Saturday, December 20, 2008


Thaddeus McCauley, 19, was shot to death in the 1400 block of Homestead.

In the county, a man stabbed his "girlfriend" to death

A guy was shot in the leg near City College

LOLZ!! "Chief judge exempts other judges from pay cuts"

In better news, the Medical Examiner's office has complied with the Freedom of Information Act and released information on unclassified deaths as requested by the Examiner.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The futility of it all

An excellent, very depressing CP article about Anna Sowers: "one woman's futile attempt to confront a city's most entrenched problems."

Murder news updates in the Ink, and a sobering stat: if we had NYC's homicide rate, we would have had 38 murders this year (!!)

Why does MD keep hiring other state's rejects? The latest prize pick is deputy secretary for Behavioral Health and Disabilities Renata Henry, run out of Delaware on a rail for her alleged mismanagement of the state's psychiatric hospital.

Arrests for the murder of Rubin Nelson.

What the?! The MVA hired a man convicted of stealing cars, who then allegedly proceeded to ... steal cars.

What the #2?! City police executed a search warrant on the home of Bealefeld's father-in-law.. ISO child porn!

The Innocence Project has filed a complaint with the State Police against the problem-plagued city crime lab

Melanie Blevins, mother of the baby found dead behind St. John's church, was officially charged with murder. Charging docs say the baby may have also experienced "pressure to the neck." Sigh.

QTD: "Honey ... your ex-boyfriend needs an attitude adjustment. The kind given in the workshop sponsored by those famous and esteemed Americans Mssrs. Smith and Wesson."

Report challenges conventional wisdom: Postponements have little effect on conviction rates.

Seven students were arrested after a brawl at Overlea High, and a student's father was arrested for interfering while his child was being arrested. He should hook up with this lady.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Total male in total jail

Fugitive Shawn Green was arrested in PA.

224, 225, 226

A fatal shooting this morning near Pimlico race course

A fatal shooting yesterday evening on the east side at North Lakewood Avenue and East Chase Street

A man was shot to death last night on Fairlawn Ave., reportedly the 3rd person this year to be killed near the Rogers Avenue metro station.

The man stabbed to death on Jack St. last week was ID'd as Larry Gaither, 44.

What the?! A mother was taken to Central Booking and her son and another boy were hauled to juvie after a fracas with a school police officer

Police have obtained a warrant seeking the arrest of two alleged accomplices of Juwann Smith in connection with the theft of cars from the city's impound lot.

it's nice to see someone being exposed to literature

Monday, December 15, 2008

The drama!

A rooftop chase in Washington Village led to the arrests of two attempted robbers

Not one but two idiots incidents in the blotter in which would-be victims grabbed the guns of would be-robbers.

Good news: police report that violence against prostitutes has gone down

Sunday, December 14, 2008

'Domestic incidents'

Dashia Jones-Jenkins, 20, was shot in the 1900 block of Madison Avenue, police say it was a 'domestic incident'

The tragic story of Veronica Williams, killed by her abusive husband in front of the North Ave. courthouse

The Sun reports that the tough economy can "push frustrated men into acts of violence."Quinzell Tyrell Covington

Have you seen Quinzell Tyrell Covington, left, wanted for first-degree murder? Note giant teardrop tattoo.

A man shot in the eye; a man shot in the leg

Chinese Cuisine shooting victim Marvin Edmonds to Luke Broadwater: 'I felt like a piece of nothing'

College students and an employee of the state's attorney's office busted on hairron conspiracy charges

Good point, Greg "Kan": what happened to that $58 million?