Thursday, November 28, 2013

Evan Curbeam's Body Found

DC National Guard confirmed that the body found in the water near Fells Point was missing airman Evan Curbeam.

A Hopkins doctor has been arrested, suspended from her job and charged with helping her roommate sell pain pills* on the Silk Road web site.

Four students were stabbed on the Circulator.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Uh Oh- Medical Examiner Called to
Fells Point Dive Scene

Homicide #215, unidentified man in the 700 block of Linnard Street
Evan Curbeam

Hearty dive teams searched the water near Fells Point for missing Evan Curbeam.

The BPD overspent its budget by $3.8 million* last quarter

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Missing men

Jack Young got his damn underwear* in a twist, and it was awesome. He took Batts to task* for the $285k consultant report, which he called "fluff" and "fast-talking," wondered aloud why it couldn't have been done in-house, and why the police department (with the third-highest per capita police/citizen rate in the country) can't cover shifts without overtime. Fenton says that the report (which is redacted, what?) shows that out of 3,000 officers only 950 are assigned patrol. So what do the rest do? And Batt's response to the tongue-lashing? WYPR reports that he left the hearing without comment.

The Deuce's Christian Shaffer reports that the homicide clearance rate is now 54 percent and non-fatal shooting clearance rate is 52 percent, which is allegedly an improvement over last year.

Evan Curbeam, 29, right, has been missing since he left the Bond Street Social bar last Friday night, call the county police if you see him or have information.

Homicide #213 was Demetrius Beatty, shot in the head in West Baltimore, 214 was Earl Moulden, assaulted in August.

Kyle "Cappo" Stevens, 23, got 32 years in prison for the murder of Keith "Keithy" Ray in September of 2007. Ray was found under some logs in Wyman Park in January 2006. Stevens also admitted to killing James "Ronnie Mo" Wright in 2006, when he was 16.

Thirty years for Dameon Shaw, grocery/convenience store robber.

A federal jury found in favor of a county officer who killed a Middle River man by Tasering him 10 times.

A drug bust netted three alligators.* Where are these drug dealers even getting all these alligators? What does animal control do with them?

In Anne Arundel County James Koltko was arrested for using a sledgehammer to break into cars.

Not Maryland, but totally baffled by this story about Bode Miller's (formerly) pregnant girlfriend, who lost custody of her baby because she "appropriated the child while in utero" while pregnant. What?