Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6

A couple of robbery related shootings. One took place in Lauraville, the other in Charles Village very close to the spot where Stephen Pitcairn was murdered. Both shootings appear to have been non-fatal.
[So far! It sounds like a lot has been happening around Charles Village. There always is this time of year, in terms of scary robberies and assaults. ... wonder what John Pontolillo is up to these days? I heard something on the news about a CV resident stabbed in the face when he confronted someone who broke into his place, anyone else hear about that? - ED]

Murder in Woodlawn.

If you're going to rob and murder a pizza delivery man it's a bad idea to place an order using your own cell phone. This was a really sad story (poor guy was working hard to support his family in Pakistan) and it looks like the perps got away with second-degree murder convictions and relatively light sentences.

Spray-paint artist Mark Chase refused a plea bargain and insists he wants to go to trial.
[I love this quote: 'Your constitutional rights have nothing to do with the law,' the officer [Chase][reportedly] said." Good for him! ... I hope Bernstein announces they won't hassle street artists. It will bring us one step closer to a little Seine in the Jones Falls/Harbor. - ED.]

Already convicted on federal drug charges, Johnny Butler has gone on trial again for torture and murder.

Here's some good news for once: Missing 16-month old found.

Fatal car crash on Route 100 after the driver allegedly behaved like a maniac.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Maricus Kyle Perkins, 20, shot on Monday, has died of his injuries.

The Ink covers murders 154-157: Aldrick Hamilton, Dwight Montgomery, Keith Parker, and Antonio Blackwell (any relation to Maurice, J.R. or Steven, I wonder?)

Your check, sir... ? MD Reporter says the Attorney General's Office began sending out large, un-itemized bills for its indirect costs.

More fake cops robbing houses

No more liquor license for the Rancho Manila of Upper Fell's Point. "police were called to the bar nearly 100 times in a six-month span, including a homicide call in April."

Cat burned in alley

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

PoPo a Gogo

52-year-old man shot to death by police whilst brandishing a pellet gun was ID'd as Steve Mach, former member of the Vamps.

An attempted break-in at the Rendez-Vous and the Cold Spring RoFo robbed (again)! In the North Baltimore Patch blotter.

No bucks and an unsuccessful appeal for the family of Gerard Mungo, Jr., a seven-year-old illegally arrested for leaning on a dirtbike.

Robbery suspect Vincent Avila, 25, escaped from a police car after weaseling out of handcuffs and shackles, was later recaptured. County police note 30(!) robberies since September in the Falls Rd.- corridor area, though story/police aren't saying if this slippery suspect is connected to them. "in almost all of them entry was made either through an unlocked door or forcing open a locked door and half the time the suspect/s have entered through the front door." Lock yr doors, people, duh!! ps., is a security chain still the best thing to secure a front door, or is there a better technology out there?

editorial note...

Hi readers and bloggers, from time to time I get requests by people asking that I take their name off of the blog. I am glad to honor these requests-- criminal justice should be doled out by the judiciary, not Google and not in perpetuity. But the request needs to come from the owner of the name, not from a third party (e.g. your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, public relations firm or blowhard lawyer). If you want your Bcrime record expunged, just email me, address is at the bottom of the screen. Kthanksbai!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Charles Village Sexual Assault

Below is a report from the October 3 JHU Security Daily Incident Report.
Sexual Assault – 3200 Blk. Lovegrove St.– On Oct. 1st at approximately 1:20 AM, a student was sexually assaulted by an unknown male while in the alley/parking area. The student received minor physical injuries and was treated and released from Union Memorial Hospital. Baltimore Police are investigating the incident.

Description of Suspect: Black male, medium complexion, 20- to 30-years old, between 6’0” and 6’2” tall, muscular build and wearing a navy blue/black hoodie. Direction of travel was unknown.