Friday, June 29, 2007

June 29

A man in Park Heights was killed at 5:20 this morning, allegedly while stealing wheels off of a Mercedes.

Three city residents were indicted for using information from stolen credit reports to buy a whole bunch of fancy stuff.

A man having a psychological episode led police on a leisurely car chase near Frederick.

Happy day in the Blotter: No killing, shooting, stabbing, beating, raping, assaulting, child abusing, car jacking, or other generally acceptable Baltimore behavior. There was, however, a robbery on Monday morning at a gas station on W. Franklin St.

Stephen Sellman was arrested on Wednesday after DNA linked him to a 1987 rape.

Threatening letter-writer Michelle J. Dohm got canned by Frederick County.

Department of governmental incompetence and/or corruption:

The Maryland Judiciary failed to get competitive bids for about $4M in equipment.

Four HoCo schools didn't use approved vendors for their fundraisers.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


News from the State's Attorney's Office:

Sentencing for 15-year-old Damon Holmes is scheduled for 9:00 tomorrow morning before Judge Lynn Stewart. Holmes pleaded guilty to shooting cab driver Oumar Bah during a robbery on May 31, 2006.


17-year-old Christopher Ford was indicted for first-degree murder and handgun charges.
Court documents allege that Christopher Ford was responsible for the shooting incident on May 29, 2007 in the 3400 block of Clifton Avenue. Neil Rather, 18, was found shot on the parking lot on Clifton and Denison Avenue. The two men were engaged in an argument over a $20.00 debt when Rather was shot. He died later at Sinai Hospital.

The attempted murder trial of Rozza Alston, 29, of the 1600 block of Saint Paul Street, is scheduled to begin 11AM tomorrow before Judge Wanda K. Heard, 540 Courthouse East, 111 N. Calvert St.

Court documents allege that on January 26, 2007 Alston accosted a female victim in the parking lot of a Kentucky Fried Chicken located at 1821 Saint Paul Street demanding her purse. When the victim refused, he allegedly stabbed her numerous times in her hand, arm and chest. Police arrested Alston on February 3, 2007.


The RIAA is thanking Baltimore for going after music pirates:
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) will present a number of awards to police and prosecutors for their professionalism in the ongoing successful effort to charge and prosecute defendants who engage in music piracy. Dozens of these cases are prosecuted annually by the State’s Attorney’s Office.

June 28

A body with gunshot wound(s) was found yesterday morning in the 2300 block of Cylburn Ave, near the Cylburn Arboretum.

Police don't know whether Moeen Raja's Ellicott City murder was a random crime, and Raja's family is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

The man murdered in Annapolis yesterday has been identified as 35-year-old Marcus Antonio Wells. It was the fourth homicide in Annapolis this year, which gives the capitol city a per capita murder rate of about half of Baltimore's.

Two men were shot at a playground in the 1100 block of Orleans St. on Tuesday evening.

An Easton police officer shot at a suspect and was placed on administrative leave.

Michael McFadden was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of 16-year-old Ronny Martin on January 1, 2006.

Vera Rennie Rogers testified in the Carroll County murder trial against her nephew, Shawn Anthony Jones. In exchange for her testimony, Rogers got a five-year suspended jail sentence and three years of supervised probation.

PDJ: Scott R. Davis got five years for trading pictures online of adults having sex with kids. Have fun in prison, Scott.

The debate continues over whether or not James Thompson deserves a new trial.

The Harford County Sheriff's Department has some sweet new digs.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

June 27

Anna Ditkoff sheds light on a whole bunch of death in this week's Murder Ink.

An unidentified man was shot and killed in the 200 block of Croll Dr. in Annapolis last night.

Ruby Pulley was attacked and mauled by two pit bulls in East Baltimore. The two dogs -- along with five other pits -- were owned by a 17-year-old boy and his family.

AAC police are looking for two men who robbed an Edgewater gas station last Wednesday.

Police are investigating the Jack and Jill Day Care Center in Dundalk for child abuse. The owner of the center says the charges are coming from a disgruntled employee.

Jerrell Antwan Gardner was charged with first-degree murder in the death of 15-year-old Maurice Gordon.

18-year-old Jaquane Donte Gross was charged with first degree murder in the death of 16-year-old Davon Lopez.

17-year-old Jyreece Simmons was charged with attempted murder for shooting a man on the light rail last week.

Eric Miller was arrested and charged with attempted murder for a triple shooting at the Lafayette Homes project in Southeastern Baltimore on June 2.

Four alleged murderers may face the death penalty for killing a witness to a crime. The men are charged with killing John Dowery last Thanksgiving when he snuck home to visit his family. (I got the facts completely wrong on this one. John Dowery's murder is still unsolved, although members of the Special Heroin organization were charged with shooting Dowery nonfatally on Oct. 19, 2005. Just read Matthew Dolan's article in the Sun, and it'll all make sense. Sorry for the mistake. -TTC)

Daniel Scott Rushton entered an Alford plea after being charged with beating Robert Proescher to death outside an Overlea bar last year.

A 15-year-old HoCo student claims he brought a gun to school to protect himself from gangs.

Former sixth-grade teacher Michelle J. Dohm got nine months for sending threatening notes to five of her students.

The BCFD was charged with violations that led to the death of fire cadet Racheal M. Wilson.

Wealthy kids in Bel Air are at risk of becoming drug addicts.

Speeding with 42 pounds of pot in the back of your station wagon is pretty stupid.

Baltimore County Executive James T. Smith Jr. is supporting a move to condemn nine buildings in Dundalk's Yorkway neighborhood.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Evening Update

Demetries Sturgis Convicted of First-Degree Murder
A Baltimore City jury yesterday convicted Demetries Sturgis, 22, of the 3000 block of Matthews St. of first degree murder, two counts of second degree murder and several counts of assault. The trial began June 22, 2007. Judge Kaye Allison scheduled sentencing for August 14, 2007.
On July 18, 2006, at approximately 2:30AM in the 400 block of Whitridge Ave. the two victims (Larry Reed of 1409 N. Bond St. and Rasheed Stevenson of 506 Sheridan Ave) got into an argument with Sturgis and another person. Sturgis and the other person left the scene and later returned. It was at this time Sturgis cut and stabbed Rasheed Stevenson 11 times, fatally severing his carotid artery, and then stabbed Larry Reed in his cheek, underarm and thigh. The two victims were then rushed to the hospital by a close friend. Sturgis and the other person fled the scene. The motive for the incident stemmed from the fact that Sturgis did not believe that the victims were legitimate members of the Bloods Gang.
Assistant State's Attorney Kevin Wiggins of the Homicide Division prosecuted this case.
The Baltimore City Grand Jury indicted Bernard Ramseur, 18, of the 1300 block of N. Gilmore Street for first-degree attempted rape, armed robbery and third-degree sex offense. Court documents allege that Bernard Ramseur was identified by surveillance camera in the 600 block of N. Paca Street as the suspect for the attempted rape, armed robbery and third-degree sex offense on June 14, 2007. As officers approached the location, Ramseur fled the scene but was later found several blocks away in the 400 block of Druid Hill Avenue. An arraignment is scheduled for July 20, 2007 before Judge John M. Glynn, Room 236, Mitchell Courthouse. Assistant State’s Attorney John Park will prosecute this case.

June 26

"I haven't fired anyone yet," said Dixon, and Hamm says the Brown pension deal was "legal" and "above board, " cold comfort to injured and disabled officers living on $700 a month. Meanwhile, the City Council wants a "review" to be "investigated."

The State declined to press charges against Examiner editor Frank Keegan this morning; prosecutors entered a Nolle prosse, Latin for "free pass." The Sun had plenty to add, but the douchebag neighbor had no comment.

More on yesterday's "Smackdown" (or, "Smack Down").

Monday, June 25, 2007

June 25 afternoon

Frank J. KeeganExaminer editor Frank Keegan's assualt trial is scheduled for 8:30 tomorrow morning in courtroom two, Hargrove District Court, Baltimore.

Maurice Crosby and Erica Ammenhauser, both wanted for the murder of Marine reservist Michael Simms, turned themselves in on Friday.

Christopher Clarke's lacrosse team at Patterson High received a donation of new equipment today. Clarke was killed by stray gunfire in March.

File under Smack, Putting Down of

From Lt. Quick of the Southern, sent to Community Leaders:

"The following information is forwarded regarding the conclusion of an investigation into the heroin distribution organization known as "Smackdown." The organization centered around the Pratt and Carey Sts intersection and extended into the Hollins Roundhouse and Union Square communities and quite possibly several others as well.

"None of the addresses where search warrants were executed were in the Southern District, however all the persons arrested conducted most of their drug sales in the listed communities. It should be noted that this is a Federal Case and those arrested are subject to extremely lengthy sentences. Several of those arrested will potentially get life in federal prison. The Federal system has no probation or parole and has a conviction rate of somewhere near 98%. This is a rock solid case and will end the Matthews drug dealing.

"The Southern District will continue to hit the area hard in an effort to prevent other drug organizations form attempting to operate in the area ... On 6/22/07 Sgt. Tom Smith's O.C.D. / D.E.A. / M.E.T. team executed 8 search and seizure warrants relative to the "Smack Down" heroin organization that operates in the Southern District in the area of Pratt and Carey St.

The following evidence was recovered:
2.8 Kilograms of Heroin - Street value in excess of $500,000.00
3 Handguns
Approx. $145,000.00 (Still Counting)

The following locations were raided:
5501 Todd Ave. (NED)
3808 Bayville Rd (Baltimore County)
507 Rose Hill Terr. (N.D.)
3621 Elmley Av. (N.E.D.)
5411 Jamestown Ct. (S.W.D.)
6012 Amberwood Rd. (N.E.D.)
2034 Walbrook Ave. (W.D.)
4304 Seminole Ave. (S.W.D.)

The Following Individuals were arrested:
Calvin Mathews SID#1676517
Jerome Gilbert SID#2123302
Jermaine Gilbert SID#1437715
Lennell Mathews SID#2250043
Michael Goodman SID#2248896
Donita Moore SID#1793142
Jaml Piles SID#3127619
Arthur Snowden SID# 96082
Keith Stevenson SID#2446374

The following persons have open Federal Indictment Warrants and have not yet been arrested:
Lionel Mathews SID#2273084
Bryant Snowden SID#1938277

The pistols recovered were .45 and .9mm.

All persons were transported to S.D. / D.D.U. One individual was debriefed by 2100 Det. Hunter as well in relation to 07H119.

All are expected to be Federally detained, although the detention hearings have not yet occurred.

I would especially like to thank the following:
Sgt. Smith and the D.E.A. / M.E.T. squad for making a great case!!
AUSA Wallner and Weinstein for their tireless efforts
ASA Siemek and Mason for there State side help
Lt. McKnight and QRT for making two of our entries
Balto. Co. SWAT / Narcotics for making a County entry
S.D. Operations, namely officers Creed and Moody who provided vital intelligence.
Deputy Major McDonald for his patience.
I'm sure I missed a few.

Most interesting to me in this is that this Southern District organization lived in 4 different City Districts, and Baltimore County. Not one S.D. location was raided! This shows what a City (and County) wide organization this really is (was)!"

-- Lt. Quick

June 25

An Amber Alert has been cancelled for a 3-year-old boy missing from Baltimore.

There was a gunfight between cops and dealers in the 2300 block of Barclay yesterday afternoon. A BPD officer was shot in the toe, and a 21-year-old suspect was shot in the thigh and ankle.

Robert Edward Speake was arrested in Curtis Bay and charged with murdering Phillip Airey, the man whose body was found in the trunk of his burning car on Rt. 295.

A 15-year-old girl in Baltimore County was charged for assaulting and attempting to rob a 57-year-old neighbor.

A 9-year-old boy allegedly set fire to an apartment in Carroll County on Friday.

Two homemade bombs were set of in Frederick last night, one in someone's lawn and one in a mailbox.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24

A body was found floating in the Harbor near Bond St. in Fell's Point, police deemed it "suspicious."

Turns out the "man" shot on Bayville Road Friday in Middle River was a 16-year-old Davon Lopez. Jaquane Gross, 18 and also of Bayville Road, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder.

One of Mustafa Alif's guns, which had been customized with a laser sight, had been seized then returned before it was used to kill Police Officer Troy Chesley in January. Last week, police took seven guns from Alif's house; Alif says the weapons connected with crimes had been stolen from his home in 1999.

If you fight Coast Guard authority, Coast Guard Authority always wins.