Friday, April 20, 2012

Pastor Convicted

From the State's Attorney's Office [edited for grammar, italics added]:

"A Baltimore City Circuit Court jury found Pastor Leon W. Jones guilty yesterday for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl from April of 2000 until March of 2002.   

The victim, now 27, was first introduced to the Pastor by her mother; who also participated in the sexual abuse and pled guilty to five counts of sexual child abuse for her role. 

The jury found Jones, 61, guilty of eight counts of sexual offense in the 2nd degree. Scheduled for sentencing on June 26, 2012, he faces a maximum of 160 years in prison."

What the?!?!?! Screen grab from this guy's web site at left and right... 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Could Deal With Sheila Dixon's Fraud, But That Hairstyle Screams "Impeach." I'll Be Here all Night Folks...

Have you ever wanted to give former mayor Sheila Dixon the business? How about the second-best thing? Watching professional comedians roast her instead.

Two separate County home invasions, but zero suspects so far.

The newest crime blotter is chock full of very detailed crime reports in the Southeast district, including several homeless assaults, and a lesson learned to never withdraw money in front of ladies you pick up at bars.

If you want to cause trouble at Tigerfest this year, it might be slightly more difficult than in years past.

The body of a woman missing for 20 years has been recovered today in the floorboards of her shed. Christine Ann Jarrett disappeared back in 1991, and her now 57-year-old husband Robert Jarrett is now facing charges.

Today must be cold-case day, this time it's a 30-year-old murder in Houston that's come to light. 53-year-old Jesus Blas-Perea, a Mexican national, was arrested today in Riverdale, MD, and faces murder charges related to the 1981 murder of Jose Santos-Duque. Two weeks, two weeks, two undocumented immigrant murderers found in Maryland...

A 41-year old academic advisor at Bowie State dies after a struggle with police. Patrick Raphael Toney, 41, was a college lecturer and blogger to boot. Don't be surprised if this case stays in the headlines for a while...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Homicides 52-55 Id'd... Mostly

Several Homicide Victims Have Been Id'd as of Late:

52: Id'd as 27-year-old Ricardo Mabray, shot to death in
the 1300 Aisquith St.*

54: Id'd as 29-year-old Marvin Buckson, who beat a 2002 murder rap after a witness refused to talk, was shot and killed in the 1700 block of North Spring Street.

55: Id'd as Derrick Deon Smith, 33. He was shot to death in a
crowded Belair Rd. Bar.*

For once the BPD didn't lose a civil case, at least, for the moment. One living victim and the families of two deceased victims sued the Department for a New Years Eve 2008 police involved shooting.

Can't win 'em all though. A man who was stripped naked by officers in-front of his family successfully sued the department for $155,000.

A drug raid turned into a dog raid, as one man, 30-year-old Johnnie Taylor was charged with eight counts of animal cruelty related to the aforementioned dog fighting ring.

I like to think we're all looking for that special someone... The police are looking for Alex Gerard Smith, 29, wanted for violating his probation related to a 2008 shooting.

Two masked men broke into an Essex home, duct-taped the owners and their children, all in pursuit of a safe and the family car.

The county is turning into one big fire hazard. Two more fires have broken out, this time in White Marsh.

A body found on Millers Island Rd. has been Id'd as that of suicide victim David Mark Alexander, 56.

This weeks Murder Ink recaps several of the City's recent homicides.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

$270,000 Clams

for more police- lawsuit settlements, reports the Brew.

52, 53

Three separate shootings Monday night left two men dead. One man was killed at the intersection of Aisquith St. & East Preston St. while another man was shot in the 4700 block of Liberty Heights Ave.

A woman was killed and her infant daughter injured when crackhead Charles Jeffries crashed into their car while fleeing police. No word yet on why the police were ignoring the department's "no-chase" policy.*

Charges have finally been filed in the 2011 killing of 12-year-old Sean Johnson. Three men, Derrick Brown, 18, Danyae Robinson, 29, and Antwan Mosley, 21, have been charged with the murder.

Baltimore teen John C. Wood, 17, is missing and may be in need of medical attention.

A Baltimore man who carjacked a hack cabbie and a random woman, was sentenced to 34 years in federal prison.

One of the weirdest cases in recent memory has come to an abrupt and unfulfilling end. All charges against Wael Ali, 24, accused of killing his twin brother Wasel, have been dropped due to "largely circumstantial evidence.'

An exceedingly dangerous rapist was out on the streets of Baltimore, just in time to kill 59-year-old Chauncey Hardy. Herbert Mayes, 26, managed to beat two rape raps last year despite DNA evidence implicating him in the crimes.*

Didn't someone ever tell them not to play with matches? Two boys have been busted for setting that Dundalk church fire last week.

If you've had a bad nurse recently, now you may know who to blame. Ten ladies were indicted for creating and selling fake nursing certificates.

Watch out county folk, more speed cameras are coming up. These newest ones are at Johnnycake Elementary School (a wonderfully named school) in Catonsville, and at Perry Hall High School.

A single-car accident in the county left two men dead.

In what sounds like a very peculiar attack, six men, including Glen Kyle Staley, 27, and Jamar Rashad Patterson, 22, assaulted two white dudes outside the Pizan's Pizza in Towson, all the while shouting racial remarks at the victims. The remaining four suspects are at large.

A Baltimore man was busted yesterday for robbing an M&T Bank. 25-year-old Donte M. Jackson faces robbery and other charges.

This time the hack cabbie is the criminal. Hack driver Samual Queen was convicted of raping a woman he picked up back in December of 2010.

Buttlegging: It's more prevalent then you might think. Four men were arrested and charged with smuggling after 10,000 contraband cigarettes were confiscated near White Marsh.

Baltimore copper Jhonn Corona was sent to federal prison for the next 30 months for his role in the "Majestic Towing" scheme.

Finally, yet another BPD officer goes down, this time it's Rafael Concepcion Feliciano, Jr., given a two-year bid for taking part in the aforementioned scheme.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Three people were murdered this weekend:* Clarence Nicholson, 31, 2000 block of Rayner Ave. on Saturday; Brandon Simms, 23, in the 400 block of Watty Court, shot while eating crabs in the McCulloh Homes project; Phillip Scott, 34, killed in the 1900 block of Etting Street.

Jaclyn Martin of Dundalk was sentenced to 60 years for orchestrating the murder of her husband, Lee Martin, at the Hops Inn.

Skeletal remains of a woman were found in the woods near the 1600 block of 41st Street in the Hampden/Medfield area

Dear Baltimore city, maybe you should reduce your stock of highly flammable crackhouses before you shut down all them fire stations