Friday, April 19, 2013

anything for u

A "domestic dispute" involving two women, a running gun battle and a 42-year-old male suspect dead in the 3400 bock of Foster Ave in Canton last night. One of the women was reportedly the suspect's wife.*

Boston bomber brothers' uncle lives in Maryland, in Montgomery Village (near Gaithersburg) and was named as Ruslan Tsarni, he's apparently who the FBI have been getting much of their info from, but thanks to the media publishing his name and photo his life is probably going to be hell from now on. Wait, Ruslan? I feel like I've seen that name somewhere before recently...

Are city police underreporting rapes (still/again*), or are they just bad at math*?

One Wardell Blackwell got himself in a barricade situation over an iPhone in Worser Waverly.

A decade for "Dready" the gun-and-Taser-toting heroin dealer.

A home invasion robbery in Medfield.

"anything for u": A guilty plea for illegal computer access from a former city officer, Keith Nowlin, who searched MVA records at the behest of drug dealer Marvin Mobley.

"Harford County's top prosecutor said Wednesday that he does not have enough evidence to show that Alexander Kinyua is criminally responsible for killing a family friend and eating his organs* last year."

Triple shooting at The Loft, a redneck bar in Essex*

Remember Senator Thomas Bromwell? William Bond is still pursuing the case, and here's an Op-Ed from him.

Dirt bikes confiscated, adorable puppies found (including one inside a shipping crate, says Fenton).

A HarfCo Sherriff's deputy was arrested for giving a Baltimore towing company classified info on where to find cars that were due for a repossessing.

Need tips on how to be a better criminal? There's a subReddit for that. Also for opiate addicts, plushies with zoophile tendencies, and people who are totally not addicted to meth (why turtles?). Also, don't click any of those links at work. Or ever. Forget I posted them. Oh, and CISPA passed. Could this week suck any worse? One day left to find out!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Word of the day: taggant: noun, a substance added to a product to indicate its source of manufacture, as in taggants were used to solve a car bombing in Baltimore in 1979, but due to the lobbying power of the NRA, while taggants could be added to explosives in this country, they are not.

 Anton Lesane
The BPD reported a homicide at 3800 Clifton Avenue, the city's 60th of the year. The victim was ID'd as 21-year-old Andrew Morris.

So you probably heard about Johnny Johnson, high on a speedball and going 100 mph* on 83 before he killed that poor Orioles fan.

Marcus Lesane, known as Anton, went missing on Sunday and his family presumes he's dead.* How could someone go missing under such flagrantly suspicious circumstances-- keys dangling at the damn car door-- and the police not even send out a damn Tweet about it? How hard is it to Tweet a damn Tweet? Sorry to cuss but damn.

A home invasion* a block north of Patterson Park

Way to ride some azz, Scott Calvert and Luke Broadwater. The city has suspended the use of speed and red light cameras* (for the moment) after the new vendor's cameras showed ticket errors. Oh and BTW the Brew reports that the city just forked over $2.2 million towards these cameras. Even though Brekford's set to get a hefty illegal bounty on proceeds.

So schadenfreudelicious: David Cordish was reportedly swindled by a tax-haven crook.

Stolen guns in Essex and burgled cars in Pikesville in the Patch blotter.

If you missed the Ken Burns documentary on the Central Park Five you can watch it on the PBS website.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A six+-bullet weekend

A 16-year-old was shot last night in the 1600 block of N. Ellamont St., a 19-year-old was shot Saturday night on N. Eden St., a man was shot in the 3300 block of Belair Road and a guy was shot in the leg on the Alameda.*

Tanya Raymond
The female victim of a shooting Friday in the SW on Kinsey Aveue, Tanya Raymond, died of her injuries. UPDATE: 22 year-old Gerald Gaffney was arrested.* He certainly looks the part.
Gerald Gaffney

And another female victim was shot Friday night on Vine St. on the West side

SCOTUS declined to hear a case challenging restrictions on concealed-carry permits, in a case from the 2nd circuit that sounds quite similar to Woollard.

Seriously, Michael Smith? What the hell is wrong with you? Dude was arrested after injuring his 9-month-old child in a domestic violence incident.

Gak! Human remains found in a garage is Essex*

Another day, another BGE scam, this one over the telemaphone.

Allegedly racist, sexist 1st Mariner Bank is now off FDIC supervision.

Police still don't know who kidnapped Vi Ripken* (or who, like, committed 60% of the city's murders last year either).

The Jarrett trial goes on, with defense lawyers arguing that just because Christine Jarrett went missing, and just because her husband was seen pouring cement in his back yard in the middle of the night, and just because she happened to be found under the cement, doesn't mean that her abusive ex did it.* That George Psoras must have been so much fun for his parents as a kid.

Breitbart is awful, no doubt, but you have to enjoy the headline "Maryland Governor Taxes Rain."