Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 29

More death on Loyola Southway: a man was found shot on a bicycle (#156).

Another woman in PG County was doused with gasoline and set on fire by a man! WTF?! And by eerie coincidence, on the very same day, Richard Palumbo announced he would retire, not-so-coincidentally prior to his discipline hearing. You'll remember him as the [insert cuss word] who dismissed Yvette Cade's protective order and threatened to have a police officer fired for trying to give him a traffic ticket. Good riddance!

An inmate at Central Booking was found dead in bed.

As expected, Greg Doda of Crownsville pled guilty to criminally negligent homicide for killing a skiier while snowboarding in Jackson Hole, WY. He faces a maximum one year in jail and $2,000 fine.

In AAC, Ranardo Morton has been charged for beating to death Joseph Cortina Jr.

RJR: A buttlegger got six months in jail, and a 48-year-old woman pled guilty to buying a gun for some guy who wasn't supposed to have one.

Frederick deviant Emil Moldovan was indicted for distributing child pornography.

Police in Arlington arrested Paul C. Cofer, 20, the "genius" who crafted handmade hash gumballs for kids.

A man in HarfCo went apeshit at the dentist's office.

Rambling diatribe dept: Plagarism isn't a crime in nonfiction, but ... one day after the NYT published a story about drug makers buying lunch for doctors, lazy Sun reporters dished up the reheated leftovers. It's a good story and all, but isn't there enough going on in our own town without having to take "inspiration" from other (better) papers? And does it really take three reporters to do it? And a day after the Post reported the details of the stabbing of guard David McGuinn, the Sun again rehashes, and adds nothing. And then there's the gumball story. Three warmed-over half-assed stories in one day, not counting stuff lifted right off the wire. With 350 reporters (supposedly), why are only three of them doing any actual work? That tears it, I'm making a new poll!

Poll results: In spite of the prospect of a body-cavity search, most Baltimoreans polled would welcome a night in Central Booking given the alternatives. Six months in Bangladesh was, surprisingly, the second-most-appealing fate. Worst of all was the home invasion: twice as many readers would rather be violated by a large Savannah quarterback than be duct-taped in the basement. Fascinating!

Friday, July 28, 2006

July 28

The theft trial of Che Jackson, originally scheduled to begin today, has been continued by the court until August 4. The case will remain before Judge Alfred Nance.

Douglas Pulley, 27, was fatally shot (#154) during a robbery on Warwick Avenue in West Baltimore. Also, the man shot during the incident that killed Bernadette Reed has died (#155).

The talent agent shot to death in Hanover, AAC has been identified as Richard Preston Shaw, 56.

Kathleen Cullinan: Murder victim Warren Porter of Waverly was shot near his ex-girlfriend's house a day after he pled guilty to riddling said girlfriend's door with bullets. However, police don't believe the two are related. Since the door-shooting and related death threats, Porter and the girlfriend had gotten back together and the dumb bitch recanted her story.

The Post has harrowing details from a witness about the stabbing death of Jessup guard David McGuinn. Both of McGuinn's killers were serving life sentences for murder. Prosecutors say the pair may now face the death penalty.

A man is in critical condition after being shot multiple times in the Eastern.

Police are seeking a 1990 Nissan Maxima after a carjacking last night in Edgewood. (Releasing a tag number might help)

Police say prosecutors are "thrilled" by video cameras' grainy footage.

Dept of scam artistry: MHIC investigator Jennifer Grimes helped the FBI convict grifter Craig Oliver. Oliver has fled and is now a fugitive. And Roy L. Roscoe, 65, pled guilty yesterday to collecting $87k worth of social security checks on behalf of a guy who'd been dead 15 years.

Dems: Steele = forked-tongue liar who signed off on quotes.

Annapolis: murder rate doubled, mayor's nerves frustrated.

PG County: "Goodness, Maddie, this is a funny flip!"

Frederick: A man is suspected of running an illegal liquor store from his home.

Quote of the day: "Maryland is not a Democrat state. Maryland is a far-left kook fringe state."

Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27

The Grand Jury indicted Lavar Omar Shedrick, 20, for first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Court documents allege that on January 24 James Ronald Wright, 32, was found suffering from a gunshot wound at the rear of GreenMount Elementary School. He died a short time later. Eyewitnesses later identified Shedrick as a suspect and police arrested him June 30.

getoutofjailFormer officer Walter Jackson-Hill pled guilty to bribery today for taking money from a suspect in exchange for not appearing at his trial."They don't pay police officers enough," noted his lawyer. Judge Handy must have agreed, (or someone paid her brain not to appear) as Jackson-Hill got nary a minute in jail. Outrageous. The maximum penalty for the one charge the crooked cop copped to was 12 years. According to recent statistics compiled by the State's Attorney's Office, in the month of June 2006 in District Court cases, Baltimore Police officers failed to appear 249 times, resulting in the dismissal of over 180 district court cases and 50 postponements. Jackson-Hill failed to appear nine times since between September 2005 and March 2006.

The theft trial of Baltimore City police officer Che "Rim Job" Jackson, 35, is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. tomorrow before Judge Alfred Nance. The Grand Jury indicted Jackson April 26 for one count of felony theft. The indictment alleges that between January 4 and January 6, 2006 Jackson removed four 20-inch Rox Fossill rims and four Wanli tires from a 2000 Cadillac Deville belonging to one Lisa Smith. Smith's vehicle had been seized as a result of an investigation into a shooting that occurred in the 3600 block of Brehms Lane and rims and tires were removed while the vehicle was being stored at the Northeastern police district. The tires and rims were subsequently located on a 1999 Cadillac Deville belonging to Jackson.

Quote of the day: "With all of the cameras that pepper poor black neighborhoods all over the city ... city officials need to raise a few more ... inside Baltimore City police stationhouses."

Warren Porter of Govans, shot yesterday in Halehorpe, has died of his injuries.

Mark A.C. Brooks has been arrested for stabbing Russell Duckworth to death, and Sean Ramseur has been arrested for the murder of Gary Shipman.

Down in Virginia, Michael Lenz, who murdered as part of his Asatruic religion, will be executed tonight.

mchellfireMethodists at the Sharp Street Memorial Church and Payne Memorial are praying for the eternal soul of thief David McCray.

So happy police have arrested a smash-n-grabber. Hope he gets life!

Joaquin Leycock, who evaded police by jumping in a pond even though he can't swim, has been recaptured.

Itchy's conviction stands.

Dept. of Tragic Figures:

From Comments:
Not all of my readers are a annoying as Simon! This "advice if you are stopped by a cop in Baltimore" is worth printing out and keeping in your wallet:
1) Shut up. You are not in a persnickety high-school debate session. Don't attempt to explain the law to an officer, even if he is "wrong."

2) Keep your distance from a crime scene. Don't dare ask questions until everything is under control.

3) If you are stopped and being questioned, don't start gesticulating and shouting. This will get you handcuffed and seated on the curb. If you continue after that, they will lie you face down in the street and step on you for an arbitrary amount of time.

4) Answer all questions carefully and clearly. Don't lie and don't embellish. Don't get emotional or irrational.

and Galt has another good one: don't mess with small female cops. (Actually, don't mess with small females in general. We often carry pepper spray.) With a size and strength disadvantage, it's easy to see how someone could percieve a threat when you may not intend one.

- thanks readers!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July 26

Sounds like two men (#s 152, 153?) were shot to death last night in the city ... but the only report of the event is on a Salisbury channel. Quite a sad comment on the state of local coverage, assuming the news is true. (Wait, I take it back, a Sun story has now been put up. Better late than never!)

Sorry state of reportage part II: Anna Ditkoff reports four murders from last week; The Sun reported two of the four.

Three men were shot in a rowhouse on Park Heights Avenue. (If they were shot in the morning and taken to the hospital "last night," then they were shot on the 25th and taken to the hospital more than 12 hours later?)

Life imitates poll: In Glen Burnie, a family of four was duct-taped and robbed in their apartment in the middle of the day.

A teenage girl was stabbed in the chest in the Western, and an arrest was made for the shooting of one Leory Sanders.

For the second time this year, an officer has been killed in the line of duty at Jessup.

Did Park School fail to report the statuatory rape of a student by a teacher? And how is it there are 11 registered sex offenders who are also still "certifide" teachers? (That explains why WBAL's copyeditor can't spell... but he gives a hell of a hummer!)

From the Dully Wrecked: three leaders of the Old York and Cator Boys drug gang, Eric "E. Man" Bennett, Solomon "Monkey Bird" Jones and Tavon Bradley, will get a new trial after Judge Andre Davis tainted proceedings by encouraging them to take a plea deal. (ps. now there's also a Sun story.)

steeleFor a guy who welcomed a fund-raising visit form the smirking chimp himself, Michael Steele sure is talking a lot of smack. So running for senate we've got an alleged rapist, Josh Rales, whose PR firm bussed drug addicts to his rally, a guy who calls himself "The Wig Man", Queasy Fumes, with multiple babymommas and at least one son who's a criminal ... oy effing vay!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

July 25

In Annapolis, Gerald Parker, 25, got 10 years for beating his girlfriend's 18-month-old daugher to death.

At a hearing today, Payton Brown, 22, pled guilty to second-degree murder before Judge John M. Glynn. Judge Glynn will sentence Brown on September 25, 2006 at which he faces a maximum of 25 years in prison (a pretty sweet deal considering murder in the commission of a crime gets the death penalty in other jurisdictions). On October 12, 2005, Brown and an unidentified suspect known only as "G" attempted to rob the victim, Brandon Cherry, 21. During the robbery, Cherry resisted and was shot and killed. The murder occurred in the Northwood Shopping Center near the Morgan State University campus.

1861flagsmallBack in America for the next five days! Let us all take a moment to kiss the ground of this wonderful country where we have the right to information, assembly, a speedy trial, a free education to age 18, drinkable tap water, the opportunity to pick one's own career and to gossip about the love lives of government officials. May we never take it for granted! If you're reading this, you're one of the luckiest people on the planet, even if you live in Oakenshawe. I love you Baltimore!

A drop of blood may link murdered children to Espinoza and Canela.

I was amazed to see the headline "Senate candidate accused of raping wife", because when I was studying things legal there was no such thing as spousal rape. The good news is that as of nine years ago in Maryland it did indeed become a crime. Old men marrying Latvian teenagers = still legal.

Demetri Greer, 18, was charged with killing 15-year-old Dion Williams (#145).

Rapist of 91-year-old woman: "I don't know what kind of drug-induced coma I was in."

The person shot on Loyola Southway (#148) was a woman, not a man: 47-year-old Bernadette Reed. Sunday's other victim (#149) was named as Norman Tyrone Handy, 33. And, up in the Jewniverse, a couple was kidnapped but foiled a would-be robber.

A former Park School teacher, Stanley Ashman, who worked at the school for 35 years, was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in the '70s, and also assaulting a girl recently in Michigan.

NAACP president Doc Cheatham: "I'd like to be buried in a blue suit."

Alan Syvlester of New York got a life sentence for using taxi drivers to haul crack to Frederick.

It's so totally time for a new web poll. (If you can't see the poll, scroll down to the bottom.) Results of the previous can be seen here. O'Malley's in the lead, though no one seems terribly jazzed about it.

Dept. of Baltimoriana:
Atomic Teevee has a priceless reel of old Natty Boh TV ads.
Experiencing difficulty with your street credibility?

Monday, July 24, 2006

July 24

Two men (#148 and #149) were murdered in separate shootings on Sunday morning.

A Frederick man was shot after trying to run over two Howard County cops, and a North Carolina man was shot after trying to shoot two Cecil County cops.

Christopher Parr, the alleged rapist of the 62-year-old woman in Brooklyn, was identified from security footage and found at Sinai, where he'd been admitted for a psychiatric evaluation.

Another article about the struggle against crime for some Edgewood residents.

The FBI is investigating a pesticide-filled hate letter that was sent to the president of the Baltimore NAACP.

Two shootings in the Southeastern, and a thief in the Northwestern who apparently still needs training wheels.

A woman in a wig has stolen over $200K in Montgomery and DC.

A hypoglycemic Pomeranian was returned to the pet store in Columbia where it was stolen three weeks ago.

Thank God! O'Malley still cares!

July 23

A 62-year-old woman was strangled and raped in a Brooklyn laundromat.

An 18-year-old St. Michaels man is accused of raping an 11-year-old girl.

Itchy Man's lawyers are trying to overturn his recent conviction.

Howard County police arrested 25 people on drug and/or prostitution charges in Laurel, Jessup, and Elkridge.

Dan Rodricks on his guarded optimism for Baltimore.