Monday, April 25, 2011

Teonna Monae Brown

.. is the perfect subject for me to use as I try to figure out Photobucket
Teonna Monae
.. Gawker & the Smoking Gun are all over this story, reporting that Brown had been arrested before, for attacking a patron at the same restaurant, punching a mom in the face, hitting her with an umbrella, and yanking off her wig! WTF?!
(.. wonder if that is a plausible defense against hate-crime charges, that Brown had also attacked a brown-complexioned woman with a uterus in the same place.. she's an an equal-opportunity psychopath!)

And here's Vernon "Charm" Hackett, the winner who took credit for filming the attack on his Facebook page.

more comfortingly, here's Vicky L. Thoms, who tried to stop the attack

.. in other news, police say two of last week's murders may have been committed by one suspect

A Middle River man got 30 months for birth certificate/passport fraud


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting. what happened at mcdonalds is a hate crime and a race crime. oh by the way, i'm a conservative so please don't think i'm some bleeding heart idiot. but these people are freakin animals. i've been in that mcdonalds and it's chilling to hear these predators are out there picking fights with people. unbelievable. thank god for the right to bear arms.

Anonymous said...
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