Saturday, October 21, 2006

October 21

Hell! Frozen!
Jill Carter's quoted in the Sun!
Other interesting tidbits in this article: Did you know the hottest time to buy drugs in Sandtown-Winchester is 6 a.m.? ... that O'M announced his candidacy for Mayor at Harford Road and the Alameda?
The official BPD staffing vacancy is 155?

This article about Ehrlich and the juvenile justice system is a little on the negative side.

The Bowie High Pimp Coach, Aaron Burroughs, was indicted federally for sex trafficking and child sexual abuse.
Rip him a new one Rod!

Lil' Wayne may face lil' charges after girls were injured in money-throwing fracas. ("He is known as one of the few Southern rap artists who compose thoughtful lyrics." (WTF press release did that come from?! Rude! Not reportage! Passive Voice! Boo!)

Kirk Wilkerson pled guilty in MoCo to murdering his 83-year-old roommate William Brewer King in March in the course of an arguement over a phone bill.

More on the PGC Chez YonYon restaurant hostages story.

Civic involvement is a virtue: new web site will help you get to those school board meetings!

Friday, October 20, 2006

October 20

A homeless man was killed by a hit-and-run driver on Falls Road at 40th street in Hampden-- the driver's car had been found.
[Not considered a homicide-- should it be?]

A woman parked on the 3600 block of Malden Lane in Woodberry called to complain that a bunch of juveniles took rocks and materials from a city construction site and piled them on her car.

Someone was "stabbed in the butt," another in the chest at La Palapa on Main Street, Ellicott City.

Rod Rosenstein: "The Rice brothers lived the gangster lifestyle for a few years and now they will pay the price for the rest of their lives."
Included in "gangster lifestyle": minivans, NW split-levels.

A female officer responding to a call about a baseball-bat weilding woman was stranded in the 2400 block of Denison Lane when she got no response from the radio dispatcher for a request for backup.

After someone broke a car window, four police cars and a couple of officers à pied chased a pack of 15 black male youths who'd been gathered on the corner of 3900 Labyrinth.

Police conducted a "centralized debriefing initiative" in the parking lot of Old Town Mall in East Baltimore.

On Lily Pound Court in Edgewood HarfCo, as an old man, a 9-year-old girl, a pot plant and two dogs were minding their own business, someone threw a firebomb through a window . The people were okay, the two dogs were killed, house was wrecked, don't know about the plant.

South And Elswehere.
The CSA will hear Kevin Clark's O'case.

The City got $500k from the federal government to put surveillance cameras in schools.

billandmartinBill and Martin at the rally! Bill ♥s some Ben Cardin, those two were all huggy and whatnot... but not so much as one picture of Bill with O'Malley! That could be just how the photo opp worked out ... but note M'O's placement on stage-- back left-- not where you place someone if your point is to show the world your hot sweaty love (right)!

O'M's talking opening a big drug treatment lockdown if elected, Ehrlich says he'll expand RESTART, which provides services to inmates.

Steven I. Platt, an associate judge on the PCG Circuit, wrote a smarty editorial for the Doily Wretched. <-sub. required
An important issue when we select our leaders in November is how they plan to ensure efficiency by insisting on responsibility and accountability in the criminal justice system ... The issue: whether Mayor O’Malley's policy of zero tolerance of "quality-of-life crimes" in Baltimore City is efficient and wise ... the governor and ... Judge William Murphy, contend that this policy... has resulted in "mass arrests" of individuals in the city ... Critics say a disproportionate percentage of those arrested are African-American or other minority citizens. Following their arrests, these individuals are either never formally charged or find the charges against them summarily dropped.

... this policy has resulted in a substantial reduction in crime in Baltimore City. However, as far as its critics are concerned, the reduction is not enough to justify the large percentage of arrests that are not followed by formal prosecution. There is no mention in any of the governor's ads about any positive effects of the policy, specifically the reduction of crime ... Conversely, the mayor's ads tout the reduction of crime without mentioning the downside of the policy -- the large number of arrests that are subsequently deemed to not be worthy of prosecution and, therefore, perhaps of dubious legality. ... [But] this debate can be developed into something more useful than a get-out-the-vote technique.

Zero tolerance is a law-enforcement strategy that seeks to reduce all crime by not tolerating any crime. It has worked in one form or another in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, as well as in Baltimore. In all those cities, the same criticisms have been made.

The policy is more controversial than it would be otherwise because this strategy is not shared by the Baltimore City state's attorney, who is independently elected and who, in the criminal justice system, has the final say over whether a person arrested will be prosecuted. The state's attorney and her assistants choose not to prosecute many of the people arrested for a variety of reasons, including a cost-benefit analysis. This cost-benefit analysis begins, and in many cases ends, with the fact that even though technically the case could be successfully prosecuted, it is not worth it because the arrest itself deters further criminal activity by the suspect, which is the only purpose for detaining the person even briefly.

The police know that, in many cases, the State's Attorney's Office will not prosecute individuals arrested for these minor crimes. That being the case, critics suggest that the mayor and police are violating the civil rights of certain citizens, ostensibly to make other citizens safer by preventing crime. The critics then question whether it should continue.

The question that the governor and Mr. Murphy do not answer in their political ad is: Are they willing to trade off the reduced crime rate and the improved quality of life that accompanies it to return crime to the levels that made the city more dangerous prior to Martin O'Malley becoming mayor? The governor should answer this question if he wants this policy to be an issue in this election.

This hammer, of course, should swing both ways. Does the mayor believe that arresting large numbers of minority citizens who are then not prosecuted is acceptable and appropriate because crime is deterred by this process? If so, is there a tipping point where these arrests become abusive? The mayor should answer this question if he wants the reduction in Baltimore's crime rate to be a reason to elect him governor.

Finally, we may want to ask the mayor, the governor and the state's attorney whether any of them think not having a joint law-enforcement strategy on this, as well as in other areas, is in the interest of the citizens of Baltimore and the state. Do they believe the criminal justice system can ever work efficiently if the law-enforcement strategy of the state's attorney is not coordinated with that of the police department? The answer logically must be, "Of course not!" If so, the next question must be: "Don't you think you have a responsibility to move beyond your electoral posturing to devise a coordinated strategy that will work for all of the people? Doesn't this political and other criticism visibly undermine public trust, confidence, and respect for law enforcement and the courts?”

The overriding principle of accountability in the criminal justice system is not confined to governors, mayors and state's attorneys.

Judges, too, should be willing to accept responsibility for their decisions and ... should acknowledge that media coverage and scrutiny, as well as proposals for judicial evaluations, are not threats to judicial independence.

... We are all, however, accountable for electing leaders who will work together to produce a law-enforcement system that is coordinated, efficient and economical. This principle should shape our debate. It has not done so to date.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

October 19

Patterson Park, West side:
The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Donnell Williams, 23, of Conkling Street on first-degree murder and other counts. Court documents allege Williams was identified on camera beating and kicking Cecil Saunders, 28, about the head at the Executive Inn in the 3600 block of Pulaski Highway. Saunders died as a result of his injuries. An arraignment is scheduled for November 16 before Judge John P. Miller.

West Side/ Gwynns Falls
The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Jonathan Brock, 20, of Harlem Avenue on first-degree murder. Court documents allege on July 28, before he died, Teon White, 25, identified Brock as the person responsible for shooting him in the 2100 block of Koko Lane. An arraignment is scheduled for November 17, before Judge Gale E. Rasin.

A woman allegedly raped by Southwest Baltimore police officer Jemini Jones has filed a $1 million lawsuit against him and two other members of the police "flex squad" gang.

The boy fatally shot in Cherry Hill Tuesday (220) was ID'd as Cornett Robinson, 16.
And 15-year-old Gerryl Boatwright was arrested for killing 16-year-old Bernard Davis on N. Castle Street, juvenile murder #22.

You just can't make this stuff up: Cancer-stricken septuagenarian Harry Gehlert is suing the police for arresting him after his toilet overflowed.

How this can be construed as a new trend is beyond me ... as usual, young hoods, female muggers and homicidal arsonists are honing their skills in Mount Vernon. Note use of "bumming a cigarette" in course of mugging

An eagle-eyed reader notice homicide #221 in the above story ... Marcus Rogers, who was beaten and had his apartment set on fire, died Tuesday.

Examintertorial: citizens, grand jurors deserve response from Mayor re. ignored Grand Jury report.

File under NW female body:
Two children found a body yesterday in Owings Mills.

The Feds indicted James Abu Bangura and Dartanion Antwon Wallace for a bunch of local bank robberies; Donnell Berry got 170 months for PCG and MoCo bank robberies; Kevin Dewight Honesty, busted by DNA from a hat, got 25 years for robbing the Silver Spring SunTrust.

Edgewood home invaders forced victims to strip, stole clothes, wallets, cell phone.

A hostage situation in a PGC carryout ended with the arrest of two people.

Jay Fayne, found shot to death by his son in Severna Park, was charged by Feds in June with loan-sharkery.

File under sex, music, pedo:
A former violin solist with the BSO, Timothy Baker, pled not guilty to sexual assault and indecency in CT after being accused of acts with a 16-year-old girl in Texas.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

October 18

At arraignment today, Zachary James, charged with two counts of murder (and implicated in four, says Hamm), pled not guilty to both counts. The court set a January 17, 2007 trial date.

Murder #220 was a 17-year-old boy from Cherry Hill, shot in the 2800 block of Carver Road last night.
(Check out the video, hear the "homocide" rate still a major concern. Damn those homos!)

That's nice! Homicide suspect Demetries Sturgis was caught after someone saw his picture on the tv.

From an anon reader: "Did you see this? Everyone in Baltimore who crows about expungement should read it— waste of fucking time!" Not if you're trying to create a permanent underclass it ain't!

The Ink covers murders of Donnie Blanding, 22; Glenn Carlton, 38; Antionio Hill, 16.

Anna Ditkoff explains last week's mysterious SA's office press release regarding the "call-in" for violent offenders.

Renato Cawthorne, 37, was arrested for the shooting death of Jonathan Coles, 23, last December.
A man was shot during the course of a robbery in the Western.

"Stomper" in Greenbelt: MS-13 bunch of wacked-out, murderous drunks.
In Howard County, Ghafour Asemani, left, who choked his wife Samira Salmassi almost to death, got the maximum for attempted murder, 30 years.

A possible homicide on the 500 block of Center Drive in Severna Park yesterday afternoon.

Dept. of Booze and Nudity
AAC's Calvin F. Johnson was shot twice by police, now he's being charged with assault and drunken driving. JZ reports Johnson claimed he left because he had to pick up his son ... though he had cocaine, alcohol and PCP in his system.

Marquis Bridgewater, 22, is accused of raping a drunk 16-year-old girl at the Woodstock Job Corps Center on Old Court Road.

Chief liquor board inspector, "we will have to keep an eye on" Scores strip club; naked boobies on the second floor could get "dangerous."

Though a judge found Howard County officer Edward Thatcher not guilty of exposing himself to a co-worker, the internal affairs investigation continues.

Former Harford County Council President Robert S. Wagner: I regret getting blind drunk at 8 a.m., driving, falling on face.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October 17

Sixteen-year-old Antonio Hill was shot to death Sunday (<219) in the 800 block of West Baltimore Street.

Grand jury report: arrest rate "bordering on violating a person's constitutional rights." Meanwhile, protestors against the BPD arrest policies marched on War Memorial Plaza.

Police are looking for Demetries Strurgis (or Sturgis), wanted for the murder of Rasheed Stevenson, 17.

A 17-year-old stabbed a 16-year-old to death with modified kid scissors at the Hickey School.

The City Council will hold a hearing December 13 to consider a resolution asking police to reopen the investigation into the death of Robert Clay.

old man driverJacob Radin, 89, confused his Honda's gas with its brake, ran over a security guard and hit the bank building at the 5100 block of Roland Avenue. He wasn't charged with anything, so he can keep driving! Super!

In Greenbelt, Juan "Diabolico" Lopez got seven years, three months for participating in an armed robbery and burning a bandanna that had been wrapped around a gun used by another gang member to kill a teenager.

In AAC, two idiot teenagers are charged with calling in phony bomb threats at Northeast High.

Out with a bang: (Now former) Harford County Council President Robert Wagner was arrested after driving drunk, exiting vehicle, landing face-first on pavement.

Post Op-Ed: When it comes to crime and punishment, both gubernatorial candidates have questionable managerial abilities.
BTW you can watch last night's JZ debate online.

Monday, October 16, 2006

October 16

From the U.S. Attorney's office: Howard Meyers 58, of Rockville was indicted on various illegal gambling charges.
Bertha Yolanda Paez, age 56, of Colombia, South America, was sentenced to 37 months in prison
followed by two years of supervised release for money laundering more than $3.5 million of cocaine and heroin $.

An unId'd man in the 6900 block of Marsue Drive killed himself after a standoff in Pikesville.

On Friday, October 13, a Baltimore City jury found Calvin Amos, 53, guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Joseph Schlick, 25. The shooting occurred in the home of the defendant at 2301 Herkimer Street on March 3. According to Court documents, Amos shot Joseph Schlick once in the forehead. When officers arrived at the scene the defendant stated he had just shot the victim, Joseph Schlick. The defendant was transported to the BPD Homicide Unit and advised of his rights. Mr. Amos gave a full confession to shooting Joseph Schlick in self-defense after Schlick entered his home through a window. A search and seizure warrant was obtained and a black powder handgun was recovered from the counter top of the kitchen. The victim was found on the kitchen floor. On March 4 the victim died of his injuries. The Office of the Coroner and Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death to be a homicide by shooting. Sentencing is scheduled for December 5 at 9:30 am before Judge John Carroll Byrnes, Part 93. Voluntary Manslaughter carries a maximum penalty of 10 years.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Devon Richardson, 15, for first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of 67-year-old Janice Letmate, shot September 26 in the 4000 block Biddison Lane with a rifle.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Eric Tate, 18, of Guilford Avenue on two counts of first-degree murder and carrying a deadly weapon. Court documents allege on September 10 Tate became involved in a verbal argument with another man. The argument escalated to a physical altercation, fighting and gunshots were fired. The argument occurred because the victims wore certain gang colors. The two victims, Anthony Taylor, Jr., 20 and Adrian Holiday, 19, were found suffering from gunshot wounds to the chest in the 300 block of East 22nd Street. Both victims died as a result of their injuries. An arraignment hearing is scheduled for November 2 before Judge Gale Rasin, Room 509 Courthouse East.

A protest against the police department's arrest practices will be held today from 3-5 p.m. in front of the courthouse.

At Wabash District Court this morning, Judge Hargrove sentenced Rodney Bethea in the April 13 incident which occurred at the Northeast District Baltimore Police Department as follows: four years on the false imprisonment charge; two years on the assault on law enforcement charge and two years on the escape charges ... but the sentences to be served concurrently, which means this lunatic will be out in four years .. or less than two with parole! Wow, if I was the cop beaten by a lightbulb or the employee held hostage with the scissors for three hours I'd be really pissed!

Miconduct allegations were dismissed against federal prosecutors Jason Weinstein and Steven Levin, accused of not warning the Rice brothers that a plea deal didn't mean they could keep slinging the smack.

Former Oriole Sammy "Throwin' Swannanoan" Stewart Jr., pitcher in the '83 World Series, in now in jail for his crack habit. He's still "not confident" he can kick it.

Cumberland Times Op-Ed "we're not surprised that Baltimore's crack kings would eye our community as a lucrative market for their addictive, destructive wares."

Cokie Gopshes of Baltimore got 18 years in prison after leading police on a high-speed chase on the BW Parkway.

Burglary, robbery and a home invasion in the SE.

Assaults, robberies and theft in PCG.

Probable "overzealous volunteers" are vanadlizing campaign signs.

Op-Ed: "most people charged with gun crimes skate through the state court system in Baltimore."

But that's part of our charm! Mystery shoppers say Baltimore's customer service is among the worst.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 15

No crime news today, because all the reporters have the day off.
So have some politics...drowsyOnly 23 more days to go...
The Hagtown Herald-Mail has endorsed Ehrlich.

Can't get enough debate coverage? Here's five more stories:
"Ehrlich, O'Malley Swap Scorn in TV Debates"
"Two rivals clash with two styles"
"Schools, crime are debatable"
"It's All About Baltimore"
"Candidates Spar In Governor [sic] Debates"

Other crap we're reading:
Married couples are now the minority.

"What do you give the woman who has everything? A little black baby, it seems." A Malawian charity is seeking an injuction to keep Madonna from adopting a baby.