Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mother of slain teen dies

The mother of the 17-year old girl beaten to death last week died Tuesday evening. Both mother and daughter were beaten to death by 32-year old William Jones last week.

30 Years for Murder of Three-Year-Old

From the SAO (warning: deeply depressing)
At a hearing today Judge Charles G. Bernstein sentenced Phillip Queen, 29, of the 100 block of Conley Drive to two concurrent 30 year prison terms. Queen pled guilty June 30, 2009 to second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

On June 8, 2007 Queen caused the death of Jabari Stocks, 3, while babysitting him at the house they shared in the 900 block of Patapsco Avenue. The mother was working that night. Queen called the mother while she was at work that night advising her that Jabari was not breathing and was unresponsive. Queen said that Jabari had choked. The mother left work and rushed home to take Jabari to Harbor Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

An autopsy was performed and the cause of death was ruled homicide by trauma to the brain with force. Testimony would have shown that Queen took a disliking to Stokes, calling him spoiled and that eventually, June 8, 2007, he hit Jabari in a way in which his head was slammed into an object, severing neurons in his brain. Felony Family Violence Division Chief Julie Drake and Assistant State’s Attorney Kelly Burrell prosecuted this case.

Small fires and minor strangling

Nine days in Charles Village, from the benefits district and JHU security. Thanks Buz!
Note that the 300 block of E. University continues to be targeted, even without Donald D. Rice. As Buz says, "their bench is deep!"
Robbery (Armed-Multiple Victims) –2000 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/4/09 10:00pm
The Victims were in a vehicle, at which time they were approached by the suspect who asked them if they had the time. The suspect then pulled out a silver revolver and demanded money from the victims. Both victims showed the suspect that they had no money, at which time the suspect took several personal items from the victims and ordered them to drive away. 
Armed Robbery (Commercial) – 2000 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/4/09 8:00 pm 
Property Taken: Cell Phones, $800, Skull Caps
2 suspects entered the business wearing ski masks and armed with handguns. One suspect jumped over the counter and pointed a revolver. Suspect two pointed a black semi-automatic handgun at the owner and forced him to the ground. The suspect then took above listed property and fled the location N/B ON Maryland Ave. 
Robbery (Unarmed) – 3300 blk. Greenmount Ave 12/4/09 8:30pm
Property Taken: $20
The victim was waiting on the bus-stop with his $20 in his hand waiting to board the bus. At which time he was approached by unknown suspects (No Descriptions Given) knocked the victim to the ground, removed the $20 from his hand, and fled W/B ON 33RD Street.
Armed Robbery - 2100 blk. Charles Street 11/30/09 3:00 am   
Property Taken: Cell Phone, Wallet, Credit Cards and Keys
The victim had just left the bar when he was approached by 2 suspects (No Descriptions Given). The suspects asked the victim if he knew where they could get some weed. The victim stated “no” at which time the suspects pulled out handguns and stated “don’t move, I’m going to bust your ass”. The victim gave up the listed property to the suspects. The suspects fled in an unknown direction.

Armed Robbery - 2400 blk. Charles Street 11/30/09 7:50 pm 
Property Taken: Cell Phone, Wallet, Credit Cards, SS Cards, Insurance Card
The victim was walking when the suspect approached and put him a headlock and stated “don’t f*cking move, I’ll blow your f*cking brains out, give me everything in your pockets. The victim complied, the suspect fled W/B on 24th Street
Attempted Robbery (Unarmed) – 100 blk. W. 25TH Street 11/30/09 6:45 pm
No Property Taken: Attempt
The victim was walking on the street when she was approached by two suspects. The suspects began to physically assault her, one suspect tried to take the victims purse. The victim resisted, the suspects then abandoned their efforts to rob the victim and fled W/B on 25th Street. 
Attempted Robbery (Unarmed) – 2800 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/2/09 10:45 am
No Property Taken
The suspect approached the victim on a bike. The suspect asked the victim for a cigarette, the victim stated “no”. The suspect then choked the victim, the victim fought back. The suspect fled on his bike.
Armed Robbery (Commercial) – 2400 blk. Charles Street 11/23/09 3:50 pm- 9:00 am
Property Taken: $150
The suspect entered the store and began ordering food. The suspect then placed his hand in his pocket implying that he had a gun and stated “give me all the money now”. The employee complied and opened the register and gave the suspect the money. The suspect then fled S/B on Charles Street. 
Burglary (Commercial) – 2000 blk. Maryland Ave. 12/2/09 9:30 pm – 9:00 am
Property Taken: Unknown
An unknown suspect broke the front window to gain entry. The suspect moved the items around inside the church and fled w/o removing any property.  
Stolen Auto – 2200 blk. Calvert Street 11/29/09 7:15 pm Property Taken: 2001 Volvo S60 MD Tag 48755CC
Larceny from Auto – 2200 blk. Guilford Ave. 12/5/09 7:19 pm – 6:29 am Property Taken: 7” monitor screen for back-up camera
Larceny from Auto – 400 blk. E. 23RD Street 12/5/09 5:00 pm – 8:30 am Property Taken: Debit Card, SS Card, Credit Card, Health Ins. Card

On Campus

Theft from Building – Update – Arrest – 3003 N. Charles St. (suite 300) – On Dec. 2nd at 3:00 PM, after an investigation by JHU Security and the Baltimore City Police, a graduate school alumnus working as a casual employee of CSOS, was arrested on a warrant for this offense. 

Theft from Building – Latrobe Hall Room 1 – Between Nov. 25th and Nov. 30th a JHU graduate student reported that person(s) unknown entered through an unlocked rear door inside room1, due to a faulty lock, and removed a laptop and power cord from the middle desk in the room.  This incident was reported on Dec.2nd at 12:01 PM.  Investigation continuing.   

Off Campus  

Theft –From Building – 3100 Wyman Park Drive (Room 170A) – On Nov. 30th between 10:00 AM and 1:45 PM, a Baltimore City Police Officer and a Campus Officer responded for a JHMI employee who reported that her cell phone, Bluetooth, social security card and two debit cards were removed from her purse, that was in an unsecured break room. All cards were cancelled.  Investigation continuing.  
Fire – PJ’s Pub, Charles Apts., 3333 N. Charles St. – Dec. 4th at 12:22 AM, Fire Department, campus officers and building maintenance responded for a report of smoke at the building’s rear basement area. The building was evacuated. The smoke was found to be coming from inside a men’s room bathroom wall at PJ’s Pub. The Fire Department opened the wall and extinguished a small fire. No injuries.   
ARREST – Robbery (Strong Arm) – Charles Village Pub, 3100 Blk. St. Paul St. – Dec. 7th at 1:38 AM, an off-duty Baltimore Police officer arrested a male suspect who attempted to steal a purse from a chair in the Charles Village Pub.  The purse’s owner observed the suspect remove the purse from the chair and struggled with him to retain it.  Campus officers assisted in detaining the suspect until the arrival of Baltimore Police. Recovered from inside the suspect’s automobile was other stolen property, including a purse stolen earlier from the Charles Village Pub at 9:55 PM on Dec. 6t h . Medics treated the arrested person for hand and face abrasions. All parties involved are non-affiliates.  Investigation continuing.  
Armed Robbery of Non-Affiliate – 3000 Blk. St. Paul St. (east side) – On Dec. 6th at 1:45 AM, a non-affiliate walking alone was approached from the rear by an unknown male who grabbed her, held a hard object against her back and threatened her. The suspect took her purse and struck her in the head with the object in his hand. The suspect fled on foot, last seen running west on E. 30th Street. The victim was treated at Union Memorial for injuries. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area with negative results. Investigation continuing. (The incident was reported to Baltimore Police at 1:56 AM).  

Burglary (Private Residence) & Assault – 300 Blk. E. University Parkway – On Dec. 4th at 6:50 PM, a senior undergraduate returning home and going upstairs encountered an unknown male, carrying a bag, coming down from the 3rd floor. The male pushed the student backwards, ran into a 2nd floor room and exited through the window. A lap top computer, wallet and two bottles of cologne had been taken from rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Entry had been gained by removing an air conditioner from a 2nd floor porch window. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area with negative results. Investigation continuing.  
Theft from Auto – Evergreen House parking lot, 4545 N. Charles St. – On Dec. 6th at approximately 1:20 PM, the passenger side window was broken on a non-affiliate’s parked vehicle while the owner was in the building. A purse containing cash, cell phone and credit card was taken. The credit card was subsequently used. Investigation continuing. 

We'll all go together when we go...

Why are politicians rallying around Conviction Dixon? Maybe because without "developers," those fund-raising dinners would be awfully quiet.

Dixon watch

Dixon ducks out of speech at JHU, staff said she didn't have time to write speech.

Going Rogue

DR: "The Baltimore Board of Estimates will be asked to approve a $225,000 payment to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit brought against the city police department by 17 people who accused the East Side Special Enforcement Team of “rogue” police work."

"Wikipedia search voids murder conviction"

"Maryland State Police say new reporting requirements for pawnbrokers and precious metal dealers have led to the recovery of more than $50,000 worth of stolen goods in the first month."

Remember the tale of Shirley Worcester, 58, killed by a stray bullet in Middle River? The gunman, 26-year-old Warren Yates got 75 years (in the county, of course). Yates was apparently chasing a guy who gave him a fake bankroll for a trash bag full of doobage.

Monday, December 7, 2009

An animal-control officer was shot while sitting in his van last Monday

WTF? Ravens linebacker's babymom says he knocked her down, spilled bleach on her and his son

Family of murder victim Shantel Brown is hoping witnesses will come forward

The widow of Officer Norman Stamp has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city, Stamp was Tazered and shot in a bar fight last year.

Arrest of Union Square community president

The president of the Union Square Community Association is not pleased with his recent arrest, police say he intefered with an investigation, he says being handcuffed and taked to Central booking has "shattered" his sense of security.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi Haters

Sun poll: most Baltimoreans think Dixon should leave office, though nearly a third of those polled would vote for her if she ran again.

and a pair grows on Calvert St!
Rodricks: "I don't think our city can afford a bad-news mayor for any length of time"
Rosen: "people are comparing Baltimore with tainted places such as Detroit"

Shooting, Beating at Downtown Sheraton

Three Two adults were seriously injured early this morning at a birthday party at the Sheraton hotel, 101 West Fayette Street, police Tweet that arrests are "forthcoming" and there will be a press conference today at 2:30 pm.

Update: more details