Sunday, April 24, 2011

Four shot to death overnight?

That's what the news says...

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Anonymous said...

I personally knew two of the victims, Damon Griffin and Steven White, shot to death Saturday night/Sunday morning at 2am on Rokeby Rd.

They were in my car when they were shot. This murder was undoubtedly related to the ridiculously healthy Baltimore heroin trade. Both White and Griffin were heavily involved in the dope game, and were selling out of the Woodington apartments the day they were murdered. They had been previously robbed in Woodington apartments, but decided to return there to hawk their wares. I'm fairly sure that I have a good idea who may be responsible, and have called Southwest Homicide multiple times. Detectives there have taken my information, but haven't done a very good job at intra-department communication, as the primary detective in this murder was clueless about my information when called this afternoon. Baltimore is hopeless; get out while you still can.