Friday, March 31, 2006

March 31

harrisTanya Harris, left, a wiry 16-year old girl, is wanted for attempted murder and robbery in the attack of 26-year-old Lensey Hamilton.

A 90-year-old woman was robbed and raped in Cockeysville.

A "mobile meth lab" was busted and police arrested a middle-aged couple in Garrett County.

Motion to Modify Sentence Hearing is scheduled for Officer Vicki Mengel for Monday at 2:00 p.m. The Motions hearing will be heard by Judge Braverman at Eastside District Court in Courtroom 1. The southwestern district police officer was convicted February 14 of illegal gambling and fined $150 for her involvement in a November poker game in Northeast Baltimore.

Ooh, an illegal "bottle club" in the basement of the Belvedere Hotel! How roaring-twenties!

A Palm Springs perv, Michael Sadler, was arrested in Baltimore.

Joseph A. Shryock, 47, pled guilty to bilking UMBC for $3k worth of plumbing fixtures.

If you're a Japanese businessman trying to avoid taxes on $100 million worth of Wyeth, stash the cache in the last place anyone would expect to find a classy nude: Baltimore.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 30

28-year-old Baltimore City police officer Dante Hemingway was shot in South Baltimore's Westport neighborhood while working undercover. A "person of interest" was hit in the leg, and another suspect is being sought.

After two corrections officers were stabbed at Jessup, Ehrlich is holding a "prison safety summit" to address violence in Maryland prisons.

Almost missed this:
Julie B. of the Sun covering the Jeff Raymond/Matt Stoffel story. I'm with you, Nancy Kelly: "the state's attorney is not the victims attorney ... It's a crime, not an accident ... whether it's a stranger or your best friend, when you kill someone, you need to be held accountable." Barf: "I wish we could be 5-0 for Matt."

18-year-old Martin Michael Morgan was was sentenced to life plus 29 years for murdering Wade Walker at a Northwest Baltimore takeout restaurant.

William Muldrow, 61, got 19 1/2 years for running an OxyContin ring.

Three entrepreneurial college students from Indiana were much luckier. After being stopped in AA County with 103 boxes of cold and allergy meds (which they were planning to take home and resell to meth manufacturers), they were released because Maryland doesn't have any laws preventing bulk purchases of psuedoephedrine products. A federal law will go into effect next week.

A 30-something black guy with a tattoo on his neck has robbed two Dundalk Royal Farmses.

Thomas C. Springer was indicted for a year-long bank robbery spree.

Pasadena girl: nobody touched the hoo-ha after all.

A Dundalk father-and-son pair, both named Odell Edward Phipps, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing three girls between 1973 and 1997.

Anonymous source: in the Amanda Johnson case, she wanted to plea and the state "can't force someone to not plea. The state initially asked for eight years. Then asked for five years. The judge came up with five years suspend all but 90 days. The State objected to the sentence, not the plea."

Teenager Tyler Bauer is suing the Frederick TGI Friday's for "200-thousand" for letting her drink illegally, which led to her to falling on her face in the parking lot.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

March 29

At a hearing today, Judge Shirley Watts sentenced Martin Michael Morgan, 18, to life in prison plus 29 years. Judge Watts sentenced Morgan to life for the first-degree murder, 20 years for the handgun and nine years for first-degree assault. A Baltimore City jury convicted him February 8 for the murder of Wade Walker, 32. On March 12, 2004 Morgan shot to death Mr. Walker inside a carryout in the 3700 block of W. Belvedere Avenue. A co-defendant in this case, James Murphy, pled guilty January 10, 2005 to second-degree murder and is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence.

A Baltimore City jury convicted Montese L. Thompson, 23, today of second-degree murder following three hours of deliberation and one day of testimony. Judge Alfred Nance set sentencing for May 16, 2006 at which time Thompson could receive a maximum of 30 years in prison. On June 28, 2005 Thompson beat Verna Brown, 35, to death in the 1800 block of North Montford Avenue. Thompson assaulted Brown in a house and later followed her outside and beat Brown in the face with a shovel. Brown was transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries on July 3, 2005.

At a hearing today, Amanda Johnson, 23, of the 700 block of Berry Street, pled guilty to a single count of witness intimidation. You'll recall the Hampden lass is one of the first people to be charged under the new, tougher witness intimidation laws. Under terms of the plea agreement, announced in open court and objected to by the State, Judge Glynn will sentence her to five years in prison, suspending all but 90 days with three years probation. Sentencing is scheduled for April 26, 2006. In July 2005 police identified a witness in a pending attempted murder trial. The witness positively identified Timothy Meadows and Kenneth George as the individuals who attempted to murder a victim on June 26, 2005, in the 2600 block of Miles Ave. They were indicted for attempted first-degree murder and related charges and are awaiting trial on April 12. Say court documents:
"On October 14, 2005, Amanda Johnson went to the house of the witness and knocked on the door. Amanda Johnson asked, 'Why are you snitching on my family?' and then pulled out two photographic arrays with the identifying witness's signature and stated, 'I got these from discovery, and he is going to get it before he goes to court.' Amanda Johnson then left the area in her vehicle. She is the girlfriend of Kenneth George."

The Sun and I (Chuck) mis-identified two of last week's murder victims: According to "Murder Ink" and supported by BPD, Lenard Hawkins (not "Lennard") was the man killed on Lauretta Ave., and Darren Green (not "Derrick") was the man shot to death on Mapleleaf Ct. "Murder Ink" added one more name to the year's death toll: On March 23, the medical examiner ruled that the death of 41-year-old Gregory Rollins was murder, not suicide.

The sub-headline in the Sun really says it all: "King says he gave informants drugs to sell but insists he's not guilty of corruption."

The Blotter has everything from fake Louis Vuitton bags to a 20-year-old with a shotgun blast to the chest.

WYPR ran a two-part interview with Commissioner Hamm. (Part 1 and Part 2.)

In the nation's first case of a state taking over city-run schools under No Child Left Behind, Maryland State Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick is proposing to take control of 11 city middle and high schools in 18 months. Brian D. Morris, chairman of the city school board, was quoted in the Sun as saying, "This political [expletive] is eroding our ability to educate the children of our city." Funny. It seems like North Avenue's ability to educate the children of this city eroded a long time ago, but maybe that's just me being bitter.

Terrance Hawkins still hasn't refunded money to the majority of the people who paid him for a non-existant tour to see Oprah.

Benjamin Iloamuzo was indicted for identity theft and filing fake tax returns worth more than $220,000.

Laura Paolino-Moore pleaded guilty to operating a financial institution without a license, and was ordered to repay over $2,000 she stole from her debt-management clients.

In the "Heinous Crimes Against Underage College Students" department, Power Plant Live announced that they are ending their Thursday "College Night."

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 28

The trial of Wayne Bond -- Bloods member and alleged cabbie killer -- continues in Harford county.

Today's sensationalist headlines come from The WBAL: "Man At Large After Stabbing". Apparently, two men were arguing in a Linthicum store when one stabbed the other.

One reason why I like the Sun: A lack of sensationalist headlines. If today's Blotter were on a TV news site, it would read something like, "Two Shooters, A Stabber, and An Arsoner on the Loose."

In Westminster, seven adults and one juvenile were arrested for possession of heroin and crack after a five-month investigation.

A drug bust in Southwest Baltimore netted police 21 guns, $12,000 in cash, and 100 grand worth of the wacky tabacky.

A bill establishing crimes against homeless victims as hate crimes died in the Senate. Opponents claimed the bill would not address the problem of homelessness. If I'm understanding correctly, though, the bill wasn't trying to address the problem of homelessness, it was trying to address the problem of people beating and killing the homeless.

The jury didn't buy Thurman Spencer, Jr.'s strategy of calling the woman he was accused of raping and then claiming his phone records established that they'd had a consensual sexual relationship.

The father of the 8-year-old girl who was shot by a boy at a Germantown day care center has filed a $1,000,000 lawsuit claiming negligence on behalf of the center's president, an employee, the boy's father, and the convicted felon who provided the gun to the boy's father.

Monday, March 27, 2006

March 27

(I apologize in advance for the bare-bones posting in the coming days. I'm swamped in school, especially with my statistics class that is teaching me how to twist numbers to fit my own devious purposes. -- Chuck)

Five murders since Cybrarian's last post: 17-year-old Shawnisha Biggus was stabbed repeatedly on Woodbourne Ave. (right across the street from where 15-year-old Vatell Murray lived before he was shot to death in a train tunnel back in January). Her murder received an atypical amount of coverage, including WJZ's piece on a candlelight vigil and this sensationalist bit titled "Murder Suspect Still On The Loose". (It might be more accurate to write "Hundreds of Murder Suspects Still On The Loose.")

Lennard Hawkins, 22, was shot outside his Lauretta Ave. home on March 12, and died at Shock Trauma on Wednesday, March 22.

73-year-old Lee Tatum was stabbed on Tuesday, March 21 after having a dispute with 51-year-old Dana White on E. 25th St. He died on Thursday, March 23.

The Sun article about Shawnisha Biggus mentions that 21-year-old Carlos Lewis was apparently the man who was shot in the head in South Baltimore near 295. Even though that WJZ article asked us to "Stay logged onto WJZ.COM for the latest updates on this story," they never actually bothered to report that he died at Shock Trauma early Thursday morning.

Derrick Green, 21, was found early Saturday morning with multiple gunshot wounds to his abdomen. He died at the scene.

In the Blotter, two teenage girls stabbed a 54-year-old employee of Royal Fried Chicken, a man was robbed, another man was robbed, and a man was hit over the head with a big piece of wood.

The case against three suspected East Baltimore drug dealers collapsed when Circuit Judge John N. Prevas ruled that defense attorneys could tell jurors about 46 internal affairs complaints filed against the two investigating police officers.

After the Dundalk precinct recorded 4,000 (???) calls to the York Park Apartments last year, Baltimore County is buying the crime-ridden complex. (I wonder if city officials could convince the county to buy Lauretta Ave., also?)

King took the stand for over four hours on Monday.

The Maryland House of Delegates approved legislation to veto the Constellation/FPL Group energy merger. Ehrlich and BG&E officials don't seem impressed.

March 24- April 5

The Cybrarian will be generally unavailable for the two weeks it takes Verizon to hook up a GD'd DSL connection.

Jury selection in the rape trial of Charles Carroll is expected to begin at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday before Judge Roger Brown, 636 Clarence Mitchell Courthouse.