Saturday, September 22, 2007

September 22

Monae Gorham, shot eight years ago at age 16, has died from her injuries.

The men shot and killed last Sunday "in broad daylight as an afternoon church service was getting out" were id'd as Channing Myrick, 26, and Deion Morris, 23.
Reddy: "Northeast Baltimore overall has had 29 homicides this year, compared with 13 at this time last year."

A federal judge in Maryland unsealed a grand jury indictment yesterday charging Steven Abiodun Sodipo, age 51, of Forest Hill, and Callixtus Onigbo Nwaehiri, age 49, of Jarrettsville, with illegally selling 9,936,075 pills or dosage units of hydrocodone (aka Vicodin) over the Internet, and other charges.

What the?! "Reported chlamydia cases in Maryland jumped by 57 percent from 1997 to 2006." The city is, of course, the state's crotch-rot capital.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Charges Dropped Against Chaz Ricks, Zukael T. Stephens

DNA testing has excluded the once-alleged Roland Park rapist.

Zukael T. Stephens, charged with beating transgender activist Marcus Rogers to death and then setting his Mid-Town Belvedere apartment on fire, was acquitted yesterday by a jury of all charges. Stephens had previously been released when a prosecutor mistakenly dropped all charges.*

20 Years for Cold-Blooded Murder

At a hearing today, Judge Barry Williams sentenced Joshua Mills, 21, of the 2500 block of Winchester Street to 20 years in prison for the second-degree murder of Antwon Torain. Mills pled guilty January 30, 2007. Details:
On March 23, 2007 Judge Williams sentenced co-defendants Farrakhan Jenkins, 22, of the 700 block of Payson Street, and Tavon Coleman, 20, of the 500 block of North Brice Street, to 10 years in prison for conspiracy to commit first degree murder for their roles in the murder of Mr. Torain. The murder occurred on November 27, 2005 in the area of the 700 block of N. Payson Street. The victim had locked himself out of his car and asked the defendants for help in getting into his car. The defendants instead tried to sell the victim drugs. As a result of this conversation, the defendants got into an argument with the victim. Jenkins grabbed the victim and Coleman said something to the effect of “shoot the victim.” Mills responded to this request by shooting the victim in the head and the neck. The victim died of these gunshot wounds.

Assistant State’s Attorney Sam Yee of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.

Weinstein, Prevas = as Annoyed as Everyone Else

"A WYPR review of law-enforcement records shows that many accused killers have already been convicted of violent crimes, and got out on suspended sentences. Of last year's 180 accused killers, a majority were guilty: Murder One, second degree murder, manslaughter, or lesser crimes. Many, however, still had parts of their sentences suspended. Jason Weinstein, the U.S. attorney's Violent Crimes chief, thinks that defeats the purpose of law enforcement."

This is why Rod's hot: "A federal grand jury indicted 39 defendants in an international money laundering case that includes one person accused of concealing terrorist financing."

Friday 21 September

It should be the astonishing part -- but, of course, it isn't -- but this is the second time that George Jenkins "has been convicted of shooting a member of the same family." The second time? Too bad he wasn't already in jail, but he's going now: sentencing on Nov 8th after "guilty verdicts of first-degree murder and use of a handgun in a crime of violence, prosecutors said."

Thomas J Grant's fate, up in the air yesterday, is settled today: guilty.

Marvin "Escapee" Jordan is back in Maryland today after being extradited from South Carolina. Y'know, for a guy who is good at escaping, he really needs to concentrate on his mad "not being found" skillz.

Matricide(!!!!) in Calvert!!!! Stuffed her "ill" mother into the trunk of her car ... and didn't take her to the hospital? And y'know, why not like, the front seat or something? (I wonder how long it took police to crack her story? Thirty seconds?) This is the second murder for the year for Calvert County. I wonder if they even have homicide detectives. Maybe they have one. He relaxes in a big leather recliner at the station reading Elmore Leonard paperbacks and drinking giant mugs of slightly warm milk and dreaming of the day when the secretary will lean in the door and tell him that he's got a murder on his hands (because, lately, all she does is ask him if he can run out and pick up lunch for everybody, because he's got nothing else better to do except age).
What's with all the motorcycle deaths lately? This one in Lutherville, at the intersection of Rork and Ridgely Road. (I think ABC2 meant "York", as I am unaware of a 'Rork' road anywhere...)

That hit-and-run driver who killed Anthony Blake has been arrested, although not yet identified. UPDATE: He's now ID'd as 38-year-old William Lentz of Orpington Road.

Zukael T. Stephens, 29, had been on trial on charges of the first degree murder of Marcus Rogers (a transgender activist) and arson from October 11th of last year in a 7th floor apartment down on St. Paul. I say "had been" because the jury acquitted Stephens of all charges.

Wanted for a sexual assault against a 14-year old girl in Ellicott City last month, a forty-two year old kid toucher, Fermin Mejia, was arrested in North Carolina by Federal Marshal Fugitive hunters.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday, Night

Annapolis police are looking for a man presumed dangerous following an assault Wednesday night. He's armed with -- of all things -- a barbeque grill. (What, he couldn't get his hands on a gun?)

An irresponsible driver -- really, is there another kind of driver around these parts? -- pulled a hit and run and killed Anthony Banks in Woodlawn. "Police say the driver didn't offer any help or call police before leaving the scene." Maybe, when the driver is behind bars, the prison guards will fail to offer help or call backup when he's screaming while being ass raped. Hey, it's a thought.

It's like something out of James Bond, except I'm sure that Double-Oh Seven would never ever actually come to Maryland.

Onaje Adarryl Harris and George Surgeon have been identified by police as suspects in the shotgun shooting of a twenty-four year old man last week. Harris was arrested yesterday, and I'm wondering if Surgeon was running around Baltimore this morning with his shotgun loaded with birdshot?

There's an O's fan protest set for Monday. Presumeably, they're out to show their anger at the team's rather lousy record. Meanwhile, old cynical me wonders how many of them showed up to vote in the city primary September 11th, how many plan to show up to vote in the city elections in November, and how many care more about Wild Bill Hagy's death than they do for the sykrocketing murder rate.

Update: Johns Gone Wild!

After posting this link to the "Baltimore Sex Guide," blogger AngerHangover has enjoyed torrents of e-mail abuse from "Johns" (most of which isn't posted) and makes a very good point about the "victimless crime" argument:
The prostitution problem is a major quality of life problem for regular people who have it infecting their blocks. It also present a big safety issue as well. People don't consider that johns do get out of their cars and do knock on the wrong door (mine), as do aggressive drug dealers looking to collect debt from these prostitutes. I'd really hate for some tragic event to occur in order for some light to be shed on the "victimless crime" problem.
ps. another site also tells you how to find drugs! (Via Carol Ott's blog)

Twelve Years for Computer Thief

At a hearing today, Judge Lynn K. Stewart sentenced Gregg Wakefield, 37, of the 2400 block of Pickering Drive, to 12 years in prison. Wakefield pled guilty July 11, 2007 to two counts of second-degree burglary. Judge Stewart ordered that the 12-years be served consecutively to a three-year sentence Wakefield received on a fraud violation of probation last month. Wakefield also faces three-years for a violation of probation for a case pending in Baltimore County. Details:
In May and December 2006, Wakefield, an employee of Prime Net - an IT contractor for Johns Hopkins Hospital, crawled through the vents of the Weinberg cancer building to gain access to the main computer room. He disconnected and stole network equipment taking the building’s computer network down on both occasions. Total loss for Johns Hopkins Hospital was approximately $113,000. Wakefield then sold the equipment over the internet for approximately $18,000. Surveillance video recorded Wakefield as he went into and left the building and his photo was posted on the hospital campus. Prime Net cooperated with investigators after realizing he was involved and turned him in.

Thursday, 20 September

We're now at #232 -- an-as-yet unidentified man beaten to death on his 40th birthday. His friend, also attacked, is expected to survive.

A seventy year old man (shot in the back by some coward) remains in critical condition. (Note: since when does BCPD have 'agents'?)

A shooting, a robbery, and a synagogue.

WARNING! DICK CHENEY IS ON THE LOOSE IN BALTIMORE! WARNING! Ok, ok, I couldn't resist. Actually, a mass-shooting (five people!) by someone with a shotgun loaded with birdshot (no fatalities). Certainly, Mr. Cheney's M.O.

His DNA "wouldn't let him" get away any longer, and twenty-eight years later, Thomas J. Grant's fate is in the hands of the jury on the question of his guilt regarding the death of Sheila Bazemore Rascoe.

That Liberian child rapist in MoCo is set to be deported.

Mayor Sheila Dixon was in New York City yesterday -- no doubt feeling very safe, since, after all, it's a much safer city than Balmer -- talking to her counterpart there about firearms and joining NY's gun-lawsuit.

More crime at the University of Maryland College Park, this time, a "brazen carjacking" at Easton Hall.

Last -- certainly not least! True irony has to be a john posting on a website dedicated to swapping stories and info of streetwalkers 'I say to the citizens of Baltimore City Lk 23:34 "forgive them, they know not what they do"' regarding the morality of Baltimore City. Um. Look in a mirror much? If I were a vice-cop, I'd be trolling through (Warning: Unsafe for Home OR Work!) this website to hunt johns coming into the city for a little action. It's a quality of life issue and, I suppose, a minor one compared to the murder rate, but if there's one thing certain, it's that Baltimore could use some improvement in its "quality of life." C'mon johns, really: Lefty Lisa and Righty Rosie are safer and cheaper than streetwalkers. Plus, LL & RR come with those great gifts of "no need for a get out of jail" *or!* "How do I explain to my wife how she got six STDs?" cards. (Website found courtesy of the greater Baltimore blogosphere.)


Three people -- two Frederickians and a Gaithersburgan -- stewing in jail for the 2005 murder of David Lee (also of Frederick), who "was shot to death in July 2005 to keep him silent." Keep him silent? Silent about what? Damn uninformative article! More info at the Frederick News-Post.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Witnesses: 0; Intimidators: yet another

This just in from the powers that be:
Judge Robert Kershaw declared a mistrial today in the attempted murder and witness intimidation trial of Victor Shuron, 30, of the 2300 block of Seamon Ave., and Yosef Winston-Bey, 27, of the unit block of Dunvale Rd. The jury had been deliberating this case for approximately one day when the court received a note from the jury forewoman stating that one of the jurors "has a concern". The note, discussed in open court, said that as the juror was at the bus stop following court yesterday that the juror saw "two of the men who were in the courtroom during the time of the trial pointed her out and it scared her." She told the court that "she doesn't want to vote on the charges..."

Court documents allege that on November 27, 2006 Shuron got out of a car driven by Winston-Bey in the 2800 block of Greenmount Ave. and shot the victim, a witness in a Baltimore County felony case, as he sat in a car parked in the Waverly Shopping Center.

A new trial date of December 13, 12007 (sic) has been set.

Huh. Sadly, I can't even say that I blame her.

Fucking terrorism, that's what we're dealing with here.

Wednesday, 19 September

The Morgan State student shot to death Monday (previously known as No. 230) has been identified as Richard Asare, 24, of Montgomery County.

Marvin Jordan, twice-escaped convict recently re-captured by police in South Carolina, became unescaped when "an alert jail guard noticed the glasses had been taped up and found the [handcuff] key."

An attempted child-napping of a 7th grader in the county averted earlier this month makes the news ... two weeks later. Really, though, shouldn't anyone driving around a school with no shirt on be considered predatory?

A shooting in Hazz - erm, Harford - County involving Aberdeen police and an AWOL Army soldier who started waving a gun around. What's with all the crazy soldiers lately?

I guess it's ... something. Right?

Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano pleaded guilty to his involvement in the alcohol-related crash that killed a Marine corporal and his date last Thanksgiving.

Oh, well, maybe closing these loopholes might be a start, right? Since, y'know, allowing murderers and other violent predatory types to wander free so you can make a few extra bucks is, um, pretty fucking low, yeah?

Muy Loco? No guno! Something tells me the criminal element will continue to find firepower, however.


"All charges dropped" against the Oh-Cee lady with all the dead fetuses in her yard.

It's all a fun game of innocent, harmless (snortle) pranks ... until the po-po decide you're going to foot the bill.

Last -- certainly not least! True irony has to be a john posting on a website dedicated to swapping stories and info of streetwalkers 'I say to the citizens of Baltimore City Lk 23:34 "forgive them, they know not what they do"' regarding the morality of Baltimore City. Um. Look in a mirror much? If I were a vice-cop, I'd be trolling through this website to hunt johns coming into the city for a little action. It's a quality of life issue and, I suppose, a minor one compared to the murder rate, but if there's one thing certain, it's that Baltimore could use some improvement in its "quality of life." C'mon johns, really: Lefty Lisa and Righty Rosie are safer and cheaper than streetwalkers. Plus, LL & RR come with those great gifts of "no need for a get out of jail" *or!* "How do I explain to my wife how she got six STDs?" cards.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Spineless Judges Uphold Same-Sex Marriage Ban

... and the ruling is as confused as Ricky Martin's girlfriend.

Darryl Halsey Indicted for Murder

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Darryl Halsey, 26, of the 4200 block of Sheldon Avenue for first-degree murder. Court documents allege that Darryl Halsey was responsible for an incident on May 16, 2007 when Earl Sonny Cornish, 21, was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the 500 block of Chateau Avenue. Halsey allegedly walked up to Cornish in the unit block of Chateau Avenue struck him in the face, displayed a handgun and shot Cornish in the back following an argument with a female acquaintance of Halsey. Cornish died later at Sinai Hospital. An arraignment is scheduled for October 15, 2007 before Judge Albert J. Matricciani, Room 252, Courthouse East. Assistant State’s Attorney Don Giblin will prosecute the case.

Los federales nab crack dealer, gun-toting Blood, Hagtown pervert, California man who left trailers of asbestos in Severna Park, crooked accountant, a coke supplier to the "Lester Fletcher Drug Organization."

September 18

Two people were killed yesterday: An MSU student was murdered on E. Cold Spring Ln. at 10:45 yesterday morning, and a man in Cherry Hill was fatally shot at 11:30 last night. And not to stir up the pot of racism (and alleged racism) that bubbles here so frequently, but if a JHU student got killed at 10:45 on a Monday morning on N. Charles St., would his death be relegated to two paragraphs on the second page of an article about the escalating murder rate?

Three Sun reporters dig up more on the two domestic killings in Baltimore County over the weekend.

Good news for PG criminals who don't give a damn about UM: In the search for a serial kisser/fondler/rapist, "there are more police per square foot in College Park than virtually any area in Prince George's County."

In the Blotter, stolen beer and an arrest in Christopher Clarke's murder.

Eight months? That's outrageous, even by Baltimore standards.

Another Baltimore jury gets a chance to prove their wisdom, as they deliberate the witness intimidation case against Victor Shuron and Yusef Winston-Bey.

God bless you and your free speech, Mr. Keegan: "If Dixon continues to be nothing more than a machine stooge feeding the tax-fed kleptocracy for friends, relatives and contributors as the only ones who 'Get In On It,' Baltimore will sink. If she continues turning Baltimore into a school-free drug zone, residents the city needs most will flee."

Monday, September 17, 2007

A local blog recounts a robbery of two clubgoers near Pratt and S. Exeter.

At a hearing today Judge David Ross sentenced Anthony Whitley, 29, of Edgewood, MD to 15 years in prison, first five years without the possibility of parole, for two counts each of robbery deadly weapon, first and second degree assault, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and conspiracy to commit robbery deadly weapon. The details:
On December 14, 2005 at approximately 7:45 p.m. two men armed with handguns entered the management office of the Lockwood Garage, 124 Market Place. They duct-taped the manager’s hands to his head and held a woman, nine months pregnant, at gunpoint. They proceeded to remove more than $24,000 from a safe. A coat with one of the guns used in the robbery was found in a stairwell at the garage after the robbery and DNA tests from the coat matched Whitley. Additionally, a duffle bag with a coin box and deposit bags taken from the robbery were located in front of a motel located a mile from Whitley’s house in Harford County. Whitley’s fingerprints were found on that coin box. A co-defendant in this case, Darryl Williams, is scheduled for trial October 29, 2007. Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Martin of the General Trial Division prosecuted this case.

September 17

A fatal shooting by Baltimore City police officers: an unidentified man, #25 shot by police this year (and was the tenth to die). Related: "As violence in city increases, so does use of guns by officers." (See yesterday's comments. --Ed.)

I don't get why they didn't just rob the bank anyway -- y'know, since they were like, right outside -- but it really doesn't matter: the HowCoPoPo popped 'em up right quick. (Maybe the bank is one of those silly ones without weekend hours).

There's a pretty full blotter today.

And, while not Baltimore related: OJ Simpson, back in jail, I'm bettin' he's going to vow to spend the rest of his life tracking down the "real" robber.

If the underage criminal element in the city and its surrounding areas aren't enough to convince kids to lead a clean, honest life, perhaps we could scare 'em straight by taking them for a tour of Maryland's unclean youth offender facilities?

Running a red light may seem like the most minor crime ever, but when it causes you to run into an ambulance, it earns a mention.

Dead dogs and groin bites
: to add injury to injury, the victim's dog then got run over by someone at the scene. "Who cares about Pee-Gee?" you say? But dog attacks happen in Balmer, too.

And, speaking of motorcycle crashes, -- and because of the job he wanted to do -- police recruit Ruben Renta died, he "was speeding and not wearing a helmet ... lost control of his motorcycle, crashing into a road sign on the 2300 block of Hanson Road in Edgewood, according to the Harford Sheriff’s Department." So, listen: motorcyclers? Always wear your helmet, and don't run red lights (the latter applies to all drivers).

Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16

Three more murders. The unid'd man killed yesterday was identified as Brian Smith-Hopkins. Also, reports JZ:
- At 11:38 p.m. Saturday night, Tyrone Jones, 26, was shot and killed on the 1500 block of North Woodyear. He was pronounced dead at Shock Trauma.
- At 4:30 p.m. Sunday, two men were shot on the 3400 block of Belair Road. Both were pronounced dead at area hospitals.

Antoine Skipwith, who "walked off from the Baltimore City Correctional Center," robbed a bank customer in HoCo with a buddy, then drove his car into a ditch.

How can this article about police shootings not mention the fact that the department is still understaffed by some 200-300 officers? Doesn't it seem pretty obvious that understaffing puts officers in life-threatening, backup-less situations more often, not to mention leaving more criminals out there?
Instead it blames everything from police training to gangs to O'Malley. Huh?