Thursday, April 28, 2011

Walk a mile in these...

Teen settles with parents of Christopher Jones for undisclosed sum - and
$150 shoes.

Two Baltimore police commanders were cleared in investigations of an abandoned vehicle and a "loaned" handgun.

Jersey Shore cast members rob Bel Air paintball store.

Masks? Dark clothing? If it can happen in Pittsburgh, it can happen here.

There may be no crime here, but somebody dumped 30 pet rats at a Hagerstown school. The big question - who owns 30 rats? Voluntarily, I mean. I lived in Mt. Vernon, so I had plenty of little grey buddies, but they didn't "come when called," thank Gawd...

Sanity and its discontents

"Person found dead in basement after fire in Southwest Baltimore"

Deener man who killed his landlord because he thought he was a warlock sent to mental hospital

Steven "JR" Blackwell accused of laundering money by buying winning lottery tickets, among other means

From the blog-o-sphere, the poignant "Phylicia Barnes and the Black Girl's Burden"

Two arrested for robbing rent-payers in Cockeysville

In other news, "Transgender rights in the spotlight in Maryland and Texas" (Texas is trying to revoke transgender marriage rights); in Towson, men raised money for RAINN by walking a mile in high heels; and Australia is banning porn featuring flat-chested women.

Need to dress more manlier? Police magazine reviews 2011's tactical pants collections.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Man shot to death in Brooklyn last night

The Ink recaps last week's 10 murders

More deets on the Monday night harbor teen thing (at least a hundred teens on the street, six people arrested, two teens stabbed-- but so totally not a riotous mob, mkay?)

Toted teen's relatives testified in trial yesterday

292 months for alleged heroin conspirator "Bun Rock"

Ten years for alleged crack/heroin dealer Robert Peterson, and 15 years for alleged gun-toting 5x con Marquis Battle (what, no fun nicknames?)

Two oldsters indicted for massive metal theft

Control yer effing dogs, people! 106 stitches and 12 staples for kindergartner shredded on city furlough day

Schools locked down in AAC on account of barricade situation (now "resolved")

Apparently we have tea partiers, and they're totally pissed about the in-state tuition thing

What the?! DC perv managed to get his pedophilia on while incarcerated in the federal penitentiary in Marion, Illinois

Monday, April 25, 2011

Riot downtown?

At the least "large groups" of teens that got "a little wild," said the Twitterers @juliemore, @justin_fenton, @baltoSpectator, with a juvenile stabbed in the side & bus-sized paddy wagons. Also a large blackout in on the East side.

Riddle me this...

Can a same-sex couple married elsewhere invoke spousal privilege in MD?

.. and no bail for McPsycho heffa Teonna Monae Brown. I assume it took four days after the beating to charge her because it took her that long to be identified, or is that naive?

in other news, the law firm that had signed on to defend DOMA has withdrawn, most likely fearing the backlash of having "unpopular clients"

The 4th circuit 4th Circuit affirmed that a posthumously conceived child can’t get benefits, here's the case

The City that Breeds notes a TDR update of the Jason-Zink-tip-pooling scandal

Charles Village follies

Courtesy of JHU security:
Below is a report from the April 25 JHU Security Daily Incident Report.
Armed Robbery – 2900 Blk. Wyman Park Drive (southwest side) – On April 24th at 1:18 AM, a junior undergraduate walking through a grassy area was approached by two males. One male was in possession of a dark colored handgun and demanded the victim’s property. The victim relinquished his wallet and backpack containing a Netbook computer. The suspects fled on foot north on Wyman Park Drive. Baltimore Police searched the area with negative results. There were no injuries and the investigation is continuing.  Security Bulletin SP#4 is forthcoming at .
Armed Robbery of Non-Affiliate – 2700 Blk. St. Paul St, northwest corner– On April 25th at 4:25 AM, a non-affiliated male was waiting at the MTA stop and was approached by two males. One male displayed a silver and black handgun and demanded money. The victim relinquished his wallet containing credit cards as well as his cell phone. The suspects were last seen fleeing east in the 100 block of east 27th St. Baltimore Police and campus officers searched the area with negative results. Investigation continuing. Security Bulletin SP#5 is forthcoming at .
Theft – 3200 Blk. N. Charles St.– Between April. 20th at 9:00 PM and April 21st at 3:00 AM, a laptop computer was taken from an undergraduate student’s unlocked room in the house. The student declined to have Baltimore Police notified. Investigation continuing.

Teonna Monae Brown

.. is the perfect subject for me to use as I try to figure out Photobucket
Teonna Monae
.. Gawker & the Smoking Gun are all over this story, reporting that Brown had been arrested before, for attacking a patron at the same restaurant, punching a mom in the face, hitting her with an umbrella, and yanking off her wig! WTF?!
(.. wonder if that is a plausible defense against hate-crime charges, that Brown had also attacked a brown-complexioned woman with a uterus in the same place.. she's an an equal-opportunity psychopath!)

And here's Vernon "Charm" Hackett, the winner who took credit for filming the attack on his Facebook page.

more comfortingly, here's Vicky L. Thoms, who tried to stop the attack

.. in other news, police say two of last week's murders may have been committed by one suspect

A Middle River man got 30 months for birth certificate/passport fraud