Friday, July 19, 2013

Life of Diamond

Police need help finding a suspect in a shooting July 11 at 248 E. Broadway. Also lots of men punching women and robberies in the Southeast blotter.

Three Diamond Williams*' on Facebook, this looks like her. 

Street artists call out slumlords 

A stabbing in Frank Conaway's hood:

New pix up for the "Summer of the Gun" photo series

Enjoying the City that Breeds podcasts, with local politics/legal/crime/education talk.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Green Jobs Indeed

Renita Franklin-Thrower, from the CP
The Feds have arrested an embezzler in the mayor's very office, one Renita Franklin-Thrower. 
"The Baltimore Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) in 2011 hired a convicted embezzler, only 14 months out of federal prison and still on supervised release, for a $41,000-per-year position to run a green-jobs training program funded by a state grant." 
... so over this mayor's sloppy stewardship! If it's not giving developers $393 million for no damn reason, it's felons and grifters in her own office. 2016 cannot come soon enough! Who will be running against her?

And how about Gansler v. Brown for governor next year? Who are you liking? 

In other bureaucracy news, new site codifies our city laws and ordinances in an attractive and helpful way.

Pookie in Roger's Forge

Gunshots and an overturned vehicle in... Rogers Forge?

Murder Ink brings us to to our 126th homicide.
Gennie Shird

Darryl Anderson, 25, wanted for the shooting at a block party that killed 20-year-old Gennie Shird and injured two other women, was arrested in Alabama.

Well, there's something, the BPD has arrested one Lamont Jones for a quadruple shooting (no date given). "Court documents say Jones and another man were disguised as construction workers when they came up on the four victims who were sitting on the steps of a home on Edmonson and Carrolton and opened fire. All four men survived."

The sun wasn't all that was rising in Michael Dale Irwin's Cecil County home.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Real estate swindles

City to borrow $107 million, plus $174 million in interest(!!) for a total cost of $281 million, plus will be handing out $113 million in tax breaks so that Harbor Point developer Michael S. Beatty can make an estimated $174 million in profits.* Note that the developers are legally required by their merger deal to build their headquarters in Baltimore City no matter what. Labor unions have a protest scheduled at  p.m. tonight in front of city hall.

Everyone said it was a horrible idea, and everyone was right, and finally Martin O'Malley has commented about the financial black hole that is the city-owned Hilton, the comment being that it's Ehrlich's fault for not giving the city some state money for it.

Tavon White's lawyer says Tavon is going to plead guilty to racketeering.* He's also due in court August 8 on attempted murder charges.

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Sextortables

Page Croyder splains the Unger decision that releases 13 murderers.

Nice job, Curtis Bay neighbors, busting breaker-inner Michael Pitman.

"Towson Man Locks Himself in Parents' Severna Park House, Gets Tased" in childhood bedroom

"Vera Bradley Bag Burglar Arrested in Dumpster Pleads Guilty"

In AAC, wanted pedophile Christopher Barnes was arrested, and four other wanted pervs were nabbed by ICE in the state. New word: "sextorting"* The 61 victims of the nationwide bust of 255 predators included 42 girls, 19 boys and three victims under the age of 3. Blurgh.

And oh, hey, there's some BS: Scott Calvert says the Police Department tried to charge the Sun thousands to access public emails* (and still is hoping for $150). Needless to say if you're a regular citizen who suspects police malfeasance, fuck you gently with a chainsaw and appeal to officer Heywood Jawblowme.

Have a pleasant night and a lovely tomorrow!