Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Halloween in Baltimore

Lots of crazy cats in the county...

A love triangle turned Workplace murder suicide in Eastpoint.

Followed by a police involved shooting in which a officer was shot.

In better news, a whopping 6 people were arrested
for the murder of a Liquor Store owner.

Meanwhile in City news...

A city man recieved 40 years for an attempted murder in Columbia.

The news looks even worse for a man who suffered a seizure after swallowing drugs in a police raid. Word of advice: Remember it's not worth it, your in Baltimore City, the odds are in your favor that you will be in little to no trouble.

And in final City News, a convicted killer is caught with a gun on Mangold St.

And as a little Halloween reminder, make sure It's candy that you're eating, because there are more and more Ecstasy Traffickers these days.
Part II of stop snitching, philly style

Monday, October 26, 2009


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A suspiciously dead body found behind a house in Winchester.

Man stabbed multiple times on the East side at around 8 p.m. tonight. Different incident than the person stabbed to death at 5 a.m. in CHUM.

Did the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center violate state law by isolating juveniles for long periods of time?
Also see "Is Solitary Confinement Torture?" .. and Ppatin's comments.

Heart-warming, yet stomach-churning: Lawyers step in to help victim impregnated by aunt's boyfriend

Hey whaddayaknow, that furry-moobed guy who threatened Keith Daniels with a shotgun was telling the truth-- he really isn't Thomas Meighan Jr.! The actual Meighan is still in the can and has only been charged with traffic violations so far. WTF? "Witnesses told police that after that accident, he drove to Northeast Baltimore, where he struck an SUV on Bel Air Road, and ran from the scene of that crash."

Unfortunate Day for Baltimore Police

An off duty county officer is killed in a tragic motorcycle accident.

In less tragic but still unfortunate Baltimore police news, a off-duty officer pointed a gun at a House of Screams employee dressed as "leatherface."

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And the news keeps getting weirder as a man in drag was found stabbed to death today in the 1500 block of Montpelier St. Baltimore police have not yet identified the victim.


According to city councilwoman Belinda Conaway, a whole lot of city residents skip jury duty, which is why she's calling council hearing on the subject her father vowed to probe two weeks ago.