Saturday, December 4, 2010

Stay in School

In the second case of students gone wild this week, a 15 year old is facing attempted murder charges after beating and strangling a fellow classmate.

City paper, who first broke the story in June, give more information on the Federal indictment for the murder of Kareem Kelly Guest.

A 26 year old man was shot and killed last night on E. 30th St.

Police have made arrests in two separate homicides, including one where two October killings may be linked. The other case involved the arrest of Mark Winchester, 31, for the 2007 murder of Yemel McMillan, 23.

Finally, a Snow Hill man was sentenced to a year in jail for possession of over 75 pounds of pot.

Best sighting ever

Rod J. Rosenstein in the front row of "Annie" at the Olney Theater (with his children, TG.)

.. if anyone deserves a chorus of singing orphans it's RJR, whose past week at the office included indicting Antonio “Mack” Hall for the murder of federal witness Kareem Kelly Guest, convicting "L'il Mama" of racketeering, and a guilty plea from "Mrs. T" of 420 Income Tax Services, who stole children's identities and their parents' refunds, and a whole bunch of other assorted Roosters and Lily St. Regises.

anyway, Lola Brant... keep an eye out for Lola Brant, who left Bel Air in her tan Mercedes yesterday and never came back.
UPDATE: she was found in PA

Friday, December 3, 2010

Social studies

More on the Snowden drunk-driving case. Was his PBJ a simple mistake.. or something back-scratchier?

A 14-year-old student at Baltimore Community High School beat the dickens out of a social studies teacher

LOLZ, check out these winners arrested on drug charges in the Deener

Crown Heights it's not (sorry, NAACP), but tensions are up in the NW after the beating & wrist breakage of a teen by 23-year-old neighborhood watcher Eliyahu Werdesheim. Indeed Wedesheim's story sounds none too Kosher: if the kid was trespassing, why not call actual police? If his stick/plank was so threatening, why not just get back in the car? In better news, apparently another Shomrim member helped the beaten boy while Werdesheim fled.

Three people pled guilty to smuggling knockoff Coach handbags through the Port of Baltimore. Remember when Coach bags used to be un-tawdy and non-shiteous, and made in America out of nice, thick leather?

Alleged crack dealer Terrell Rogers got 292 months in prison for a rolling gun battle near the Bloody Bucket and attempting to trade crack for evidence-tampering services.

Former Republican committee treasurer gets three years for embezzlement

Other Baltimoreiana: The NYT has a glowing profile of Andres Alonso

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It may cost only $100 to double park in Bmore

Council committee approved by the bill to end the $250 I'm dropping off groceries ticket, but the Mayor has said if she will support it.

15-year-old killed

Reports Fox: "Police say the victim of a deadly shooting in southwest Baltimore earlier this evening was a 15-year-old boy. The teen died at Shock Trauma after he was shot multiple times at S. Payson and W. Pratt Streets. Detectives have no suspect or motive at this time."

Last of the 28 Tree Top Piru defendants plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute the crack

Bad boys, bad boys...

A member of the Jewish neighborhood watch group Shomrim is accused of attacking a 15-year-old and breaking his wrist

Last week's five murders in the Ink, including the guy who stabbed his brother to death on Thanksgiving

"Poor man's Puffy" and others indicted in scheme to ship "hundreds of pounds of cocaine on chartered jets from Los Angeles to Baltimore."

BPD unravel the case of stolen metal worth $2.6 million

Fenton: why was Pippi Longstocking (aka Franklin Gross Sr.) out of jail?

Video-poker executive-cum-developer John Vontran -- owner of the much-torched Seagram's distillery-- forced to liquidate

Pizza-shop owner fights off gun-toting robber with a spatula, and JZ has the high-larious video

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Demons and Spirits

Stephen Todd Nelson, who claimed "demons" forced him to throw his 3-year-old son off the Key Bridge, dropped his NCR plea to plead guilty today to second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

Man who shot uniformed city officer on Calvert St sports adorable Pippi-Longstockingesque pigtails

Twin brothers in custody for shooting a dancer and her swain near the Block

You have until 5 p.m. Thursday to stock up/savor the flavor of "prison wine made from Fruity Pebbles."

and County police want to know who keeps setting fire to the Seagrams plant

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend Crime Recap

The Sun gives more details on the weekend running gun battle on a busy city street that left a City police officer in critical condition.

The Grinch struck a little early this year, when scowling sexagenarian Harry Patterson Jr. decided to stab his younger brother in the neck on Thanksgiving day. His younger brother, ID'd as Robin Patterson age 51, was stabbed while trying to intervene in a fight between Harry and his wife.

One man is in custody and three are in the hospital after a triple shooting outside an Odenton bar.

The hunt is on for a Wicomico County teen accused of firing shots at police.

Two more Homicide victims have been identified. Patrick Dolan, 19, who was stabbed at the 3500 block of Juneway during a suspected robbery attempt, and Davon Douglas, 28, also stabbed, at the 1800 block of Eagle St. on Wednesday.

Finally, the MD USDOJ released their annual Criminal Prosecution Totals showing a sharp rise in prosecutions this year.

Officer shot on North Calvert Street