Saturday, December 8, 2012


A string of bizarre fires in Upper Fells set by a unknown arsonist who apparently doesn't like Hondas.
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Sausage parties, gay trollies and football

Four people were shot night-before-last*

Sheila Dixon will be in court today for a probation-violation hearing*

The poop-storm of robberies continues in the SE, this week's Baltimore Guide collection includes the mugger who said "thank you," an escort forced to drive her her home by two suspects who then robbed her, a woman robbed after she refused to buy food for a guy lurking around a carryout.

Marc Steiner had a sausage party last night to talk homicides (which I guess is cool, given most perps and victims are also male), guests included Fenton and Guglielmi, here's a link to the podcast.

In other sausage party news, The Daily Beast has yet more deets on the Kevin Clash case. (Wonder if they'll phase Elmo out, the whole scandal rather tarnishes the brand, no?) Here's a Jezebel/Gawker summary if you don't want to read all them words.

Down in Greenbelt, the 4th is hearing the case of Anthony McIntosh, a prison guard accused of failing to get medical help for inmate Ronnie White.

More bad speed cameras-- imagine that, a profit-driven corporation cutting corners to maximize profit. Now the one on University Parkway has been demonstrated to have given out a ticket to a car that the camera tracked at 45 mph but was actually going 7.* Yes, 7. Meanwhile last Saturday Xerox/ACS closed down three lanes of Cold Spring to test the camera there and found no problems. Hrm. Last month a state audit found that Xerox/ACS didn't test the cameras before installing them using the standards they were supposed to, and didn't perform calibration checks once they were installed.

A prisoner, Brian Dargan, is being charged with attempted murder after shooting an officer in the leg at St. Joseph's hospital.

Two CV appliance-booglars, Chambers Agurs and Derrick Moffatt, were in court yesterday; both agreed to the statement of facts but pleaded not guilty and both got time served, were ordered to pay restitution and got two years of supervised probation (which Steve G. notes costs the supervisee $75 a month), though now Moffatt (caught red-handed toting a refrigerator door) wants to appeal.

Can we quit acting like it's an isolated incident when people who get beat about the head for a living turn out to be a touch mental? Anyway, happy purple Friday, some Raven got his guns taken away after being accused of domestic violence by his babies' mom.

Also in North Baltimore, five stolen government cell phones, a stolen 1988 Oldsmobile, a burgled yoga studio (how many yoga studios are there in Hampden these days?), a stolen marriage certificate.

The owner of an Annapolis trolley company says he'll shut down rather than be forced to trolley same-sex newlyweds. Note that discrimination against sexual orientation has been against the law in MD since 2002-- guess this Matt Grubbs guy was cool with same-sex hand-holding tourists so long as they were still second-class citizens when it came to marriage. Speaking of marriage, the coverage of the issuing of licenses here has been notably blase, compared to the excited tone of coverage in WA. .. I called down to the courthouse, where a guy named John told me six marriage licenses were issued for Baltimore city yesterday, and that the reaction around the state was similarly underwhelming. (In contrast, Seattle issued about 400 licenses yesterday.) But this is sweet: curmudgeonly traditionalist Frank Conaway Sr. told Pat Warren, "
I’m going to see that if the court wants to open on New Year’s Eve, I’ll be here at 12:01. If they want to get married, I’ll be happy to do it." Aww! 

Down at Ft. Meade, the commander who made Bradley Manning stand at attention while naked will take the stand

Eenteresting Tweet from Fenton: Oakland has now been put in receivership, which will put it under the purview of a federal judge, a compliance director, and technically also the plaintiffs of its 12-year-old lawsuit if the plan is approved next Wednesday. It looks like it's the first police department ever to be in such a situation, and as the KQED story notes, none in this troika of bosses is actually responsible for running the department.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sweet gay schadenfreude

Big fat sexual predator Shawn Nolan,* who worked at Hazelwood Elementary/Middle and insperminated a 15-year-old "won trust of parents and students," convinced everyone he was a doctor when he was, in fact, a hall monitor. Buck-passing ensued.

Justin George (the Bible-Tweety Justin) writes about the Warrant Apprehension Task Force, notes that the city does indeed have 50,000 open warrants* at a given time and has arrested 291 people so far this year (wait, is there a zero missing there?), at the top of the list the "most dangerous and accessible targets."

Today in BaltoSpectator news, Ian Duncan ("the only reporter who's listened to Monday's hearing,"  sniffed Fenton à Twitter) drops the nugget that MacArthur was committed for a competency evaluation* (which I believe he's copped to in the past, said it was the result of a false domestic-violence accusation from a vindictive paramour).

The local authorities are ISO Travis Lee Wildes, a prisoner who walked off a work detail and who should be relatively easy to find given the humungous flaming skull etched over his gullet.

Same-sex marriage licenses start getting issued today down at 628 Mitchell-- good Lord, Frank Conaway is not only going to have to do work, but work on behalf of gay people--ass-draggery shall achieve new pinnacles of excellence. (Actually, expect that tomorrow, after the reporters leave... nobody wants to make a bitchface on teevee.) I swear I just heard Adam Meister cackling.

Down at the City Council, MPC introduced a bill to ban cell phone towers on schools and rec centers. I can dig it.

Down at the 4th in Richmond, a re-hearing of the crisis pregnancy center case. New York has a similar law that is similarly on hold as of July 2011.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No bail for the Spectator

No bail for the Spectator after "lively" hearing*; AF James MacArthur told a Fox reporter the sawed-off shotgun found in his house was planted. Meanwhile the CEO of Spreaker is puzzled that police didn't try to shut down MacArthur's feed and that it's still on his site. IMO it's much to the BPD's credit that they didn't.
(Jason Yerg's negotiations reminded me so much of -- don't flame me now-- the counterintuitive points about leadership in Malcolm Gladwell's "What the Dog Saw." Leading with a calm and abiding presence, patiently waiting out a subject's tantrum. "Breathing even and deeply—rather than holding your breath—can mean the difference between defusing a tense situation and igniting it. ... Certain people, we say, 'command our attention,' but the verb is all wrong. There is no commanding, only soliciting.... of course, it never hurts to have a giant battering ram as backup.)

Speaking of, why are state Democrats trying to appoint someone convicted of gun charges to Tiffany Alson's seat?

Tavon Barnett
Police are ISO Tavon "Twin" Barnett, 19, right, wanted for the murder of Terrance Seale. Police say he's got got teeth, is 6'3" and has been known to hang out at the Cockeysville WalMart.

Well, there's a puzzler-- yesterday that "schmuck" got 35 years for murdering a witness; now one Anthony Hooks has gotten 55 years for pointing a gun at a civilian and a police officer.

A double stabbing on E Baltimore St shut down The Block*

A man was mugged for $300 in Remington

Police broke up a mob of teens hanging around outside Mondawmin Mall yesterday evening

Broadwater: city officials knew of ferkakta speed cameras four months ago, chose to ignore issues, and Walter Ave. speed cameras also miscalibrated*

Police say County double-murder suspect Bryant Walls posted comments re. his marital strife on Facebook (Walls' page has now been taken down).

In Hoco, "The trial of a man charged with murdering his wife and then burying her remains under a shed in the back yard has been postponed"

OMG-- in Glen Burnie a woman was raped, stabbed, and forced to shop at Food Lion-- she was able to alert employees, who called 911

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Schmuck sentenced

Thirteen-year-old Sarah Elizabeth-Kay Matthews, right, has been missing for three weeks, call police if you see her.

Tyrone Alson was indicted for first-degree murder (and pot possession/intent to distribute charges) for allegedly shooting his girlfriend in the back of the head in the 2600 block of Guilford Avenue, the shooting was caught on camera (yet even though police had him in custody on the drugs charges, they let him out for 11 days before they charged him for the murder, a big puzzler).

An acquittal in the murder of James Ingram, 46

Thirty-five years for Tavon Davis, the "schmuck"* who killed Isiah Calloway* to keep him from 'snitching' after his lawyer leaked to Davis that he was a witness*

Ten+ years for a 60-year-old heroin dealer

In the SE, a woman was robbed, bit and doused in bleach by her ex, another woman bit and robbed of her Coach® purse, and a man double-robbed by suspects in a Ford pickup. At a meeting at Max's Taphouse a police commander claimed there have only been 30 robberies this year in the SE. Uhm, maybe a zero was missing there? I counted 225 robberies just through May in the BmoreGuide SE Blotter archives...

Ian Duncan on the phenom of mailing pot,* Rodricks says half of the arrests in the NE US are for pot; the Morgan shooter had 16 baggies of it*

The city's lawyer filed a protective order* to prevent former Deputy Mayor Christopher Thomaskutty and current Chief Information Officer Chris Tonjes from answering questions from a lawyer regarding the city's $675k phone-and-computer purchases

The Commander of the Northern blames the Black Guerrilla Family for the doubling of the homicide rate (t)here; shootings are also up 31 percent. FWIW Northern District Deputy Major Richard Worley, Senator Lisa Gladden and Delegates Sandy Rosenberg, Nathaniel Oakes and Jill Carter will be at the RP Civic League meeting Thursday at 7 at the RP Presbyterian church at 4800 Roland.

A mortgage fraudster from Owings Mills got 35 years in the can*

Three crack dealers arrested in AAC

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The mess that was this weekend

An allegedly crazy mom allegedly killed her two-year- old daughter son in the 1400 block of Broening Highway in the SE. 

Soon after The Baltimore Spectator was peacefully taken into custody, a man was fatally stabbed in the 2000 block of Monument St and a guy was shot while driving in the 2000 block of Charles St

And while said Spectator was barricaded a guy shot a would-be robber in the foot in the 100 block of North Potomac Street 

Two people nonfatally shot in Brooklyn

Two people, Okemia Lastezia and William Henry Cunningham, were stabbed to death in Parkville, in Solar Circle and Venus Court off of Perring Parkway.

And I guess after the Spectator locked up his house the police done busted in, because they found a sawed-off shotgun and ammo in his house* resulting in some new charges. He's being held without bond.