Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 22

Unfuckinbelieveable. Or entirely believeable. After mounds of resources and thousands of hours of effort, Tyrone Beane is not guilty. At least he's still in jail. (& I'm still in China, just dropping in to express general disgust. BTW reading Blogger is forbidden here, but blogging is not. Go figure.)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 20

Are there other cities in the U.S. where someone could get shot at the mall in the middle of the afternoon and it only gets a few dozen words in the Police Blotter?

Also in the Blotter (linked above), Gary Shipman (#139) has been ID'd as the man who was stabbed to death on Sheridan Ave last Wednesday.

In the wake of Kevin Harold Rowlette's murder, some people in Edgewood are trying to come together and strengthen the community's bonds. Accused killer Kyvelle Jamaas Martin is still on the loose.

In the first use of a new law that allows tape recorded statements to be played without the witness present, Tyrone Beane's sister testified against him.

The Lamar Owens rape trial is being deliberated after the prosecutor grossly misquoted testimony in his closing comments.

Victims of sexual assault in military academies claim they are punished for reporting the attacks.

A woman who lives on a sailboat at Shipwright Harbour Marina in Anne Arundel was sexually attacked by a stranger while she was sleeping early yesterday morning.

A 21-year-old woman claims that she was sexually assaulted by an off-duty uniformed officer whom she knows.

Issac Smith was sentenced to over 12 years in the slammer for his role in bombing Edna McAbier's Baltimore house.

A Severn man bought a house with a stolen Social Security number.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

July 19

I missed this one on Monday, and it ties in with the editorial linked at the end of today's post. It's an examination of five arrests in the city. Although it reeks of sensationalist journalism, the questions it asks are very relevant.

Ten more people in this week's "Murder Ink." All 10 received at least passing mention in the Sun.

A 16-year-old girl accused a detective in the Southeastern of sexual misconduct during an interview at the station house.

Closing arguments are happening this afternoon in the Lamar Owens rape trial.

A suicidal, knife-wielding man was shot after advancing on officers in the Southwestern.

James Kraft, councilman for the city's First District, told the State's Attorney's Office that there is no excuse for dropping over half of their criminal cases in 2005.

Eugene Perry, accused of fatally shooting two police officers (his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend), has been deemed incompetent to stand trial.

Nine people were arrested in a major Howard County cocaine bust.

Police are cracking down on aggressive driving. The article doesn't mention if there are plans for a crackdown on aggressive shooting, stabbing, or beating.

Yesterday we had axes, today we get hammers.

A couple was arrested for stealing tools from garages and lawns in Baltimore County.

And I thought it was common knowledge that there is some serious price gouging happening in the region's poorest areas.

An Examiner editorial on policing (thanks, Galt) that is already inspiring some conversation in the comments.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July 18

Yesterday, the Sun reported three killings over the weekend, but there were actually six. Gurnie Edwards III (#142) was shot to death on the front steps of his mother's Biddle St. rowhouse at 4:15 on Friday morning. A woman's body whose name has not been released was found in an apartment on W. Franklin Street (#143). Jamie Mills (#144) was shot in killed inside of Maceo's Bar on the corner of North Ave. and N. Monroe St. just after midnight on Saturday. Dion Williams (#145), the 15-year-old boy who was "being too loud," was killed on Monument St. about 30 minutes later. The man who was found on the sidewalk of the 900 block of N. Collington around noon on Sunday is still unidentified (#146). And Richard Smith (#147) was found lying under a red Ford just north of Druid Hill Park Sunday night at 10:48.

Brian Edward Dotson of Bel-Air thought it would be appropriate to videotape himself having sex with a 5-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison (along with a concurrent 35 year sentence on an unrelated rape charge), after which he must be on supervised release.

17-year-old Deontary Neal was charged with arson, attempted murder, and assault after setting fire to his family's Anne Arundel County house last night then trying to kill his aunt with an axe.

Apparently, July 18 is also known as "Attack Your Loved Ones with an Axe Day." Two women were kidnapped from their suburban Harrisburg, PA home and taken to the Eastern Shore. One of the woman had head and facial injuries from being hit with an axe. Elijah Tanui was arrested and charged with a bunch of bad stuff, including attempted homicide.

Taavon Johnson was arrested for the 2002 murder of Dawnta Daney.

After many, many delays, the murder trial of Tyrone Beane has finally started.

A local group is trying to reopen the case of Robert Clay Sr. several months after his death was ruled as a suicide.

The credibility of Lamar Owens' accuser is being called into question in court. In what is surely a complete coincidence, several of the defense witnesses used the same exact language as Owens' defense attorneys in describing the woman.

Darius Spence was convicted to more than 11 years for being the "heroin tester" for a major drug organization. The leader of that organization only got 6 years.

Prosecutors dropped the charges in over half of the criminal cases filed in the city last year, including those with "serious constitutional problems," petty arrests, and police officers who didn't show up.

A 49-year-old Harford County man was arrested and charged with stabbing a 41-year-old neighbor.

A batch of deadly heroin just hit the Eastern Shore.

Monday, July 17, 2006

July 17

A 15-year-old football player with a solid "B" average at Lake Clifton High School was killed by local gang members for "being too loud." (#145)

The above link also mentions Jamie Mills (#144), a 33-year-old from Pennsylvania who was shot to death at North Ave. and Monroe St., and an unidentified man (#146) who was killed Sunday morning on the 900 block of N. Collington Ave. The man found in the abandoned house in West Baltimore on Thursday was identified as 20-year-old Jeremy Jennings (#141).

Julius Pratt was the inmate at the maximum-security facility in Jessup who was fatally stabbed on Tuesday.

"This is family killing family. They are not going to tell you why their children suffered and died."

Feds are pursuing the death penalty against Eric Hall in four murders, but not against the two brothers who ran the drug organization that hired him.

Other than the rape, the shooting, and the four robberies (including that of a 69-year-old man), today's Blotter is pretty uneventful.

Officers Keosha Buie of the Northern District and Joseph A. Decandeloro of the Northwestern have been charged with unrelated crimes and suspended from the BPD.

Clifford Edwards got eight years for possessing an illegal shotgun.

On Friday morning, a Provident bank on Lexington St. downtown was robbed.

A look at criminals in hospitals, focusing on two recent incidents at Howard County General.

Mock drunk-driving at a Carroll County summer camp. Apparently, this guy didn't attend that summer camp: he was arrested and handcuffed in Carroll County on Friday night, escaped from the back of the police car, and was arrested again (sans-handcuffs) at a friends house.

Laura Vozzella writes about the outcome of the eBay auction for happy hour with Leonard Hamm and Patricia Jessamy.