Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shomrim victim wants to drop charges

Murder on Harlem Ave in west Baltimore
Why do you suppose the teen victim in the Shomrim assault case refused to testify and asked to drop charges? 
"The victim, now 16, cried as he mumbled responses to some of Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Wiggins’ questions. The teen testified he was walking to the bus stop from his grandmother’s home to go to a doctor’s appointment that day. He said he didn’t make the appointment because two men in a red car approached him, looked at him the wrong way and told him he was not supposed to be there. At times, the teen did not answer and would bend over to put his head in his lap."

Alleged pimp Jeremy Naughton, a.k.a. "Jerms Black," indicted for pimping, kidnapping, gun crimes

These teens that are drinking hand sanitizer for a buzz perhaps haven't heard of Annie McCann's death by Bactine®.

Arrest Made in Phylicia Barnes Murder Case

Many more details are sure to come, but at the moment what we know is that a man by the name of Michael Maurice Johnson has been arrested for the murder of 16-year-old North Carolina resident Phylicia Barnes. More details are sure to come Thursday. No online court records have been found regarding an arrest of a Michael Johnson related to the Phylicia Barnes case.

Justin Fenton has offered up more information on the case, including the fact that Michael Johnson was a boyfriend of Phylicia Barnes' sister, and has been a long-time suspect.*

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Someone Watched a Bit too Much Dirty Harry...

A city homicide detective who was the lead detective in the Phylicia Barnes case, was suspended after illegally raiding several houses in search of his missing 11-year-old daughter. While I'm not a father, I can certainly feel for the guy and understand his actions...

Word of advice to any budding Baltimore criminals... if you're going to stick a gun in someone's face, try to avoid doing it in front of two police officers. Daryl Bland, 29, will have the next 25 years to think that lesson through.

Shatia Baldwin
DeAngelo Carter
The internet must be leaping for joy, as two more arrests have been made in the assault and stripping of a Virginia man on St. Patty's day. Police arrested Shayona Davis, 20, for assault and armed robbery for her role in the assault. Also collared was 18-year-old DeAngelo Carter (aka the "teenage teabagger," shown right.) Police are still ISO a third suspect, 21-year-old Shatia Baldwin. also arrested Shatia Baldwin, left, last night.

Not nearly as newsworthy as hurting a dog, but half of the Johnson twins did, you know, try to murder another human being. This time, Travers Johnson wasn't so lucky in the courts, and got slapped with an eight-year sentence.

It's the old adage of "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" at its finest. Federal authorities raided a flea market suspected of selling counterfeit clothing by the truckload.

An as-of-yet-unidentified woman was dead in ahome in the 5400 block of Hillburn Ave.

The investigation is ongoing in a suspicious three-alarm fire that caused thousands to lose power.

Another day, another disgraced Baltimore police officer sent to the can. This time it's 40-year-old Osvaldo Valentine, sentenced for participating in the Majestic Towing scandal. 

Two days, two shootings on North Robinson Street.

Maryland prison officials are launching a new program designed to root out the ever-growing number of cell phones found in state prisons.

This week's Murder Ink recounts several recent shootings and arrests, including the previously unannounced arrest of 27-year-old Deante Tucker for the April 8th murder of Robert Laney Jr.

Have you seen Doris Anderson? She's has dementia and has been missing since March.

A downtown Towson branch of Wells Fargo has been robbed. Details are sketchy, but but if you ask me, it seems Towson's own "Hipster Bandit" has struck again.*

Good money is o the table for the person who can provide details on "Billy Evans" wanted by County police for a multitude of burglaries.

Kids these days... several Essex tweens are in trouble after being caught breaking into a house in order to smoke weed.

Remember the great nickel heist from a while back? Two men, Gregg Lee Purbaugh, 50, and Kenneth Trainum, 44, have plead guilty for their roles in the peculiar caper.

Finally, 14 years in the Federal big house for 34-year-old Warren Delano Williams, convicted of robbing seven stores and three banks over a 5-month period.

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Baby stabbed by mom

What the freaking hell? WBAL is reporting an eight-month-old infant was stabbed multiple times at the Department of Social Services office at 3031 E Biddle St., Fenton Tweeted the stabber was the baby's mother (!!)

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge David W. Young sentenced Tyrone Webb Jr. today to life plus 20 years in prison for killing his girlfriend Mia Nichols with two gunshots to the head, dumping her body in the woods, and then reporting her missing.

The Court of Appeals overturns a cold-case rape conviction, questions constitutionality of taking DNA samples from arrestees

Takoma Park residents want a resolution to reject the NDAA's infinite-detention clauses.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Carl Snowden Riding Extra Dirty

WTF, Carl Snowden?! Snowden was arrested for his third DUI two years back, and illegally given probation before judgement. Then, Friday, WaPo says he was "pulled over for a broken tail light," and busted with the wacky terbacky-- but P. Hermann got the charging documents* that show the story is even worse/better-- with Snowden parked next to Druid Hill park with his windows down, a "blunt" in plain sight and a registered sex offender (!!) in the passenger seat. Honey badger don't care!
And he's still working for Doug Gansler?! Certainly calls our MD Attorney General's personnel-management skills into question ...! Fun Doug Gansler Wikifact: "He was re-elected unopposed in the 2010 election, winning 98.18%." 

Jihad, jihad, jihad

To get a little meta here: Not just your emails but every kind of electronic transaction you engage in is being stored in a vast data center in Utah, says Wired magazine. One of the article's sources, former technical director of the NSA’s World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group William Binney also gave an interview to Democracy NowAs Ed Norris once said, "they're the government. If they want to get you, they're going to get you." In other news, Poland (which would know a thing or two about totalitarian regimes) has blown the whistle on a torture facility the U.S. government was (is?) using there, named after the founder of East Germany's Stasi.
... maybe we should be glad to see all these police lawsuit payouts-- it means local government cares enough to hold itself accountable, no?

Speaking of lawsuits, a $30 million one just ended in a mistrial. A guy and the relatives of two dead men say city police planted shell casings after a shoot-out on July 4, 2008.

Police Tweeted "Shooting: Parkheights/Boarman. Adult male reported to be shot." and "Shooting: Pulaski/Baltimore Street." and the local firefighters Tweeted "*SHOOTING* Box 29-1 2500 blk Keyworth Av, NW Balto; One person shot, fire engine treating, medics responding." Fenton Tweeted that at least one of these shootings was fatal (not sure which one).

The trial of neighborhood watchers/arm breakers Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim is set to start today downtown. WBAL says the trial has been postponed "at least" six times now.

Comments posted by Galt and Ppatin in 2007 are pissing off a perp's family five years later.

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