Friday, August 18, 2006

Friday August 18

Apparently, Gov. Ehrlich likes to watch.

Hizzoner the Guv yesterday announced an online GIS mapping of Maryland sex-offenders.
Click here to see the perv portfolio.

The Sun reports a 13 year-old male shot in the head on the 1600 block of Appleton in the Western and a male body found on South Vincent St., among other things, in the Police Blotter.

Convicted assailant Sean Davon Scott was sentenced to 17 years by a Baltimore federal judge for possession of a .40 cal semi-auto handgun when stopped by the po-po.

Serial hold-up star Donald Gladden, jr., who robbed numerous stores and individuals in Northern and Northeast Balto. City recently has been indicted. Thank you, BCPD. See the story in the Sun.

That said, representatives of the Rose Street Community Center, where a four year-old was recently shot, indicate that crime is worsening in the 'hood. Violence: the other Baltimore.

Criminal activity is certainly brisk in the Northern District. The Messenger recaps in its crime log.

Are Baltimore judges doing their jobs? Here's you chance to make your voice heard. The Examiner reports on campaign contributions to judicial candidates.

No relevance for jurisprudence in Baltimore, but while most judges do a lot of listening, this one has apparently been convicted of being a master debater on the bench.

19 year-old Lamar Prilliman has been indicted in U.S. District Court of conspiracy to distribute drugs as well as the November 2000 murder of witness Sharon Bagley in Harlem Park.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 17 - Redux

These include the failed links in my earlier post today, plus new material at the end. Sorry 'bout that.

The Messenger article on Warren Brown's flamboyant interpretation of video evidence.

The Messenger's Crime Log up until this afternoon.

The Sun's Police Blotter today.

Now, hot off the presses.. lotsa, lotsa crime in the Northern District, particularly in Charles Village, as described in the crime log of the latest issue of the Messenger. Hmmm... didn't the City Council reauthorize the surtax on Charles Village for so-called supplemental security service? Empirically, 'twould seem not the very finest decision they've made of late.

(Update on the triple-shooting just east of Charles Village, one of the boys is to be interred tomorrow, while another is in critical condition. My sources on the street tell me the shooting was attributable to "He was lookin' at my girl. No, he wasn't. Yes, he was." Guess what? No, he wasn't. Too late now.)

The Examiner's article on police prevarication.

Also, the Examiner covers the beginning of federal RICO convictions in the pipeline for the Rice Organization, long the dominant dealing structure on the West side.

On the national front, the feds nabbed one of the top Mexican drug kingpins and a federal judge has instructed the Bush administration to cease unlawful domestic wiretaps immediately. The Attorney General is appealing, even if not to my taste, necessarily. Maybe it's just me, but what part of the fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments is ambiguous here? It seems to me that the FISA courts are pretty accommodating to the wartime needs of the administration., but then again, maybe I'm just an ignorant civilian.

Better Late than Never

So now we're shooting toddlers. Whatta tough gangsta you is!

On the 700 block of North Rose Avenue in East Baltimore early yesterday evening, a four-year-old boy was shot in the leg. Said Troy Harris of the BCPD, "We know multiple shots were fired"., some of which apparently hit another man in the leg. The boy was taken to Johns Hopkins Pediatric with non-life-threatening injuries. As of the interview, police had no suspects, but were investigating whether the man in late teens or early twenties who showed up at the hospital shortly after the shooting is connected to the incident. This block has several pole cameras, so tapes are being reviewed. The identity of the boy, who was attended by a babysitter, has not been released. Another man, who was shot in the back, drove himse;f to the hospital. Said a bystander, "It sounded like more than 10 shots," he said, describing the incident as "nothing new."

Fed up with BCPD shortcomings? Ready to get their job done? Don't tell Matt Jablow.

See the
wbaltv interview with a resident of the Coldstream-Homestead community who stepped up and got shot at, first by hoodlums and then (verbally) by Police spokesweasel Jablow. It's not the first time BCPD front men have arrogantly displayed disrespect of citizens trying do what they can to contain criminality. I won't hold my breath waiting for Commissioner Hamm's apology.

Definitely not your father's Oldsmobile.

A multi-agency task force intercepted a 1996 Oldsmobile bearing $170,000 in greenbacks and 53 lbs. of cocaine in the bumpers. The motorized mule was on a carrier pulled over for inspection by Maryland Transportation Authority Police before reaching the toll plaza to the Nice Memorial Bridge. They found stolen vehicles, which they were seeking, the drug cargo being a Bogota bonus.

Denny's assailant apprehended

Drifter David Burton, who allegedly stabbed and robbed the manager of a Denny's restaurant together with Sara Higgins, was arrested Wedneday in Virginia along with Higgins. The victim, meanwhile, is recuperating at Shock Trauma.

South Korean nooky enterprise interrupted.

31 individuals were arrested in a multi-state federal bust ranging from the District of Columbia up the east coast in connection with the importation of Korean girls for the purpose of working in the sexual services sector. The accused are foreign nationals who allegedly smuggled illegal aliens into this country to engage them in various facets of prostitution. Included are a couple from Woodlawn.

Looking for a loose screw with tomography

Mujtaba Rabbani Jabbar, the man who on June 15 opened fire on another patron at an Owings Mills movie theatre and killed him, has plead not guilty by reason of mental defect and has been ordered to undergo mental examination, including a CAT scan.

Producing an internal memo from Patricia Jessamy's spokesman Marti Burns, Steve Fogelman, her rival in the Democratic primary for Baltimore City State's Attorney, claims "We live in the only city in America where the top prosecutor wants police to stop making arrests," The memo asks staff to document instances in which the pole cameras espoused by the O'Malley administration produce poor quality video, resulting in cases being null-prossed for lack of credible evidence.

But even if there is evidence, there may be no one in the courthouse, because Mitchell Courthouse employees walked out, citing poor working conditions in the jury unit.

And even good quality video may not be enough for defense attorney Warren Brown, who is trying an armed robbery case in the Village of Cross Keys. Marti Burns characterizes his strategy as being on the theatrical side, as reported in the
">Messenger. Also, the Messenger's">crime blotter includes home invasion and theft in Charles Village, theft on Greenmount, armed robbery in Hamden, Hon, and auto theft in Hamden and on York Road.

As for the citywide,0,7790986.story?coll=bal-local-headlines">Police Blotter, among incidents were several armed robberies, another nonfatal shooting in East Baltimore, a B&E burglary, and an out of state arrest for a warrant on a 1999 murder in Mount Vernon.

The Examiner's ">editorial considers the dubious merits of lying as a tool for the Baltimore City Police Department.

Readers, sorry for the messy links. Just don't have the time to debug the tags. - Galt

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

August 16 - Happy 63rd birthday mom! - Get in on it, Galt!

I'm going back to Paris and Chuck is going somewhere for at least a week.
Galt, it is time for you to put your ranting to use. I appoint you Esteemed Guest Taoist Cybrarian for One Week.
There is an invitation in the inbox of your hotmail account.

Feel free to link and report to whatever, opine, get as galty as you wanna be, just please use the "target" attribute for links, try to chronologically number the murders that happen within city limits, hyphenate appropriate compound modifiers and watch the apostrophe thing.

Au revoir bitches!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

August 15 - Happy Assumption Day, Bitches!

Where the girls are dirty but the food is clean.

Goons over my hammy:david burtonBaltCo police are looking for 28-year-old drifter David T. Burton, who stabbed the manager of Denny's in Fullerton.

The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted David Piccione, 28, on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment, second-degree assault and reckless endangerment. Court documents allege on July 11 while at a gas station David Piccione and his ex-girlfriend got into an argument. Piccione assaulted the woman, dragged her into his car against her will and drove away.

Clyde Lewis, 80, charged with the first-degree murder of Thomas Batty, 66, pled "not guilty" at his arraignment this morning. His first-degree murder trial is scheduled for November 27 before Judge Glynn.

palumboYvette Cade wants former PGC Judge Richard Palumbo, right, to face charges. On August 10 the Commission on Judicial Disabilities cancelled a hearing on Palumbo, opining that the judge's retirement effectively protected the public from his crapulence.

Annette High, 47, was arrested for beating 14-month-old Kayah Jackson (#86) to death.
David Pearson, 18, was arrested for shooting 36-year-old Howard Jones (#164) to death.

hatboysThe family of the teenager abducted and raped in Ocean City is searching for the perps, left, one of whom may be named Chris.

"I'd like to know where these kids' parents thought they were at 6 p.m. on a Sunday night." Seven lunatic children, ages 10 to 15, did six figures' worth of damage to City College and also trashed the Sheperd's Health Clinic.

Why did the Air Force need all of that Viagra®?

Death isn't a block party. (Unless you're, like, Christian, in which case aren't you're supposed to be happy about somebody going to heaven?)

GGS.: City chews, spews 10,000 youths annually.

Yoohoo, George Soros .... a few hundred thousand "Dohertys" might make a nice gift. Seriously.

Yet again, liquor advertisers are targeting a minority community.

Monday, August 14, 2006

August 14

Jamel St. ClairToday Judge Wanda K. Heard sentenced Corey McMillon, 29, to life in prison plus 20 years for the April 1, 2006 murder of Jamel St. Clair, 17 (left). A Baltimore City jury convicted McMillon of first-degree murder and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence on June 20. On April 1, 2005 officers responded to the 2000 block of North Avenue for a report of a shooting. Upon arrival they found the victim, Jamal St. Clair, suffering from four gunshot wounds. He died later at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Investigation revealed that McMillon approached St. Clair and began to rob him. When St. Clair attempted to run away, McMillon shot him multiple times with a 9mm handgun.

21-year-old Jujuan Winfield (#170) was shot to death on Nelson Ave. in Northwest Baltimore at about 4:00 Sunday morning.

Someone (#171) was killed and two people were injured early this morning in a triple shooting just east of the Johns Hopkins University.

Ivy Mayhew was choked to death by her estranged husband in Arnold.

Chivalry is dead: Benjamin Howard Curtis was protecting his female passenger when he was shot and killed outside an Odenton bar.

An Annapolis baby overdosed on PCP while in the care of a "family friend."

The manager of the Denny's in Baltimore County's Fullerton neighborhood was stabbed during a robbery at 9:25 this morning.

A pizza delivery man was shot in both arms during a robbery in the Western.

Kids are falling through the cracks of the city's juvenile justice system.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 13

When mace didn't work, a policeman shot 14-year-old Kevin Cooper.

A city officer driving the wrong way down a one-way-street and hit another car on Chilton Street near the Alameda. The officer and his victim were both taken to shock trauma.

"The United States is losing the war in Iraq; more specifically, Philadelphia is." = Worst. Lead. Ever. From a WashPost ediboreial, which argues that glossy magazines, 50 Cent, profligate arrests = causes of destroyed villages.

Saturday night's alright for fighting: In Randallstown, Karim Cross, 27, died after being stabbed during a bar fight at the Rush Hour Bar.
A 47-year-old man was shot in outside My Place Bar and Lounge in Odenton.

Blast from the past: Michael Olesker on Ehrlich's takeover of the schools two years ago. Meanwhile, there's school-lunch food fights.