Saturday, September 16, 2006

September 16

The public defender's office, which was suing the Maryland Division of Pretrial Detention and Services over delays at the Central Booking and Intake Center, has requested that the suit be dropped. Stat: more than 100,000 people are arrested in Baltimore each year. Baltimore City's population is about 635,000.

calvin-jonesJesus. Yvonne Whitaker was slammed into a toilet with so much force the toilet broke. The assailant was one Calvin Louis Jones, left, 46, of Marianna, Florida, whom she met online. He's on the lam, wanted for attempted murder.

A suicidal armed man surrendered peacefully in HoCo.

The Sun has more about the shooting of Antonio Gilmore at the "Better" Waverly Blockbuster®. (192-200)

Three inmates were stabbed at Jessup last night.

Glenn Curry, who appeared to be cold-clocked in the jaw while handcuffed by a police officer, has only a traffic ticket on his criminal record-- not exactly the "numerous arrests" BPD spokesman Matt Jablow claimed. Said Curry's lawyer, "If the Baltimore City police wants to look at anyone's record, they should look in the mirror." Burn!

At a hearing Friday, Judge Althea Handy sentenced Donte Knight, 22, of North Stricker Street to 50 years in prison, the first five years (!) to be served without the possibility of parole. Baltimore City jury convicted Knight August 4, 2006 of second-degree murder, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and other handgun counts. On May 7, 2005 Donte Knight approached the victim, Donald Woodard, 45, who was walking southbound in the 1500 block of North Calhoun St. Knight produced a .45 caliber semi automatic handgun and shot Mr. Woodard several times hitting him twice in the buttocks and once in the abdomen. Police recovered from the crime two .45 caliber shell casings, one spent bullet, various pieces of clothing from the victim, and two bullet fragments from inside of a GMC truck. Mr. Woodard told the responding officer, Officer Hayes, that a black male known as "Donte" AKA "Yamean" shot him.

Jayne McClean, 26, got 33 months for planning a fake bank robbery. And a lot of people were sentenced forconspiring to distribute heroin: George Butler, who appeared on "Stop Fucking Snitching," got 10 years.

A former Special Ed TA in Catonsville pled guilty to firearm posession with a felony conviction.

In Talbot County, Brian Dancik, convicted of beating his mother to death, was mistakenly released after serving 76 days. He was re-arrested in Caroline County.

Randy Dorsey, a deputy with the FredCo Sheriff's office was charged with arson for setting his girlfriend's SUV on fire.

imagesA Cardin staffer has been sacked after referring to "Jewish noses," allegedly referring to Oreo cookies on her blog.

Friday, September 15, 2006

September 15 - Murder in Better Waverly

As I've been reporting...

Antonio Gilmore, age 38, store manager of Blockbuster Video at Waverly Crossings on Homestead Street was murdered last night by gunshot in an attempted armed robbery. Police are investigating. I was inside the supermarket across the street at the time. The ambo and the black and whites showed up around 8:45 p.m. Gilmore is the brother of an officer in BCPD. The two gunmen were presumably caught on tape.

"I'm just sick to my stomach, it just gives me the goosebumps. I don't understand what's going on to this neighborhood," said Roy Nam of Green's Carryout. "I've been here ten years now, met a lot of people, seen a lot die too." (from wjz)

From the AARP debate:

"I think crime has gone up no matter what [O'Malley] says," said Gary Watts, a 71-year-old Baltimore resident and Ehrlich supporter. "I used to not have to lock my door. Now, I won't even go to the corner store without locking it." (in the Sun)

While the audience broadly dismissed O'Malley's claims that crime in Baltimore is down, most notable was Governor Ehrlich's recognition of sources stating that the City administration appears to be manipulating the data. Ok, so initiate a formal investigation, please?

In the Police Blotter, mostly burglary and theft, but a stabbing on West North and a robbery at Mondawmin Mall in the parking lot.

From the Courthouse

In courtroom news, multiple murderer-rapist Raymont Hopewell was sentenced to four life sentences without parole by Judge John M. Glynn. While the 35 year-old claimed regret, none of the victims' families seemed to be buying it.

Former Jessup Corrections Officer Rasheem Jamal Robionson was sentenced to five years in prison plus on federal charges of selling coke to federal agents at Security Square Mall.

East side, West side, all around town

Also, lotsa bodies seem to be turning up under different circumstances in Arbutus, Perry Hall(Baltimore County), Aberdeen, and Edgewood(Harford).

A few robberies and a lotta vehicle theft in the Northern reported in the Messenger's Crime Log.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

September 14

The BPD is having a bad couple of days: an amateur video appears to shows a police officer punching a heroin-possession suspect in the jaw.

An arraignment is scheduled for Baltimore police officer William Darrell Welch, 40, of Quiet Stream Court, Timonium, at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow before Judge John P. Miller, 428 Mitchell Courthouse. The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Welch August 23, 2006 with one count of second-degree rape and three counts of misconduct in office. If convicted of the count of rape, Welch could be sentenced to imprisonment not exceeding 20 years. Misconduct in office is a common law offense that carries a period of incarceration in whatever amount a court deems is fair and reasonable. The indictment alleges that on July 16 in the Southeastern District Station Welch had sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old girl after she had been taken into custody by another officer.

fingersMore on the "testilying" cops of the SE-- there'll almost certainly be a lawsuit (good thing the city doesn't have any money any more!)
ps., the story has been picked up by the AP and appears in papers from Los Angeles to the UK.

Sentencing for admitted quintuple-murderer Raymont Hopewell hearing has been delayed to 2:00 p.m. today. The hearing will be before Judge John M. Glynn, 236 Mitchell Courthouse, 110 N. Calvert St. UPDATE: Hopewell "issued a half-hearted apology" then was sentenced to life without parole.

Two homicide victims have been ID'd: the man killed on 8th St. in Brooklyn was Steven A. King, 19.
A man shot in Washington Village was ID'd as Geroge Young, 23.
They make the annual homicide total at least 191 and probably closer to 199. The State's Attorney's office reports 180.

At a hearing yesterday Penny Christian, 37, and Jerome Sutton, 33, of Ruxton Avenue, pled guilty to armed robbery. Judge Albert J. Matricciani, Jr. sentenced Christian to 18 months in prison (and three years' probation). Judge Matricciani sentenced Sutton to five years in prison (and three years probation). On February 2, 2006 the pair assaulted and robbed a Sun newspaper vendor at the intersection of North Avenue and Fulton.

Most interesting! Police, backed by the federal Maryland Exile campaign, passed out a flier to let the community know that murderer Charles Garrison is in jail. (It's like they're crime blogging, but in 2-D!)

International News
A double homicide in HarfCo, two brothers killed in Edgewood (not related to the home-invasion gunfire reported earlier.)

Horrible: In Westminister, under the watch of two 16-year-old moms, a 15-month-old child fell out of a moving car and was dragged 85 feet through a parking lot.

In MoCo, Doug Duncan got out of bed and removed his shoebox-slippers to demand that the county's election officials be fired.

...don't forget to mail your quarterly taxes, self-employed people... MoCo Franchot will be cashing your check!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13

Murder Ink: 190 intentional, unjustified homicides as of Sept. 10.

Two stories PR people waited to release until the day after the election:
Not a year after news of the SW district's "Flex Squad" broke, a second specialized police unit has been shut down on account of a criminal investigation. This time, a "Special Enforcement Team," or SET, in the Southeast is facing allegations that officers lied on charging documents. Once again, dozens of cases may be dismissed.

What the?! Baltimore city found $16 million-- and is going to give $440,000 to the Jewish Museum?! My kid's school needs $2 million of structural repairs and has contaminated water! That museum can't raise its own money?!?! How dare they. That is my money, and if I wanted to give it to some museum then I would! Who decided this? How can it be legal? Even if it's legal it sure ain't right!

In Baltimore Couny, trial is underway for Carl Evans, 36, accused of killing his 13-year-old stepdaughter Breaunna and setting fire to his house to cover up the murder.

Twenty-four-year old Nicole Stevenson was indicted for taking the personal info of a patient at Harbor Hospital and using it to buy more than $61k worth of stuff. And a Dominican man got 132 months in prison for smuggling cocaine and heroin into MD inside car batteries. And a postal employee who faked a bad back will have to pay $242k in fraudulently collected pay, back. And a serial bank robber, fake accounting at the credit union, felons with guns, etc.

A campaign volunteer for State's Sttorney candidate Steve Fogelman was robbed at 3 a.m. as he put on signs near a middle school on the West side. Duh.

Nutcase Karl Glenn Salenieks of Crofton got 6 1/2 years in prison for being a felon in possession. He was busted after posing as a cop and pulling over a car full of undercover officers, which had to have made one hi-larious scene.

Underage drinkers at Uncle Lee's China Room and the Latin Palace were charged for illegal consumption and trying to pass fake IDs.

Residents are being fined for not draining standing water after a rainstorm.

Two HoCo women are charged with animal cruelty for cat-collecting.

"That part of urban America which has been left behind by the economy and by the greater society" = good watchin'! The Wire will go on for a fifth season!

In Annapolis, a principal blamed MySpace for the recent high-school gang fight.

Looks like Franchot has won.

Fill in the blank: A Delaware band director was arrested for ...

September 13, early morning edition

Andre Wilkins, the last of the McAbier firebombers, got 20 federal years.

... as of this writing we don't know who won for Comptroller, sounds like Cardin won for Senate, and, most annoyingly, John Sarbanes (who has done nothing) appears to have beaten Peter Beilienson (who saved the city from a third-world-class epidemic of teen pregnancy and crocth rot) in the 3rd.
kimora lee carterJill Carter's in in the 41st (is anything on her not fake?).
And Doug Gansler [is almost] in the courthouse (did he know what the building smelled like before he decided to run?)
The Mfume/Cardin race is nail-bitingly close. I still think Cardin will win, but the margin is tightening (3,000 votes) and reports are just starting (at 1 a.m.) to come in from Baltimore city, so there may still be surprises.

Sisters with two different last names got in a beer-bottle-brawl. And a man shouted "Bitchmuthafucka, you know what it is!" before a robbery in the Western.

The Sun covers the Patterson Park community meeting following the shooting of officer Robert Cirello.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Primary Day '06

It's Primary Day!

The Sun's got the first stories of the effed-up poll machines. As you may have already found out firsthand today, brand-new machines are being run by untrained or badly-trained workers, polls didn't always open on time and in some areas machines and/or election judges, in particular, Republican judges, did not show up at all!

NEVERTHELESS, the board of elections voted against extending voting for another hour in Baltimore City! Judge Holland shot them down and polling places will be open until 9-- but if you haven't voted yet, go to the polls now!! (and bring something to read in line)

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 9 p.m.
Though here at the blog we probably disagree on who to vote for, we love election day! Especially local elections, because your vote might even matter.
Some tips:

  • Check your polling place online or on your voter registration card before you go-- it may have changed since the last election.

  • You do have to be reigstered with a party affiliation to vote in this here primary election. Sorry, independents, libertarians, Greens, communists, etc.

  • Did you know? In the city you'll also be voting for members of your party's central committee, Clerk of the Court, Circuit Court Judges, Orphan's Court judges, State's Attorney, register of wills and Sheriff. Surprise!

  • So do bring notes (we like the LWV info sheet)-- written materials are allowed, and you don't want to just vote for whoever happened to get a flier in your face.

  • If you don't know the candidates or can't decide, you can just skip a category.
    Your other votes will still count.

  • Before you go, find your city council district and figure out what district of your party you're in. Repulicans are district 3, 4, 6, 10-13, Dems are 40, 41, or 43-46.

  • If you have your voter registration card, you may or may not be asked for ID. Just in case, it's a good idea take your license, passport or a bill (utility, phone, tax assessment with your name and address).

  • You can take your kids inside with you, but not your dog(s).

  • For more info or help use the board of elections site or the "Voter Empowerment Hotline" at 1-888-678-VOTE.

*Assuming your vote does count. So far I haven't talked to a single person who has a scrap of faith in the new Diebold® system.
The Friends-of-Cheney company made $90 million on the machines (just in MD), but couldn't have people on hand to train workers and make sure the machines functioned?
I'm starting to get why so many readers hate Republicans more than Hezbollah ...!

More September 12

At a hearing today, Christopher Nathan Porter, 18, pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. Judge Martin P. Welch sentenced porter to 10 years in prison, the first five years without parole for the handgun count and 10 years in prison, concurrent, for the manslaughter count. Court documents allege that on May 15, 2005 police officers with emergency medial personnel responded to 100 Diener Place for a shooting. Damon Aldridge, 23, was found lying unresponsive on the pavement suffering from gunshot wounds to the head and torso and was pronounced dead at the scene. Porter, who was 16 at the time, was identified through eyewitness accounts.

At a hearing today Judge Allen L. Schwait sentenced Donald Smothers, 29, of Norland Road to 30 years in prison. Smothers pled guilty to second-degree murder on July 10. Judge Schwait previously sentenced a co-defendant, Anthony Wallace, 26, to six years following Wallace's guilty plea to manslaughter. On July 16, 2002 Smothers and Wallace murdered Phillip Kent, 22, during a home invasion at 2218 Round Road. A Baltimore City jury convicted Smothers and Wallace of first-degree murder in January 2003 and the Court of Special Appeals vacated the guilty verdicts in September 2004 for the improper admission of both defendants' criminal convictions.

The Ameer Taylor case was postponed for the second time today at the request of the defense (Warren Brown) until November 30.

An arraignment for Dennis James Wallace, 54, is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. tomorrow before Judge Gale E. Rasin, 509 Courthouse East, 111 N. Calvert Street. The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Wallace August 21, of this year for first-degree murder. Court documents allege that on July 31, 1983, Mr. William Gibson's decomposed body was discovered in a trash can which was placed in a wooden clothes locker outside a rear basement apartment located at 3418 Leverton Avenue. The landlord had complained of a strong foul odor coming from the apartment. Police identified Wallace as a potential suspect 10 days after the incident, but by that time Wallace had vanished and his whereabouts were unknown until he was located on July 28 of 2005. Wallace remains held without bail at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Assistant State's Attorney Sam Yee will prosecute the case.

Election Day!

(bumped up)

September 12

Kevin Clark, part Deux

The Examiner reports on the return of former Police Commissioner Kevin Clark, whom the courts have ruled was improperly discharged by Hizzoner NO'Malley. Now, as I've been calling for the doubling of police manpower, I didn't really mean in the Commissioner's office. I was actually thinking we could do without the current occupant.

In the Sun's Police Blotter the two young men murdered in South Charles Village are identified.

A crime emergency meeting was held in Patterson Park with councilman Jim Kraft and City Police. Never have have so few done so little for so very many white people. Really white. Looked like a Donny Osmond concert. In my neighborhood you cannot find so many at one time, unless it's Saturday morning and there are organic apples on sale.

Monday, September 11, 2006

More September 11

Ameer Taylor, alleged killer of Sam Richardson, is on the docket for tomorrow morning before Judge Glynn in 236 of the Mitchell Courthouse.

Residents of Montgomery County are more likely than anyone else in America to live to see old age, while Baltimore City residents are the second least likely. But researchers say the high death rate is actually not the (direct) result of violent crime-- city residents' crappy lifestyles and poor personal habits are to blame.

Spotted: Democratic Dr. Peter Beilenson and family waving at cars on the corner of Northern Parkway and Roland Avenue.

Medical Examiner's Office Withholds Homicide Data

I got a call back from the Medical Examiner's office. The man who my call finally landed with wouldn't even give me his name and said the office won't release ANY numbers, even though they have released them in the past and it is public information.
He said, "Things are still under investigation. We're working with the State's Attorney's office to make determinations." Well yah, isn't that what you do all day? Hence the name Medical 'Examiner'?!
I asked about the specific names, as suggested by a 'non, which I had to submit in writing:

[Sept. 1 2006]

Dear Medical Examiner's Office:

May I please have the total number of homicides for the year (Jan 1 to the present) in Baltimore City is according to your office.

In particular, there are a few that I'm wondering if there's a ruling on yet:

Ernest Miller, 58, found dead on 3/14/06 in the 6600 block of Holabird Ave.

Lana Jean Whalen, 37, found dead on 4/5/06 on the shoulder of I-95 in Southeast Baltimore.

An unidentified male, who died on 5/27/06 after struggling with police in the 1800 block of Fleet St.

Robert Benway, 45, who died on 7/1/06 after sustaining a head injury on the job at one of the city's ports on 6/26/06.

On 8/17/06, the body of another unidentified male was found in the 500 block of South Vincent St.

An unidentified male, found dead on 8/23/06 in the 600 block of North Paca St.

[my real name here]

... apparently all of those are all "under investigation," even the one from March.
Can you give me an idea of how many cases you have open?
No, they can't.
No ballpark figure, nothing.

What do you think is going on?

Meanwhile, by my count
(and we don't count Robert Benway or Fleet St. police-struggle man) we're at
That's my number and I'm sticking to it.

September 11

Murder is up 4.8 percent nationwide.

Meow! Prospective Attorney General Stu Simms is whipping out the claws.

Judge Moylan: it's really not necessary for police to knock before executing a search warrant. "A purely ceremonial knock would have served no more additional purpose than a ritualistic touching of one's nose or a clicking of one's heels or a twirling about three times in a counterclockwise direction. We are not operating in Oz." [sub. required]

From TDR:
"A murder suspect was arrested following a car and foot chase through the city of Hagerstown's South End, police said Friday. Raheen Tajohn Edwin, 20, was charged with first-degree murder, handgun violations and other offenses stemming from the fatal shooting July 31 of Trisiviah Rodriguez, 20, on a downtown street. Edwin was captured Thursday night, police said. Demetrius P. McDaniels, 27, also is charged with murdering Rodriguez, who was shot during a late-night altercation among a group of people. According to court documents, McDaniels said after the shooting that he had missed his intended target."

In bucolic Fallston, Levi Lloyd was shot by his neighbor while riding his lawn mower.

Conventional wisdom says venerable Ben Cardin may as well be fluffing the cushion of his Senate seat, but we all just might be in for a surpise tomorrow: the BCrime poll shows Mfume in the lead.

Three murders Sun. morning: 197

Two young males were shot in an argument in South Charles Village around 2 a.m. at the intersection of E. 22nd and Guilford. One is as yet unidentified and police are investigating.

Another man was killed in a home invasion/robbery incident on the 3700 block, Eighth St. in Brooklyn a few hours later.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

September 10

Is this for real? One of the 14 men being transferred from Guantanamo from a (now not-so-) secret foreign prison, Majid Khan, graduated from Owings Mills High in 1999. Teacher: "he wasn't a jokester."

The man shot at Upscale Billiards on Pulaski Hwy was ID'd as Charles Spencer (or is it Spenser?) of Edgewood.

Rodricks: Employers aren't terribly jazzed about hiring ex-cons.

The officer who shot a man in the NW was shot himself four years ago; his badge deflected the bullet.

The Post has an excellent special report; Tuesday more than just Japanese girls' favorite school holiday.

So everyone over the age of 8 knows that Elmo is really a six-foot-tall black man named from Baltimore. Aren't you dying to know how Kevin Clash created the world's most beloved muppet? This was a story begging to be written. Thanks for the tipoff, Laura Vozzella!