Friday, May 3, 2013

Gun-stealing baby

 Sharmell Thomas
Des'Marie Braxton
Sharmell Thomas, now 23, was convicted of killing his girlfriend's 14-month-old child, Des'Marie Braxton, while he was babysitting her. Damn, I've read/written those words a lot of times. Sigh. Thomas was an aspiring actor and model, but he'd also been charged with assaulting a police officer, and at the time of Braxton's death there was a warrant out for his arrest for assaulting the child's mother, who nevertheless left her alone with Thomas for several days. You might recall Thomas has an eerily portentous Myspace page with sayings on it like, "YES I Am A" "OUR DEEPEST FEAR IS THAT WE ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE" and "its not how u start its how u finish."

#71: shooting death in the 600 block of Cokesbury Ave.*

"Dominic Matthews, 40, pled guilty this week to shooting his former girlfriend for refusing to marry him."

O'Malley signed that bill abolishing the Death Penalty, making MD the 18th state to do so.

Well, you can't bitch about what you don't know about: journalists were apparently (illegally) locked out of a speed-camera meeting with Brekford Corp.* Concurs an unnamed rep of the Maryland Drivers' Alliance:
The city created meeting minutes 5 months after the original meeting dates in order to respond to the complaint (the state's Open meetings law requires minutes to be kept for public meetings). In the minutes from the one meeting in November 2013 which I personally (only because I was informed of the meeting date by a member of the press and had demanded the opportunity to present evidence of speed camera errors), none of the other speakers were named and none of the details of the testimony and evidence presented by me or anyone else was listed... the document was clearly hastily put together based on someone's foggy recollection that a meeting had taken place that day.
Area dog thefts are on the rise,* and it's not just purebred puppies, neither. (Aiee, warning if you are a Sun subscriber, reading this article will subject you to a very loud advertisement).

Six MD veterans are in trouble after allegedly falsely claiming that they were exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam.

A man was arrested for shoplifting 13 bars of soap at Herman's Discount on Greenmount; a man in Better Waverly claims his gun was stolen by a baby; a tuxedo was stolen in Hampden. 
 From Carrie Wells' Twiiter. LULZ!

The Sun's Ian Duncan was on TV last night, discussing the jail situation with horrible human being Bill O'Reilly.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

On the ball

Long festering, well documented: "Maryland officials on Wednesday approved a $40,000 settlement with a former inmate who alleged that he was repeatedly assaulted after trying to back out of a smuggling operation with a prison gang that included a corrections officer." Wonder if said officer is still working there? Last week the Daily Beast interviewed Gary Maynard. "His golf partner rang at one point, too, wondering, Maynard guessed, if their golf game was still on. It was. 'I will be hitting the ball with great intensity,' he says."
 Sgt. William Hawkins

Well, at least one corrections officer is on leave: Sgt. William Hawkins, who met a man online for sex and then pointed a gun at him when the man asked him to pay for it. Surely despicable, but what kind of gigolo doesn't ask for the money first?

A Mt. Vernon man was pepper-sprayed and mugged by cross-dressing teenagers, and local property-management company says there have been four similar attacks.

WJZ's got a video of a man getting the living shit beat out of him at the Windsor Inn in Windsor Mill last Saturday.

O'Malley is expected to sign the bill repealing the death penalty today. The fate of the five men currently on death row-- Jody Lee Miles, John Booth-El, Anthony Grandison, Vernon Lee Evans Jr., and Heath William Burch--  is not clear.

Speaking of O'Malley, here's a relief! A national poll shows support for his presidential candidacy at one percent. Hillary's in first, of course, and in second place? "DK/NA."

The Ink recaps murders 64-67

Retired city cop Mark Heygood soothes his nerves by building robots.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No good deed etc etc

#70: unnamed man, 1200 block of Walters Ave,* not too far from where the Feds seized guns last Thursday, coincidentally or not. And two more shootings and a stabbing in the past day.

No shirt, shortlock: inmates push corrections officers' boundaries;* O'Malley's never cared about prison reform.*

Remember that badass deputy in HarfCo, Christopher Behles, who got into a fender-bender, then was dragged by a car when the suspect, William Harvey V, tried to flee? Well, he's now facing reckless endangerment charges, because no good deed etc etc.

O'Malley's fixing to sign that BS medical marijuana bill, the one that gives all the green to "Academic Medical Centers" and does nothing about the issue of 1% of the city's population getting arrested for pot possession every year.

Trial might actually start Monday for Markell Shelton Jones, who at the age of 17 was caught on tape murdering Freddie Jones Jr. (no relation) at the Yau Bros. carryout at 29th & Greenmount, was turned in by his parents and confessed. In 2010, 72-year-old Charles Bowman was also murdered at the Yau Bros in a robbery that netted his killers $13, and two people were killed there in 2009.*

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Calm down, your girl is hot looking'

 Larry Markez
Missing 13-year-old boy, Larry Markez (sp?), last seen on East Preston St.

A second arrest for the murder of Cheesecake Factory employee Anthony Black,* one Derek Schuler, who allegedly helped stab Black to death for objecting to his and his friend's drunken sidewalk venery.

Bro Derek.
Larry Horton took an axe* and gave Ryan Jackson 24 whacks. When she heard what he had done, his mother wailed, "not my son!"

Awful: alleged victim of a road-rage murder Anthony Cannady was shot in the back in front of his two daughters.

"I've left this to my God's will,*" said Mimi Quezada, mother of two of the children allegedly slain by Espinoza/Canela, and the only one of the family to not say Policarpio didn't do it. Rather remarkable that after almost a decade no one but she in the family apparently speaks any English, ¿no?
Tiffany Linder
Doubling down like a KFC sandwich, O'Malley repeated to reporters that he supports the state's prison chief, Gary Maynard, and called the BGF indictments "a very positive development." Mmkay. From the perpetual o'candidiate I can almost understand that tone, but why the flattering edvertorial in the Sun*? Is he the Mata Hari of Baltimore, with dirt on everyone in town? And whoa, one of Bulldog's babymoms, Tiffany Linder, also made a court appearance. Eight months pregnant is no joke-- she looks like she's fixing to strangle Jayne Miller with a hemorrhoid.

Guns were seized by postal inspectors at 4903 St. George's Ave (in the NE) in a hush-hush Federal investigation. 

D'oh! Robber steals from Charles Street Safeway, assaults security guard, drops and leaves his ID behind.

You can now report your car break-ins online so as to proceed to have them not investigated more efficiently.

Prepare your diddleyhole: Baltimore Redditors are swapping Baltimore Detention Center stories.


Monday, April 29, 2013

Plots thicken

Life for Policarpio Espinoza Perez, for three counts of conspiracy to commit murder. So he's 31.* At 40k a year if he lives to 70, that's $1.5 million to imprison him. Are we sure we don't want to outsource this to Mexico?

Daniel Nicholson, the lead detective in the Phylicia Barnes case, was officially charged with assault, burglary and making false statements to police.* Michael Johnson's appeal is set to start next month. Tweeted Fenton, Nicholson's charges are beyond the statute of limitations, yet his attorney agreed to them. Johnson's attorney says the charges prove that the police were sitting on the case, and it's kind of hard to disagree.

Oh my. Nick Mosby's wife, Marilyn, is planning to run against Bernstein for state's attorney,* blaming him for the (latest) BGF prison scandal, which, of all the things to accuse him of, makes the least sense, given that the state is in charge of the prisons. Also today, uberous inamorato "Bulldog" pleaded not guilty.* Scott Calvert Tweeted that he's being held in solitary in Hagerstown and is now moving to Cumberland.

And a guilty plea for malefactor mom Veronica Alford,* who helped cover up Monae Turnage's homicide.

A Co for Hoes

A road-rage murder on Erdman Ave,* the victim, homicide victim #68, was ID'd as Leon Cannady, age 26.*

Alleged child rapist John Merzbacher is petitioning SCOTUS to intervene in his case.* I'm sure they're all like, yeah, we'll get right on that. (Hey, Tricia Bishop's back!)

Sentencing scheduled for today for Policarpio Espinoza Perez.

Polygraphs for prison guards*? Aren't polygraphs admissible nowhere? Paging Byron Warnken! And is it just me, or is this prison scandal really only a scandal because of the four pregnant guards*? Four years ago we had a very similar scandal, with 24 indicted and tales of kitchen whoring, smuggled salmon, and oh yeah, cell phones. Lamentations were uttered, but it never made national news, I don't think. What I wonder: how do they know that these babies are all Bulldog's?

Report: city cocaine prices hit a high of $40k a kilo* last December.

The DOJ would like you to know that they are prosecuting the fuck out of some counterfeit-goods cases.

Anti-Semetic pamphlets in Timonium, a robbed Dunkin Donuts, a man kidnapped in Elkridge in the Patch blotter.

A man shot in the abdomen on Bonsal Ave*

A suspiciously dead body in a pool in the county*
Zeeshan Siddiqui

The G&M crab cake store was robbed. A guy was also stabbed to death there in 2007.

Eleven arrested in HoCo for running a HoCo, including the swarthy, squnity pimp at left.

Really? The circuit court is going to hear George Hughely's appeals (though only on a few small points).

Meanwhile in PGC, a teen allegedly set his house on fire because he was allegedly pissed at his family. Then he waited on the burning roof for the FD.