Saturday, June 15, 2013

Crazy, fraudy, beaty and stealy

Back from vacation, what did I miss?

Man shot in the chest in the 2100 block of N Charles St.*

Another child murder by mom's boyfriend: Damond Stansbury, 27 (any relation to June?), was charged with the murder of Marlo McFadden,* 2.

Officer James W. Smith pleaded not guilty to killing his fiancee,* Kendra Diggs. Infidelity or PTSD, which is it? Maybe he hallucinated she was banging a Kurdish insurgent before he sniped her.

18 months for Veronica Alford, who helped two little homiciders hide Monae Turnage's body.

Sisters are doing it for themselves! And by "it" I mean honeytrap home-invasion robberies.

Jennifer Carlson
Glad to hear BPD caught "suicidal and homicidal" Jennifer Carlson, who was allegedly in route from the crazy house to Mt. Vernon to do someone in. Oh wait, Jeff Herman of the deuce says they deleted that Tweet and that 17 hours ago she was spotted in the Loyola Area and she's still on the loose! Yikes.

Unbeweavable thieves* target human hair.

Yay, 7/8 Light Rail robbers caught. Boo, $600 laptop sold for $20.

Where was the mayor the weekend after 16-month-old Carter Scott was shot? Sleeping in a lobbyist's bed* (literally).

33rd St. 7-11 robbed at knifepoint, employee stuffed in freezer.

Dumbass trying to sell cellphone via Craigslist in Homeland robbed of cellphone.
Cane Mwihava

Six mortgage fraudsters (with Tanzanian names, FWIW) indicted in a $3.5 million scam that involved properties in Baltimore and elsewhere.

Trevor Lee Testaman
The Yankees fan punched over a concrete railing at Camden Yards, Matt Fortese, is doing better.* Meanwhile the 1st court date for the alleged assailants was set for July 17.

Speaking of drunk rednecks, Trevor Lee Testaman went to OC, allegedly stabbed 3 @119th & Assawoman.

 Fat kid, hot girl
Oh, AAC teens, stealing a credit card to take goofy pictures. Of themselves with the stolen credit card. What do you want to bet the hot girl put the fat kid up to it?