Friday, October 29, 2010

Judge Martin P. Welch

Judge Martin P. Welch was named the new chief judge Tuesday.
Prevas' funeral was lovely, BTW. As lovely as a funeral can be, anyway.
A verbal argument in the 400 block of South Vincent Street leads to a possible homicide

Cancer-scam victim talks to WBAL

Jury indicts lumpy-faced Gary Latham for murder of septuagenarian taxi driver John Sandy

Baltimore tapped for domestic violence pilot program

WTF? Prison official pleads guilty to taking cash from inmates.. and burying it in a junkyard?

Hermann has more on Prevas' final case

Touchy-feely school volunteer posed as Lady Liberty on his Facebook page

BB shooter

Kid shot in the face by long range BB shooter.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

But it was a really cute pug!

WTF? County woman who bilked Facebook friends out of cash by claiming she had cancer, then used the money for a pug and lawn services, got 15 years + restitution today.

"Twice convicted of murder, man gets off again"

A would-be burglar shot in the leg in a York Rd. Store (on the same block that once housed the Afro Hut)

ACLU sues MD State Police over officer's use of the n-word

Lawyers get foreclosure training

wacky! If you miss a letter and type "" instead, this is what you get.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prevas Funeral Arrangements

The arrangements for Judge Prevas:
This Thursday the 28th will be a viewing at the Leonard J. Ruck Home, 5305 Harford Road in Hamilton from 3-9 p.m. Then Friday from 10:30-11 he will lie in state at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation, 24 W. Preston St., 21201, followed by services and internment at the Greek Orthodox Cemetery off of Windsor Mill Road.

his proper obit from Jacques Kelly

and eulogies from friends in The Daily Record

and finally, here's the judge at karioke (at 1:20):

and pps., the Judge's final judicial act was to give 50 years to a well-deserving a-hole. From the SAO:
October 27, 2010 – In one of his last judicial acts on Monday, the Honorable John N. Prevas sentenced Antoine Epps, 21, of the 5500 block of Force Road to 50 years in prison following his convictions in September for armed carjacking, robbery and gun counts. Judge Prevas sentenced Epps to 30 years in prison for the armed carjacking count, a consecutive 20 years for use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence count and a concurrent 20 years for the robbery deadly weapon count. A Baltimore jury convicted Epps September 10, 2010. The sentencing hearing conducted by Judge Prevas was his last judicial decision; he left the bench shortly after this hearing complaining of chest pain and died later that day. As he left the bench, he told attorneys waiting to start a trial to be on call.

On July 24, 2009, Terrence Royster gave a ride to defendant Antoine Epps and one of his friends. When Mr. Royster arrived to the location identified by the suspects, an unknown co-defendant pulled a gun on the victim and Antoine Epps removed the keys from the ignition. They then ordered Mr. Royster out of the vehicle and robbed him of some of his possessions. Mr. Epps began beating him with a handgun. After beating Mr. Epps, the defendant’s ordered him into the trunk of his vehicle and drove him around the City for about an hour.

When they finally stopped the vehicle, the defendants again ordered the victim out of the vehicle, made him strip naked, and continued to beat him with the handgun. According to the victim, he was hit over 50 times with the handgun. After they left, the victim walked and crawled to a nearby home trying to obtain help. Police located him in a fetal position, bleeding profusely from his head.

4 murders, 15 hours, 6 stories

Four murders in 15 hours, including two teenagers

The Baltimore Brew has six stories about Judge Prevas

Slate: "Associating minorities with crime is irrational, unjust, and completely normal."