Saturday, April 18, 2009

65 = Stabbing in Linwood

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Tweet the police: "FATAL STABBING @ Clinton / Fairmont occured around 3am, adult male stabbed in head and chest. 1 Arrest has been made."
That area NE of Patterson Park again... I know it's called Linwood but what do people actually call it?

Byers and Goodman Guilty!

Frank Goodman and Patrick Byers were found guilty by a federal jury for the contract killing of Carl Lackl yesterday, after one day of deliberation. Byers faces the death penalty.

Funeral yesterday for 16-year-old Dominic Baker, whose body was found last week in a vacant rowhome, but not much hand-wringing or sympathy from the chancel: "Dominic could've been the trigger puller."

internal drama cont.

IV: "Police trial board chief's unfair treatment of officers led to her firing, black union official says"


Detective Terry Love's placement on prosecutor's Do Not Call list criticized by Jack Young

Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh shiz, they got KG, Dee and Ray .. and 21 more Guerrrilla 'Death Angels'

What's more luxurious than crab imperial and Grey Goose?
When it's smuggled into prison for you by your personal staff of "Death Angels"!
A mass indictment announced yesterday by federal and local law enforcement targeting the Black Guerrilla Family has steamy details on the smuggling ring that dealt in slutty guards, bottle clubs and death dealt from prison.
... here's the PR from RJR
and Hermann's take
(there seem to be two indictments, both for conspiracy but for two different groups, one group conspiring to sell heroin and the other for other drugs?)

The Byers case went to the jury yesterday afternoon

Hermann on BPD's "mess at the top"

Man robs pharmacy 4 times in 5 days, and Janis has video

Police tweets:
HOMICIDE ARREST: Third Suspect (Lyndon Waddell, B/M 21yo) arrested in connection w/ Feb 4th homicide of Bryan Wright 9:55pm · via Twitter

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Arsonist, Fraudster & Conspirators Busted by Feds

Geniosity: "Harry L. Easterday, age 28, of Hyattsville, Maryland, pleaded guilty today to setting fire to a building in which the U.S. Probation Office was located"

"Baltimore fraudster" sentenced to more that 12 years after decades-long identity theft scheme uncovered by Fed inspectors

Also stolen stamps and mortgage fraudsters

shooting on E. Cold Spring

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Police report a shooting at 1120 E. Cold Spring at around 11 p.m. last night, "adult male shot in head and side, victim is conscious, Police investigating."
Wonder if it was at the League for People With Disabilities .. or maybe that spot on the pavement there

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.. and the Ink names 16-year old Dominic Baker as the person found in a "vacant dwelling" in the 1900 block of Wilkens Avenue, above

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Love & Herring Not Guilty

of misdemeanor assault and reckless endangerment. Said Love, "I put my life in jeopardy to save the lives of everyone in the barbershop and if you had been there, I’d do the same thing for you."
Herring now feels differently: "If I see an old lady getting beaten, I’m going to mind my own business."

An unid'd male juvenile was reportedly shot in the ankle by police after four youths set off an alarm near Harlem Park schools

Mom of murder victim Timothy Hebron has "hired a lawyer to investigate" why her son was not in a witness protection program

Lawyers spared! "When the General Assembly trimmed nearly $870 million in the Fiscal Year 2010 budget, the final cut did not include funding for the state’s legal services community."

Hermann reports that a "new study coming out today from the Sentencing Project shows that for the first time since the War on Drugs began many years ago, the number of African-Americans jailed for drug offenses has declined."

Police in PA are ISO Baltimorean Robert J. Wardrick II, 33, accused of fondling a 14-year-old, and
Ew, an octogenarian rabbi with busy hands

Media blabbler:
TDR's editorial board on nonprofit newspapers
Senate: MD's gay couples can live happily ever after... so long as one of them's dead!


The man shot on Christian Street has passed.

Remember the Patterson Park cathouse? Charges were dropped for two women, still stand against alleged pimp (como 'alleged pimp' en espanol?).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Say What? Off-Leash Fines Increased to $1,000 per Pooch?

Says the Smushnose Dog Meetup Group
Dog Owners/Walkers BEWARE

New City laws increase the cost of violations for off leash dogs and/or not picking up the dog’s poop from $100 to $1,000!

The City did not communicate the new laws to the citizens and began to enforce it without notification or advanced warning.

The City has been conducting “raids” at most of the larger parks with Animal Control issuing citations and police officers present to ensure owners do not flee the scene.

Please join us for a conversation with Councilman Ed Reisinger. He has agreed to talk with us about the decisions that have been made at the city council level, why they were made, and to help find a way to address the needs of the entire community.

Thursday, April 16th 2009, 7:00 p.m.
Riverside Park Pavilion [The Mansion]

Let’s show the city how much we care about the welfare of our dogs and their ability to get safe exercise. Bring your friends and neighbors. Show up in packs!!
Doc Cheatham.


Update: he died

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Dead End

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Murder victim #63: Quinton Savage, 22, killed on Saturday in the 2800 block of Winwood Court (above) about 2:30 p.m.

House= yay to speed cameras
and DYK? In the city of Baltimore, parking at an expired meter is a crime, not a civil offense.