims have been ID'd* as Brianna Benlolo, 21 and Tyler Johnson, 25. The gunman has been tentatively ID'd by police but not publicly identified, and police say that in addition to a shotgun and bullets he was toting crude explosives.*

The lead detective in the Phylicia Barnes case is facing trial next week for assault and burglary.*

Remember the sad story of Myra Casom, a retired Glen Burnie school teacher shot in a parking lot? Police now say the shooting was not random and was likely someone who knew her.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Men Behaving Badly

The man shot to death in the alley on Ilchester near Guilford Ave. was ID'd as Tavon Antonio Young-- nephew of City Council President Jack Young.
Mustafa Eraibi

The alleged brick-wielding attacker of Jon Fogg was arrested-- one Mustafa Eraibi, and Batts held a press conference to announce it. Fenton says he's been arrested for similar crimes before, with cases dropped/nol pross'd by prosecutors; he's on his way to the "cthouse" to find out. According to Eraibi's Facebook profile he's from Iraq, belongs to a FB group called ISLAM = PEACE, went to Patterson High, works at ESPN and follows the Big Bootie Freaks feed. Favorite books include the Twilight series and In Cold Blood.

There were three rapes reported in three weeks in the Southwest, and police think it's the same guy, a fair-skinned black man who speaks with a Jamaican accent.

There are bad childhoods, and then there's the victim of 49-year-old Michael Griffin, a foster child who was raped repeatedly and forced to have multiple abortions. Griffin was sentenced to 100 years.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Unreliable Witnesses

Tyrone West
Calvert Street is bringing it today-- Justin Fenton has put the Tyrone West documents on The Cloud, and uploaded audio* of a female witness's description of the "scuffle" to the Sun site. She was apparently the passenger in West's car and describes police and West (who she calls James?) somehow starting to fight, police and West punching each other on the ground, then on the police car, police hitting West in the face, more fighting on the ground, police Tasing West on the ground, more scuffling, West yelling "Travon Martin," more beating of West on Kitmore, West saying "you got me, stop beating me," then West getting away and running across the street followed by more beating, police cars running into each other at the crime scene, CPR. Other witnesses have described West being sprayed with pepper spray, but this witness doesn't.

Somehow, some way, intrepid reporters Luke Broadwater and Scott Calvert got their mitts on that secret speed camera audit that taxpayers paid $278,000 for but weren't supposed to see,* and hoo boy is it a doozy! Xerox's cameras had a whopping 10 percent error rate and 26 percent of the tickets were "questionable," costing Baltimoreans at minimum an estimated $2.8 million in erroneous tickets. The camera at Loch Raven Blvd. had an error rate of 58 percent (!!!) and the one at 6500 Eastern Avenue, 45 percent. Xerox is still the camera operator in the County and HoCo. Could class action lawsuits (a la New Jersey) be far behind?

In the Eastern district an 18-year-old guy was shot in the leg* there last night.

Lamin Manneh
Speaking of the Eastern, former Eastern District officer Lamin Manneh, 32, accused of pimping out his 19-year-old wife and her friend down by BWI? He's pleaded guilty* to operating a prostitution business. "In a federal indictment filed against Manneh in August, prosecutors said his wife had entered into a 'contract of slavery' with him and agreed to be subservient to him as her 'master.'"

Twenty years for gun-toting coke-slinging felon Antoin Lamont Garrison, 46.

The owners of Sam's NY grocery store on North Milton Street were arrested for allegedly stealing $1.5 million of food stamp money.

Remember Katz Insurance and Hal Katz? Apparently his son Geary is the operator of Senate Insurance, the "Kiss my Bumper" one, and now he's facing legal troubles of his own.

Weds February 5th the restaurants of Canton will hold a benefit night with proceeds going to the recovery fund of Jon Fogg, the Sun editor who had his skull fractured in six places, possibly by the guy below.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night

Police have released a photo of a person of interest in the Jon Fogg brick-beating case.

Police have released some files in the Tyrone West case,* based on the Sun's FOIA request. West's passenger claims police kept beating him even after he gave up.

In the 3300 block of Baltimore St. in the Southwest a man was shot in the fucking face.*

Two guys tried to pull a guy out of his car at gunpoint on Moores Run Drive, then shot him in the leg.*

A man was shot in the torso on S. Caton Avenue after willingly leaving his car.

A man on S. Eutaw street was shot in the back of the head and lived.

It's a snowy day, so kindly uncle Fenton Tweets us a yarn to read by the fire: in January 2009 a woman named Jasmine Harris, 23, was shot in the head, and one Sgt. Steve Olson found her killer by following his footprints in the snow,* one Kenneth Warren, 24. But evidence against him soon "melted away,*" in the words of his intrepid defense attorney Jack Rubin (who, BTW, in classic Smore fashion, is father of judge Julie). So

Twelve Loyola students were busted with fake IDs at Favorites Pub, the one on York Road with the sign that advertises it as a venue where one can eat one's Good Friend's Good Food. Thanks to reader/reporter Adam Bednar for this story from 2011, in which officials from Towson U and Loyola express concern about the number of underage patrons transported to hospitals for alcohol poisoning and pub owner Jeffrey Evans finds that notion "preposterous."

In AAC, Checkers, KFC, 7-11 robbed. Also a woman's body was found "near the 15th hole tee box" at the Bay Hills Golf Club.*

In HarfCo a guy was stabbed and his brother assaulted by "a black man."

In MoCo a woman was groped by a bus driver.

The BPD is having a Tweet-up.

Media Blabber:
After his brush with the glamor and glory that is Nancy Grace, Scott Wycoff is exploring the art and science of filling potholes.

CP's Baynard Woods: Mayor High on False Hope, Lacks Courage of Schmoke. Burn!

Baltimore makes national news for a drunk man ISO Taco Bell on Craigslist and Kate Amara video-bombed by a guy in a horse head.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

White, white everywhere

Robert Hopkins
Police are pinning the murder of Jose Abreu on murderous dead carjacker Robert Hopkins, but brother-in-law and witness Jose Melo says police have the wrong guy.* And indeed the dead suspect* looks like he has a much thicker build than the guy on the creepy video.

Almost 20 pounds of white drugs* found in Lochearn (I reject your metric system!).

Chair-in-parking-spot-level snow did not stop someone from shooting someone at Caroline and Gough today.

Ew, Scott Wykoff of WBAL was on Nancy Grace and he's really happy and proud about that.

Batts is due to be on the Marc Steiner show (88.9) at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

A weird-looking gun-toting drunk guy was arrested for threatening a woman in Glen Burnie

In prison news, a British company has sold 344,000 copies of a game called "Prison Architect." And NYT reports on state's various approaches to offering kosher meals in prison.