Saturday, July 16, 2011

The murder of Nicole Sesker

A behind the scenes look at the murder of former BPD commissioner Hamm's step daughter.

Well, that's depressing

Annals of Epidemiology: Black men survive longer in prison than out

110, 111

110: Jawan Vonel Weeden, 30, died 2 days after being shot Tuesday night.

111: An Unidentified Male was shot to death Friday afternoon at the intersection of N. Franklintown Rd. and W. Baltimore St.

4 people were seriously injured in Thursday night shootings, including 2 security guards who are both seriously injured.

Two plainclothes police officers open fire on an armed man during a traffic stop gone awry.

1st degree murder charges have been dropped in the deadly July 4th stabbing.

The NSA employee accused of espionage has been sentenced to probation for leaking classified information.

85-year-old Daniel J. Minnick; co-owner of Minnick's Restaurant, and brother of Del. Sonny Minnic, has been charged alongside 3 others for running illegal gambling machines.

The harrowing story of a woman and her child who were forced to jump out of their car after being carjacked by Terron Alvin White, 22.

"Marshall Law - The Life & Times of a Baltimore Black Panther" has been banned by a Maryland prison.

Padonia pool pedo Fred Rigger, 52, will soon plead guilty to possession of child pornography.

Baltimore resident Brian Hill, 20, has been convicted in the shooting of a Carroll County deputy.

Baltimore resident Amr Gamal Shedid, age 24, was arrested for possessing 13 knives at BWI Marshall Airport.

An attempted kidnapping of a 2-year-old boy at a Best Buy was prevented thanks to the quick action of the boy's father and several other witnesses. 23-year-old convicted felon Jermaine Palmer was arrested at the scene.

90 years for Montgomery county sicko Nathanial Hart, age 35.

Salisbury drug kingpin sentenced to 10 years in the Federal Pen thanks in part to the the IRS.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

8-Year-Old Boy Abducted, Later Found Safe

8-year-old boy found safe in an abandoned house by a fast thinking good Samaritan.

Police have arrested 20-year-old Nathaniel Booker. (Pictured Right) Another suspect, Raheem Taylor, 21, is wanted as a possible accomplice.

Guilty pleas in the Baltimore police towing scandal, or "Towmageddon" as I affectionately call it. Hernan Alexis Moreno and Edwin Javier Mejia, brother/co-owners of Majestic Auto Repair have plead guilty in federal court.

Homicide detectives were called to the scene of a serious double shooting Monday evening.

Investigators are widening their probe into the attempted theft of priceless Maryland artifacts.

Frederick police are searching for Melvin William Smith, 27, wanted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, 33-year-old Tranice Richardson.

In happier news, Officer Teresa Rigby has been released from her rehabilitation center.

Second scumbag rock-climbing instructor 31-year-old Michael Lyons has been charged with sex offenses against a minor.

25-year-old Ravon Tyrone Anderson arrested in AACO for a a street brawl turned stabbing.

Finally, 15 years in Federal prison for career criminal Steven Butler, age 24. Found with a loaded 9mm, cocaine, and a respectable chuck or cash.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

107, 108, 109

Three people killed in the last 12 hours. Richard Mills and Jerel McFadden were stabbed and shot to death respectively last night. An unidentifed woman was found dead this afternoon.

More woes for city nightclub Sonar, as its principal owner, Daniel McIn­tosh, has been indicted in a massive federal drug conspiracy.

Charges are likely in raid of bar that is co-owned by Delegate Sonny Minnick.

10 years for 35-year-old Charles Dean Novak for secretly recording over 260 women. I know one person who wouldn't mind seeing him receive 260 years... but to the best of my knowledge Judge Hackner never requested my opinion.