Friday, July 20, 2012

Another Barbershop Shooting

A 39-year-old man was shot at the Cutz for Kingz barbershop* in Belair-Parkside

Stabbings, threatened stabbings, a guy shot by a pool table and a guy shot near Joe's Tavern in the Baltimore Guide Southeast blotter, a woman punched on the Charm City Circulator in the South

WBAL: Because of conflicts of interest, City Council President Jack has only voted on 28% of business before the city council in the past five months. And the point of him is what, again? (And did we ever see those damned underpants*?)

After Colorado shooting, MD police are putting extra patrols near movie theaters.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Perps and crazies

What the heck? A guy on York Road woke up to find himself being stabbed.

This just in: having the same name and birthdate as Russian fugitive David Levin is a huge asspain. Here's more on "Russian Dave"'s  "super dollars," produced by the North Korean government both for profit and destabilize the U.S. economy (allegedly).

A fake cop arrested in the 'Deener

Forty-one months in prison for Keith Eugene Daughtry for his role in stealing more than $1.3 million  from the Baltimore Housing Authority

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20 Years for Pervy Pastor

Convicted of sexual assault in April, Pastor Leon Jones, left, was sentenced to 20 years, with another 25 suspended, and if you want the dirty details of what he and his accomplice did to their teenage victim, here you go. According to his web site, Pastor Leon is the father of eight, and his church just hosted a "mother and daughter luncheon." Uhm...

Roberts: DNA Collection can Resume

113, 114

WBAL reports that the two other victims of last night's three shootings have both died, victims were all male and found on Ravenwood Avenue, Laurens and McCulloh and the 2300 block of Eutaw Place, respectively.

The gas-station murder of cross-dressing Desean "Lola Bee" Bowman is raising awareness of homophobia in the black community, says WBALTV

Baltimore Police who worked night shifts are set to get $477 k in back pay from the board of estimates

Brew: Wells Fargo's ghetto-loan holders are waiting for their money

Another Roland Park Creeper

From the Roland Park listserv, two girls were followed on the Stony Run trail by a thin older white guy with grey hair in a polo shirt, possibly driving a "champagne" - colored four-door Toyota or Honda sedan, who was later spotted masturbating by the Roland Park pool's basketball hoop.


Two separate but likely related shootings in Baltimore's Brooklyn neighborhood put two men in the hospital and another in the morgue. In the first incident a 19-year-old male was shot and injured. Several hours later two men, 35 and 32 respectively, were shot. The 35-year-old received a gunshot wound to the head and died not long after. He is this year's 112 murder.

Two men are in custody after bar patrons detained a gunman following a brazen shooting. Alberto Ramos, 30, and Erasmo Sandobal, 32, (both pictured right) face attempted murder charges after shooting a 32-year-old man at the Rancho Blanco Bar located on 100 South Fagley St.

Can't just shoot a man... A man was forced by gunmen to strip before being shot in an ally off of the 4100 block of Newton Ave. early Saturday.

This week's Murder Ink has more details on the officer-involved killing of 20-year-old Devonte Bowman, as well as announcing the arrest of Kenneth Jackson, 23, for the July 5th murder of 27-year-old Andrew Davis.

New details regarding the County police-involved shooting of a sword wielding man have come to light, including the identification of the officer involved, and the reason for the warrant. Officer Carlos Artson, a 17-year vet who had shot and killed Dundalk native Cheryl Lynn Noel, 44, back in 2005, has been identified as the officer who fired the fatal shots. Ronald Melvin Cox Jr., was killed as police attempted to execute a search warrant related to the execution-style attempted murder of a 15-year-old in Howard County. Arrested for the above-mentioned attempted execution were Donald George Peoples Jr., 21, Laura Christian Karr, 24, and Chiquita Sketers, 21, all charged with several counts, including attempted first- degree murder.

Police are trying to identify the two men pictured right; both are wanted for their involvement in a July 3 robbery-shooting.  
City Paper has a very interesting story regarding Milton Tillman III's interests in acquiring the now-defunct Sonar music venue's liquor license. 

Oh, the memories. The infamous Maryland House of Correction in Jessup is, after 130 years, being torn down,  by current MD inmates, no less.

A man was stabbed during a late-night argument in the 3200 block of Greenmount Ave back on July 8. 
19-year-old Haudee Baygie was found dead in his Timonium home in the 200 block of Welford Road. No official cause of death has been given, and though Baygie was facing drug charges at the time of death, there's no stated indication of foul play.
 A guilty plea for renegade tax preparer Alexis Brett Travers, 37, found guilty of defrauding the government out of almost $225,000.

A conviction in the 2011 death of Willie Cedric Jackson puts Randallstown native Reginald Frederick, 22, in peril of spending the rest of his life behind bars. Still facing an October trial date for the drug-related murder is Sterling Lewis, age 22. 
A county crime round-up includes the body of Dundalkian Christopher Dietch, 51, being found behind a gas station, a late-night robbery outside White Marsh Mall, and the Bomb Squad being called to the Cockeysville Senior Center. 
You really have to question the Court of Appeals sometimes... Back in 2008 Tranell Dansbury was indicted for a 1997 rape he committed as a 15-year-old. By the time he faced his rape charges, Dansbury had a rap sheet that included a drug dealing arrest, a multitude of armed robbery charges, even a murder charge, as well as an attempted murder conviction. Eventually Dansbury was convicted of the '97 rape and given a 30-year term. Of course, he appealed it, and of course, it was reversed, so he was found not guilty and released. Then, after being a free man for less than a year, lo and behold he was arrested yet again, this time for armed robbery, and to add something to his criminal repertoire, carjacking.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not BMore, but BadAzz

Scientist assaulted in a French McDonalds captures images of perps with his bionic eyepiece.

Bath salts present a challenge to drug-testing companies

Also, HoCo patrol captures 10 wannabe johns

Locally, 10 years in jail for Ronald Brady, who pointed a gun at a crowd outside of a bar last Christmas.

Remington burglar to resident, after pushing in his air conditioner to break in: "I have the wrong house." Also from the Patch, Tuscany/Canterbury burglar stole sympathy cards, Toyota.

Oh, cram it, Julius Henson's lawyer, your client won't be able to afford an appeal anyway considering he'll never work in this state again (one hopes). Just be glad your client got out early, k?

From ModifiedK9
Adorbz-- Baltimore City Officer Dan Waskiewicz adopted a pit bull. And if you once had a brown pit bull with a white neck patch who escaped from your yard and went missing, tuff tittays, you rotten dog owner. Hope Waskiewicz doesn't get a pile off poo from city command for talking to the 'press.'

Old, but just found it and worth a watch: Al Jazeera English did a "Frontline USA" episode on Baltimore, "the toughest and grittiest of U.S. cities ... gutted by circumstances beyond its control." Did you know our city is "more deadly than Bogotá"? There's also an episode on our drug addicts. And here's a show, not Russell Crowe's Fightin' Around the World, but one with some English soccer player named Vinnie Jones in some ITV4 show called "Toughest Cops of the USA," with an episode filmed in our fair city.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Have you Seen This Rabbi?

The "Skokie Sexual Abuse Examiner" blogs a warning to Baltimore residents to be wary should you see Rabbi Stanely Z. Levitt, who has a residence in Baltimore and will be soon standing trial for abusing young boys at a Jewish day school in Boston. While the rabbi hasn't been convicted of anything, if he lived next door I'd want to know about it...

A Good Scrubbing

Three were shot and one killed this morning in a drug-related home invasion on Lothian Rd in the NW, and Fenton published a photo of blood spatters. Said a resident, "This ain't no robbery. This was something else. This was personal."

Tuan Minh Pham, from JZ
An armed, dangerous suspect, Tuan Minh Pham, 35, is on the loose after ignoring a protective order, storming into the Richards Valley Road Nail & Hair Care Spa in Ellicott City and (allegedly) shooting his babymother of his two kids and her male friend. So if you see this wild-haired, wild-eyed 35-ish man of Vietnamese descent in a 1998 tan or gold four-door Honda Accord with the license plate number 2AK0291, call 911. Update: Derek Valcourt says his car has been found, but Pham still has not.

An Ottobar employee was beaten and robbed behind the venue at 10:45 p.m. two Fridays ago, as a burlesque show went on inside.

Hellz 2 the ys, "Baltimore’s finances need a good scrubbing."
Also from the Brew (but on the Brew blog, where there are exclamation points in subheads), Fern Shen takes a trip to Baltimore Data Day, wherein Baltimore Slumlord Watch elicited a rare gasp from NPR's Sheilah Kast describing how a box cutter figures in to her blogging routine.

Twenty years for 39-year-old heroin dealer Michael Felton, a member of the Gettis drug organization. Twenty-seven defendants have already pleaded guilty in the case, including "Cutty Rock" “Captain” and “Beloved.”

'booty therapist' Kim Smedley,
from NewsOne
Georgian buttocks-injector Kimberly Smedley, left, got three years in the federal slammer for injecting a Block stripper's dumb ass with a black-market brew of industrial-grade chemicals in a room at the Renaissance Hotel. The victim wound up at the hospital with silicone inside of her lungs. If hotel records are any indication, Smedley may have hundreds of victims and earned $1 mil or more from her traveling medicine show.

A week of hearings for the Bradley Manning case, though trial isn't scheduled to start til September.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I always feel like somebody's watching me...

Flaming drone near Salisbury, from CNN
Quality op/ed in today's NYT regarding "The End of Privacy," which ended sometime between 2001 and 2007 when the guvmint began collecting everyone's emails and watching us from the air$176 million for a drone-- imagine how many schools that could get up to code, or swimming pools and rec centers those dollars could fund, sheesh.

And, yet, the one instance where the violation of someone's privacy could seriously protect citizens' life and limbs from psycho killers, and also potentially exonerate people -- by which I mean the DNA swabbing of suspects-- the MD court won't allow that. Gives one no doubts about whose interests are really being served by MD's courts, no?

In other news of Baltimore denizens getting boned by The Man, go get those big banks, George Nilson.