Saturday, April 28, 2007

April 28

An 11-year veteran Baltimore City officer shot and killed a suspect on West North Avenue after the man fled and then allegedly drew a weapon, the third fatal police shooting so far this year (thanks Burg!).

David RobertsonPolice are still looking for a third suspect, one David Robinson, left, after the "wild, strip-club shootout" at Fantasies. He may be driving an Audi with the MD tag 2CFR05.

Police have arrested Korey Harris, 17, for the murder of Christopher Wayman on April 19.

After all these years, will we ever cease to be offended at the way the Blotter marginalizes (literally) horrible violent crimes? Tuesday and Wednesday, by the way and p. fucking s., a 17-year-old was shot in the leg, a 25-year-old was shot in the back, and three people were stabbed in two different incidents.

A missing 18-year-old from Dundalk, Raymond Zubrowski Jr., was found in a shallow grave in Dorchester County.

Friday, April 27, 2007

April 27

HoCo's second murder of the year -- 40-year-old Alevtina Y. Zhilina, a clerk at a 7-11 store -- is making Columbia residents nervous. Running Brook Elementary was on lockdown yesterday due to the killing.

Kirk Fonseca and Lewis Edward Rich are in custody for fatally stabbing 18-year-old Ernest Buchanan in a downtown McDonald's yesterday. The killing is making Baltimore workers nervous. In breaking news, the city of Baltimore will be put on indefinite lockdown. (Only kidding. Sorry. Not funny.)

Sintia Mesa's family is upset because there has been no justice for her murder. Welcome to Baltimore, hon.

Two women and a man were shot on the corner of N. Luzerne and E. Preston in East Baltimore yesterday, and an officer was injured in an accident while on the way to the scene. A neighbor was quoted as saying, "We’ve lived here one year, and we’ve already seen three or four shootings... This is no way to live." In yesterday's comments, Supreme gives his take on the getaway: "the shooters probably headed right up the street to a liquor store on N. Milton or Orleans and then walked directly back to the crime scene and laughed about it!!!"

The 14-year-old boy who brought papa's 9mm to school earlier this week was trying to protect himself after he was jumped when he got off the bus on his way home from school. In addition to regular beatdowns, he is now facing expulsion.

A juror in the sentencing trial of Jamaal Abeokuto, the convicted murderer of 8-year-old Marciana Ringo in 2002, "just can't do this."

Three Molotov cocktails were thrown at a house in the 2000 block of Ellsworth Ave early Wednesday morning.

Some victims and convicted criminals are meeting face-to-face.

Perv du jour: MoCo middle school math teacher Charles Robert Bouma allegedly pulled down his pants while driving a convertible and showed his goods to a school bus full of Catholic schoolgirls.

Stat of the Day

The unbeLIEvable manpower shortage downtown has sunk the city to a new state of anarchy!
The director of the Crime Lab, Ed Koch(!) says the city has about 900 900 guns "stacked up in carts" awaiting ballistics examinations.

The good news: in as few as three to seven years of training, you too could be making more than six figures as a gun examiner!
(Thanks Galt!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26

A man was stabbed to death at 11 a.m. this morning at the McDonald's on 31 S. Calvert Street (about two blocks from the courthouse).

Yesterday, I forgot to add a link to this week's "Murder Ink." Joseph Ensey Sr. died on April 20 from complications related to a gunshot wound he received in 1991; his death is considered one of 2007's homicides. Also covered this week are the deaths of Kevin Randall, Johnnie James, Christopher Wayman, Van Johnson, and Damon Dubose.

43-year-old mother, grandmother, and 28-time arrestee Uywanda Peterson died behind a bar on Belair Rd. after being shot with a stun gun by police. Surprisingly, witnesses and police have completely different stories to tell.

Three teenage boys were shot last night while sitting on one of the boys' front porch.

Sierra Anderson turned herself in to police after being missing for 10 days.

Suspected Blood Nicholas Brunson was arrested on Monday for the murder of Brent Flanagan.

HoCo:A 40-year-old woman was shot to death by a masked man at a 7-11 store in Columbia early this morning.

MoCo police officer Luke Hoffman died after another officer hit him with a police car while chasing a drunk driver.

AACo: Edward Spiker was arrested in Pasadena after pushing an elementary school girl, attacking another with a rock and spitting on her, and threatening one of the girls' mothers with a knife.

A 14-year-old student from Milford Mill Academy was caught with his father's 9mm. The boy allegedly told police he was packing heat because he felt intimidated at school.

Tiffany Weaver pleaded guilty to stealing a lawyer's identity so she could get it on with her incarcerated boyfriend.

29-year-old Anitra Fonte Jones is missing, and left messages that she was going to hurt herself. She's a black woman, 5'5", 170 pounds, possibly driving a gray Toyota Camry with Maryland plates "NITA-BOO."

Two automatic weapons and several other guns are missing, according to a Baltimore County police inventory audit.

A cute little dog named Millie was attacked and killed by two pit bulls in Woodlawn.

Note to aspiring authors: Don't make jokes alluding to strippers and groupies when asked to sign a 10-year-old girl's forehead.

Sun self-reflects: we're fucked

Right off the plane to hear that 15 men and women from the Sun's news department are out of a job as of today, no idea who(m).
More from the LA Times.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Victim impact statement

Johnny Johnson's victim impact statement in the trial of Phillip Carter is incredibly powerful. It was quoted in Julie Bykowicz' piece on Carter's sentencing, along with the fact that Mr. Johnson wouldn't testify at the trial because he was afraid to leave his house. The simplicity and sadness of his statement says a great deal about our city.
My name is Johnny Johnson. I am a resident of Baltimore City and was a victim of assault by one Mr. Phillip Carter on February 26, 2006 on Fulton Avenue and Baltimore Street. I would like to take a minute to explain to you how this has affected my daily life. As a result of this crime I currently cannot find peaceful sleep and am afraid to walk the streets of our fair city.

April 25

Hamm gave an interview to the Examiner, and it's worth reading whether you like him or hate him. He points out that 61 of the first 72 homicide victims in 2007 had a criminal record. Allow me to point out that 11 of the first 72 homicide victims had no criminal record, which suggests that 11 innocent people have been murdered in the first 3 1/2 months of the year.

Human remains were found in a shallow grave in Dorchester County.

One teenager was arrested and others were being sought for a home invasion assault and robbery in the Central against a woman who had ordered them off of her property.

Charles Eugene Burns was found guilty for the murder of Lillian Phelps.

Suspected Boston murderer Earnest Ferguson was arrested in Baltimore after being profiled on America's Most Wanted.

The six Bowling Brook staff members who were charged with reckless endangerment in the death of Isaiah Simmons III have surrendered or agreed to surrender; five of the six have been released on personal recognizance.

Phillip Carter got 30 years for attacking 73-year-old Sun reporter Carl Schoettler and 65-year-old Johnny Johnson.

Jody Hudson got three years time and five years probation for causing life-threatening injuries while on drugs. She was coming off a crack and methadone high and was driving with her 9-year-old son when she hit a father and son who were changing a flat tire. Both of the victims lost a leg due to the accident.

Perv du jour: 51-year-old addictions counselor Emerson Davis was found guilty for assaulting two of his female patients last August.

School bus rage in Edgewood.

Now that felons who have completed their sentences can vote in Maryland, we'll definitely get some good political leadership.

A MoCo cop in a car hit a MoCo cop on foot, then crashed into a tree. Both officers were chasing an alleged drunk driver who was fleeing on foot.

Racist vandals are running amok at the UB law school. (Well, at least if you call one case of flier defacing "running amok.")

Two Indonesian men got 366 days each for "attempting to illegally export night vision devices and money laundering." Now, if WJZ will explain to us how one would export money laundering, we'll all feel a little bit better.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24

Damon Dubose was shot to death on Sunday night in the 3500 block of Woodland Ave.

16-year-old Keonya Christian-Cannon helped 13-year-old shooting victim Angel Burrell. Burrell was a bystander when a fight broke out over West Baltimore gang turf on Friday.

County police are seeking two tall white men in a small maroon pickup truck. On April 14, the men hit another car in White Marsh, stabbed one of the passengers in that car, then rammed the other car repeatedly. Meanwhile, city police are still searching for the man who killed Charles Erdman after a minor traffic accident on March 3. The driver was a black man in a Ford Explorer with stolen plates (link goes to video of accident), and there were 1 or 2 passengers in the SUV.

Early Saturday morning, Anthony Crowder Jr. opened fire in the parking lot of a Baltimore County bar and wounded four people. He faces four attempted first-degree murder charges and four charges of first-degree assault.

Baltimore Bloods member Jamal Winchester pleaded guilty to two charges of murder.

Sunday's fire at a Dundalk office building was arson.

The defense rests for Charles Eugene Burns.

Ballistics fraud Joseph Kopera and a Baltimore County ballistics expert came to essentially the same conclusions in James Kulbicki's case, but reached those conclusions in very different ways.

Hamm remembers viewing the BPD as a model of "how not to police," and wants to changes the department's ways.

Note to criminals: When going to court on charges that you scammed a car dealership, don't drive a stolen car.

Monday, April 23, 2007

April 23

29-year-old Van Maurice Johnson was fatally shot in the back early yesterday morning in the 1900 block of W. Lombard St.

Cheyenne Hoope, 27, was throwing a party at his White Marsh house when he was stabbed to death by a party crasher. 26-year-old Jason Madigan was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

Matthew Tracy was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal crash after he hit a Pennsylvania man who was changing a flat tire early Sunday morning.

On Saturday, Donnell Brown was shot in the back on McCulloh St. On Friday, a 57-year-old Washington man was shot outside a house in the 300 block of Scott St.

A 24-year-old man was shot by police in Morrell Park on Sunday after hitting an officer and throwing him off the porch. On Saturday morning, a BPD officer shot a man on S. Bentalou St. during a police chase.

A suspicious, three-alarm fire mysteriously broke out in two separate places within the same Dundalk office building.

The Rockville High School principal suspended 26 students for cutting class for a party.