Saturday, September 13, 2008

To The Piss-Lined Tank from Old Latrobe

Big (or is it Lil?) Harry of the Latrobe Organization got 60 years for three murders.

The statements of William R. "Billy" Ferandes, 17, accused of fatally shooting 16-year-old Joshua Gibson, can be used at trial, a County judge ruled Friday. You may recall that little Billy and friends allegedly picked Gibson at random and shot him to death on the street, for chuckles.

News of the stupid: The Court of Appeals threw out a vehicular manslaughter conviction and 15-year prison sentence because the jury that rendered the guilty verdict hadn't been sworn in.

Local (allegedly) racist development Co Cordish is in agua caliente with the ACLU of Kansas over their "no white t-shirts" policy.
(QTD: “I like the dress code. It’ll keep out the crap.”)

In Annapolis, a double-shooting and the city's 7th murder.

A Reisterstown company got busted and fined for using a fake Orthodox Union kosher certification mark (though after that Iowa-slaughterhouse nastiness, the probably wish they'd stolen somebody else's!)

County police nabbed a PA perv.

Peter Hermann, Baltimore's only crime blogger, received an angry missive from a Boone St. resident.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Aw hellz naw... they got Turkey and Doughboy!

A fatal shooting reported yesterday afternoon in the 1500 block of Wadsworth Way.

A man was reportedly shot twice in the back about noon Tuesday in the 900 block of Belgian Ave. in the Pen Lucy neighborhood.

Drug raid targets named: "Turkey" "Deadeye" and "Doughboy".
... what's your gangsta name?

Evidence collected following a broad search warrant will be permitted at the trial of the Rogers Forge couple accused of starving their toddler to death.

Turns out the guy shot by police in Dundalk just had a BB gun.

The mystery deepens in the case of the missing GMC Acadia

Chang K. Yim, owner of the Linden Liquors, is protesting outside of city hall. (? "Yim handed out a three-page typewritten statement - available, along with other documents, on the Baltimore Crime Blog.")

Enjoy watching foot chases? WBAL's got video!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Two-Standoff Night

Twenty-seven drug raids last night, and only one standoff, at a house where men "often watched pornography on television without bothering to cover their windows." The Sun has pictures (of the raids, silly!)

A double shooting in Druid Heights.

A man was shot and killed by police in Dundalk after barricading himself in a house and waving a gun out the window.

Genius teens try to rob undercover cop

What happened to the impounded GMC Acadia?

Busy blogger Peter Hermann goes to Boone Street, laments Mouse, Wooly and Woo Woo, updates us on the case of the robbed 66-year-old tourist with the herniated disc.

"Police union calls order for foot patrols ‘ridiculous’"

News of the weird: Essex CC student who happened to be carrying $1400 robbed and beaten by attackers, including a man with an "F" carved in his hair

News of the weird II: Thurmont mom who put kids in trunk of car now in trouble for giving teens vodka

Conviction in Dice-Game Shooting

From the SAO:
A Baltimore City jury yesterday convicted Jamal Smith, 20, of the 1800 block of E. Federal St. of attempted first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. The jury deliberated approximately five hours after a three-day trial. Judge Robert B. Kershaw scheduled sentencing November 14, 2008. Smith faces a maximum possible prison term of life plus 20 years. Details:
On June 12, 2007 at approximately 1:07 a.m. police responded to the 2000 block of E. Hoffman St. for a report of a shooting. Upon arrival they found the victim lying in the street suffering from a gunshot wound to the head. Investigation revealed that the victim, Smith and others were involved in a dice game. The victim and Smith had a dispute over $2 and Smith pulled out a gun, aimed at the victim’s head and shot him one time in the temple area.

Three witnesses positively identified Smith as the shooter via photographic arrays. DNA consistent with the defendant was located on the dice recovered from the scene. The victim remains in the hospital in an unresponsive state as a result of this shooting.
Assistant State’s Attorneys Tonya LaPolla and Bethany Durand of the Firearms Investigation Violence Enforcement (F.I.V.E.) Division prosecuted this case.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Drive-by Mowdown

in East Baltimore injured five ... make that six ... and killed 23-year-old Robert Wilson.
(Thx glt)

What the?! Justin Fenton reports that police- and corrections-officer uniforms were found at the scene of Reginald Carter's murder.

A bevy of stolen stuff in the Blotter, including a 42" TV in Roland Park and an excavating machine removed from a city construction site.

More on that Catonsville stabbing: "The fight involved several men and a variety of weapons, including a metal pole, a knife and a 40-inch wooden sword."
A 40-inch wooden sword?!

The Baltimore County driving instructor who sued "Borat" has had his case tossed out of court.

And now, your quote of the day with Radio host Ron Smith:
If one were to grade the Baltimore state's attorney's office on conviction rates and public relations skills, it would get maybe an F. But if one were to grade State's Attorney Patricia C. Jessamy and her sidekick spokeswoman Margaret T. Burns on the fine art of political stonewalling - that is, the outright refusal to answer inconvenient questions - the grade would have to be an A+.
Via the Ink, three homicides have been added to the BCrime toll: Andre Harris, Shirley Johnson and Tyrone Bowie.

A man who was shot 13 years ago has died and has been added to the toll.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What Happened at the Barber Shop?

A witness says Homicide Detective Terry Love was "brave" and "doing his job," Jessamy's office says it was criminal assault and endangerment, and Love's lawyer questions the timing of the charges. (Wonder if they were filed before or after Love's EEOC complaint?)

15 Years for Killer of Ashley Bellosi

From the SAO:
Immediately before opening statements were set to begin in his murder trial, Rodney Fray, 39, of the 1800 block of E. Pratt St. [pleaded] guilty to second-degree murder today. Judge Paul Smith sentenced Fray to 30 years in prison, suspending all but 15 years, and five years probation.

On July 7, 2007 at 3:36AM paramedics responded to 817 St. Paul Street Apartment 804 and observed the victim Ashley Bellosi, 23, lying on the bedroom floor inside of her apartment. Bellosi was unconscious and suffering from numerous injuries to the head, neck, torso, and limbs. She was transported to Shock Trauma in critical condition and on July 11, 2007 Bellosi died as a result of her injuries. On July 12, 2007 OCME performed an autopsy on the victim and determined that the cause of death was homicide and the manner of death was blunt force trauma to the victim’s head. A witness positively identified Fray as being the person who fought with the victim and caused her injuries. Fray was Bellosi’s boyfriend and had recently moved into her apartment. After being arrested and read his Miranda rights Fray gave a taped statement admitting to fighting with the victim in the victim’s apartment.

Assistant State’s Attorney Joshua Felsen of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.

Astounding Assholism!

Someone burned down the playground at the 33rd street Y!


... they found that missing little boy, Ramon Richardson! He was with his mom. Probably all a big wacky misunderstanding.

Baltimore teen Shneara Boone was found murdered in Frederick.

Baltimore man went walking in Annapolis, got skull fractured by teenage robbers.

Loyola's seven-year court battle with county residents has finally come to an end, with the school getting to build its retreat.

A gal who talked to the media about the poor condition of city cop cars and lost her contract got $120k

Terrible Tuesday

It wouldn't be Baltimore if someone didn't get shot and killed at least weekly. Here's the most recent homicide, which happened last night.

Steven Darnell Romingo was arrested and
charged with the Saturday-night stabbing death of his girlfriend.

HE's a commended officer, SHE's a known prostitute ... hilarity will ensue when they come together. Or maybe not.

Plenty of other things going on in the blotter. But if it isn't a murder and not on the news it doesn't count...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Homicide is one stat you can't fuck with...

.. or is it, David Simon?
(click for bigger images)


ImageHandler"[The Baltimore Police] make rules and enforce them and don't even know the fuck why ... and when the apocalypse starts, we will be prepared for the breakdown of order."
-- Adam Endres Blender 10/08, "Music from Murderland" p. 56

Knife-Weilding Stoner on the Run

mappSean Michael Mapp, 25, left, allegedly produced a knife during a traffic stop on the Key Bridge, evaded a cloud of pepper spray, got shot at, escaped into the woods, left stolen gun, giggleweed behind.

... two teenagers, Michael Earl Redding, 19, and Trinard Terrell Woods, 16, were arrested for robbing a Wendy's in the NW and shooting the manager. They have also been linked to the robber of a 7-11 August 20.

Horrible: Howard man gets 18 months for abusing infant daughter

Two Life Terms for Evil Killer of Mom and Fetus

TDR reports two life terms were handed down for David Miller this morning, convicted of killing Elizabeth Walters and her 28-week-old fetus.
He is the first person to be convicted under MD's "Viable Fetus" law.
UPDATE: More from the Sun


The Baltimore Sun continues its investigation of the PD's crime lab issues.

The Abell Foundation, over the protests of State's Attorney Jessamy, has released the jury disparity report. Hmm. I wonder where it could be found... Oh, perhaps here? (<-links to .pdf)

The blotter features more behavior of our city's little dears. Tell me, who steals car keys but not the car?

.. and what darlings left their bombs at the playground?

Drive-by in Parkville

Stabbing in Catonsville