Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elmo libre

 Kevin Kiadii
Sheldon Stephens
Three lawsuits dropped against native son Kevin Clash b/c of time limits; the alleged actions in, on and upon Cecil Singleton, Kevin Kiadii and an anonymous accuser allegedly happened six years ago, and in 2006 NY established a 5-year statute of limitations on civil claims on sex abuse claims.
BUUTTT there is still one more suit to go, filed by Sheldon Stephens in Pennsylvania district court in March of this year. PA has a 12-years-after-18 statute of limitations, and Stephens' lawsuit involves sleazy lawyers, crystal meth, nitrate poppers and a masturbating chauffeur.

Well, back to Baltimore, where seven people were shot over the weekend.*

And what the fuckty fuck. One Lukasz Szkiluk, 63, "accused of killing his estranged wife had tied up another woman in his Highlandtown home before the killing, according to court records, and the captive told police she chewed through the ropes and escaped after the man showed her his wife’s body."*